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Blog - 2006 Archive

The execution of Saddam, Dec 2006

Happy Christmas, everyone. I'm not a follower of him, but Jesus never killed anyone.

Ayman al-Zawahiri Christmas message.

Islam in the UK and Ireland

David Quinn debates Richard Dawkins

"Burn the witch!", a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Quinn defends the Roman Catholic church,
which supported the witch burning (and many other crimes).

The West Falters II: Iraq Study Group urges America to surrender, Dec 2006.

David Zucker mocks the Iraq Study Group.
From here.

The death of Pinochet, Dec 2006

The UN's corrupt and compromised "Alliance of Civilisations" group issues its pointless anti-Israel report, Nov 2006

The West Falters I: Democrats win House and Senate, Nov 2006.

An extremist anti-Muslim site doesn't like me:

North Korea explodes nuclear bomb, Oct 2006

Guantanamo Bay

The Pope Benedict XVI riots, Sept 2006

The Pope Benedict riots in historical context.
From here.

Possible future nightmares

Lebanon ceasefire, Aug 2006

Some atheist arguments

The Aug 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot

The Sudan genocide and how to prevent such genocides

What actually goes on at the U.N. "Human Rights" Council.
From here.

"Pitstop Ploughshares" acquitted. Sabotage of US military equipment legalised in Ireland, July 2006.

Shamil Basayev, the Butcher of Beslan, is killed, July 2006

Ken Loach compares the Old IRA to jihadis fighting to stop democracy:

The first movies about the war, 2006

United 93 trailer.
From here.

The Gaza Beach Incident, June 2006

The killing of Al-Zarqawi, June 2006

The religious psychopath and butcher of Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, meets two 500-pound laser-guided bombs dropped from two USAF F-16s. As an Iraqi Shia says: "Zarqawi would not listen to ballots, today there is no mistaking that he listened to the bombs."

The killing of Al-Zarqawi.
From here.

Holland expels Ayaan Hirsi Ali, May 2006

A challenge about the Bible

A mother trying desperately to save her child
during The Flood.

The writings of Theodore Dalrymple

Discussion with Fiona de Londras, Mar 2006

The brave Jill Carroll, released Mar 2006

The appalling "Christian Peacemaker Teams", rescued Mar 2006

The Abdul Rahman case

A parody of how Islamists like Bin Laden think

V for Vendetta, Mar 2006

The death of Milosevic, Mar 2006

Discussion with a student, Jan-Mar 2006

Sectarian Catholic thugs riot in Dublin, Feb 2006

The Muhammed cartoons hysteria, Jan-Feb 2006

Michelle Malkin's "First, They Came".
Click to play video.
Also here.

The Palestinians vote for Hamas, Jan 2006

Irish Nazis hate me
  • Irish Nazis hate me. They call me a "Judeophile gobshite", a "Hasidic Gentile dickhead" and "human chaff".

  • Fascism

  • The nazi site has deleted the above language.

The "chickenhawk" argument

Beccy Cole's tribute to the Australian troops in Iraq.
From here.

Cindy Sheehan

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