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Modern leftists - CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is an extremist pro-Islam "atheist" who hates everyone who criticises Islam. He particularly hates atheists who criticise Islam.

CJ Werleman, 22 Jan 2017, calls for violence against counter-jihadist Robert Spencer.

Atheist Saudi woman, who must stay anonymous or she will be killed, complains, March 2017, that people like her get no support from the western left. She says the western left are "racist" because they think people like her "love being oppressed".

Proving her point, western leftist tosser C.J. Werleman attacks her.


Hatred of Israel

Werleman hates Israel and supports Islamic jihad against it.

Alleged "atheist" CJ Werleman is excited and supportive of "God Hates Fags"-style religious maniacs just because they are anti-Israel.

C.J. Werleman goes full jihad, Aug 2018. "Israel does not have a right to defend itself against Palestinian resistance ... Palestinians have every right to attack Israel by whatever means necessary."


C.J. Werleman supports war against Israel.

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