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Who Would Jesus Kill?

An important message for Christmas 2008, thanks to Holocaust-denying fascist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, chosen to give the "Alternative" Christmas message on trendy, left-wing, anti-semite friendly, British TV station Channel 4, Dec 2008.

Who Would Jesus Kill? Apparently, Jesus would kill THE JEWS. And the Christians.

  • Israeli ambassador: "In Iran, converts to Christianity face the death penalty. It is perverse that this despot is allowed to speculate on the views of Jesus, while his government leads Christ's followers to the gallows."
  • Rod Liddle asks a good question: "Can you imagine, for even the briefest glimmering of a nanosecond, Channel 4 issuing a similar invitation to President George W Bush? It is unthinkable; it would not remotely occur to the executives."

Dec 2008 - At Christmas, western Christians should (but don't) remember the persecution of non-western Christians by Islamists and communists worldwide.

VI (Victory in Iraq) Day, 22 Nov 2008

Because Bush won't declare it. Because Obama will never declare it. Because the enemy will never declare it. Because the left will never declare it. Because the media will never declare it.

We declare Victory in Iraq. America and its brave allies, led by President George W. Bush, have delivered a crushing blow to the evil, oppressive global jihad. Tens of thousands of jihadi idiots died for nothing. They threw away their lives for nothing - for a worthless cause that has been simply abandoned. The jihad has given up in Iraq, and has retreated back to Afghanistan and Pakistan where it is trying desperately to recover morale. But every jihadi can see what has happened. The jihad lost. The Iraq War is over, and the good guys won.

No thanks to that weak-kneed defeatist Barack Obama. As Blackfive says: "the incoming President tried his damndest to lose the war and should not be allowed near a celebration".

What the allied troops deserve but will never get.

See full size. From here.
WW2 photo from here.
Iraq photo from here.

Iraq - Is it too late for Obama to prevent victory?

Bali bombers executed, Nov 2008

Obama wins U.S. Election, Nov 2008

U.S. Election Debate, DCU, 20 Oct 2008

  • Motion: "That this house would vote for Obama".
  • For: Kate Fitzgerald (Democrats Abroad), Emmet Ryan (journalist).
  • Against: Tony Allwright, Mark Humphrys.
  • The motion was (of course) carried.

  • See Tony Allwright's account.
  • Kate Fitzgerald of Democrats Abroad wasn't just against the war - she cast aspersions on the American military. It was interesting that the American from Democrats Abroad was attacking the honour of American soldiers - while the two foreigners (Tony and I) were defending them. As Tony puts it: "of what other country do its mainstream representatives abroad attack the country and snub those few foreigners who dare to defend it?"

  • Shockingly, Kate Fitzgerald took her own life on Aug 23, 2011, after a long struggle with depression, age only 25. RIP.

Chinese Olympics, Aug 2008.

From The Onion.

Neo-cons (unlike the far right and the far left) want everyone in the world to be free:

Matt Harding does a silly dance all over the world.
A glimpse of a beautiful future when everyone in the world is free.

Ireland votes No to EU treaty, June 2008

I voted No to the Lisbon Treaty myself. I'm not totally against the EU. I just want it to be a loose alliance of sovereign nations, not a united superstate under the rule of unelected and unaccountable continental elites. I resent the EU's lack of interest in democratic accountability, and regard its cause as the fact that democracy is still a new concept in continental Europe, whereas unbroken democratic traditions are much older in places like Ireland, Britain and America. For example, Lisbon itself was the capital of a non-democracy when I was young.

Bertie Ahern retires

The US military

Mohammed Hamid found guilty on terror charges, Feb 2008

Britain's Greatest Idiot supports sharia law, Feb 2008

The Ezra Levant case, Jan 2008

"She's a thug. You're a thug."
Ezra Levant sticks it to government censor and sharia enforcer Shirlene McGovern.



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