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The censored pro-jihad video

Defence of the Soviet Union and Putin

Seumas Milne

Of the many West-haters, Britain-haters and tyranny-worshippers at The Guardian, Seumas Milne has long stood out as one of the worst.

In Oct 2015, the new Labour leader, the radical left Jeremy Corbyn, appointed Seumas Milne as Director of Strategy and Communications. No decent person could vote for Corbyn's Labour. Any party that would give Milne a job is a sick party that no decent Brit could ever vote for.


Support for jihad

Seumas Milne defends and sometimes openly supports the Islamic jihad.


The resistance campaign is Iraq's real war of liberation.
Seumas Milne goes fully over to the dark side, July 2004.
"The resistance war can of course be cruel, but the innocent deaths it has been responsible for pale next to the toll inflicted by the occupiers. ... Jack Straw said this week that the resistance was "opposed to a free Iraq" - but its campaign is in fact Iraq's real war of liberation."
He is basically supporting the forerunner of ISIS here.

It's Palestinians who have the right to defend themselves. Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 20 November 2012.
The most pro-jihad newspaper in the English-speaking world does it again. "Gazans are an occupied people and have the right to resist, including by armed force (though not to target civilians)".
Ha! As if Hamas do anything else other than target civilians!

The pro-jihad Seumas Milne attacks Israel at a demo, Jan 2009.
He says about the violent Palestinian jihad against civilians that the Palestinians have "the right to resist". He does not condemn their violence against civilians.
He supports failure for counter-jihad forces across the Islamic world (Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan).
He cheers on Hamas. He refers to their rocket attacks against civilians but does not condemn them.

The fanatic Milne tells an anti-Israel demo that the Palestinians "have the right to resist", London, 24 Nov 2012.
Why would any liberal democrat read this newspaper?

Aug 2014: Milne says Israel has no right to defend itself against Hamas rocket fire from Gaza.
"Israel has no right to defend itself from territories it illegally occupies. It only has an obligation to withdraw. The Palestinians are an occupied people. They have the right to resist. They have the right to defend themselves from the occupier. It's not terrorism to fight back."
And here.

The censored pro-jihad video

At a 2011 meeting of "The Equality Movement" with the theme "What is Imperialism?" Seumas Milne described the "resistance" in Iraq and Afghanistan as one of the "historic advances" of the modern age.
Now this "resistance" is the Taliban, Al Sadr and AQI/ISIS. He is praising the enemy that killed British troops.
Labour is dead. No liberal democrat could vote for the Labour party now.

Counterfire has left an extended 12 minute version online.
It is just the highlighted clip of Milne by his enemies that they issue copyright threats to.

This 2 minute clip (from 9:20 in the above) was formerly posted here.
Counterfire got it deleted to help cover for Milne when he got a powerful job with Labour.
So this is my copy. You can download it here: milne.jihad.mp4

Defence of the Soviet Union and Putin

Like every West-hater, Seumas Milne admires the illiberal enemies of the West. He has a long record of defending communism (anything except liberal democracy).


In the modern era, Milne is a fan of the Russian dictator Putin.
He hates democratic Israel, but loves the unelected Russian dictator!
Here is Milne with Putin at a pro-Russia event in 2014.


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