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Fascism - Yugoslavia

  Nazi Croatia - Catholic genocide

Tito's Yugoslavia - socialist democide

Modern Serb fascism - socialist / ethnic democide

Socialism and Christianity are no innoculation against fascism

Christianity and the Holocaust


The Catholic state of Croatia in WW2 is perhaps the lowest point of the last few centuries for the Catholic church. It is probably the worst example of the church's collaboration with evil in the modern era.

Shockingly, WW2-style killing erupted again in Europe in the 1990s. The Serbs horrified the world with the worst atrocities in Europe since WW2.

Yugoslavia's rapid descent from communism into ethnic violence and barbarism in the 1990s reminds us that communism promotes intolerance, tribalism, oppression and violence as a solution to problems. Communism is not the opposite of fascism. Democracy is the opposite of fascism.

The grave of the Croat butcher Pavelic in Madrid.
From here.

Nazi Croatia - Catholic genocide

Croatia in WW2 was a Roman Catholic Nazi state, that killed an estimated 700,000 Serbs and other minorities with the enthusiastic support of Roman Catholic priests, nuns, bishops, the hierarchy and the Vatican, some of whom (notably the Franciscans) even participated in the killing.

Flawed sites

These rather flawed sites may have unpleasant agendas (anti-Catholic extremism, pro-Serb extremism) but may still contain some useful information about WW2 Catholic Croatia.

Tito's Yugoslavia - socialist democide

Modern Serb fascism - socialist / ethnic democide

Despite all the attempts to "never forget" what the Nazis did in WW2, something similar did happen again in Europe, in the 1990s.

Despite their suffering in WW2, it was the Serbs this time who committed most of the democide. Modern Serb fascism led to the killing of perhaps 60,000 innocent civilian men, women and children in 1991-99. [1] Concentration camps were even set up in Europe in the 1990s.

It is true that Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovan Muslims also contributed to the democide. But the majority of the democide in this period was carried out by Serbs. [2] It is hard to remember, but the Serb Orthodox are meant to be yet more Christians.

The wars

  1. The Croatian war, 1991-95.

  2. The Bosnian war, 1992-95.

  3. The Kosovo war, 1996-99.

Socialism and Christianity are no innoculation against fascism

The "Catholic" Croat state of WW2 organised concentration camps and genocide. The "socialist" Serb state in the 1990s carried out primitive ethnic cleansing and genocide. Socialism is no innoculation against fascism. Neither is Christianity.

Years of Tito didn't make former Yugoslavs refrain from neo-fascist genocide. Quite the opposite. And centuries of Christianity didn't make Croats and Serbs refrain from murdering the innocent. The only innoculation against fascism that works is not socialism. And it is not Christianity. It is democracy.

Street scene in Kosovo (which is a majority Muslim country).
Photo 2008 from here. See terms of use.
There were some Islamic jihadist fundamentalists fighting the Serbs in the Yugoslav wars, but the wars do not neatly fit into a "secular liberal democrat versus Islamic fascist" narrative:
  1. First, the Serbs were not secular liberal democrats.
  2. Second, there are a lot of liberal, long-westernised (not recently-westernised) Muslims in this region. Saudi-style Islam is alien to the natives of this region just as it is alien to the natives of London and Paris.

The grave of the Serb butcher Arkan in Belgrade.
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