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Blog - 2015 Archive

Halawa supporters target my job and employer
  • Finance professor Brian Lucey refused to debate my huge politics site, but instead went sniffing round my work site.

  • Journalist Donal O'Keeffe can't debate either, so he tried to bother my employer to get me sacked.

  • Both of these guys were furiously defending the Muslim Brotherhood activist Ibrahim Halawa.

Failed attempts to combat Islamophobia

The Boston bomber is the poster boy for all failed attempts to combat Islamophobia.

Paris attacks traffic brings my site down, Nov 2015.

My website gets hammered with traffic after the barbaric Paris jihad attacks of 13 Nov 2015. Graph shows traffic per hour. This traffic actually took my site down, since it took me over my bandwidth limit. I had to organise a higher limit.

Every now and then, Westerners wake up and realise the evil of the modern jihad. Then they go back to sleep again. Someday, Westerners will stay awake. Then we will win the war.

The Palestinian nation was invented

The concept of the "Palestinians" was invented in the 1960s.

Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas Milne: Labour's descent into depravity.

Labour party taken over by supporters of Islamism and jihad. Sickening.


Jeremy Corbyn with Hezbollah flag
and Ayatollah Khomeini banner
at a pro-terror rally, London, Aug 2012.

Jeremy Corbyn with another Hezbollah flag
at another pro-terror rally, London, Jan 2012.

Opinion Polls in the Islamic world

Christianity understood Islam better in the past

I bought a copy of the Life of Mahomet by Humphrey Prideaux, Dean of Norwich. My copy is a 1712 edition.
What an awesome object. 300 years old, and still edgier than any modern newspaper or any modern comedian.

How Egypt converted to Islam

Christian pastor being prosecuted in Northern Ireland for attacking Islam

Irish Times journalist lies about me, using as his source a Holocaust denier.

Pope Francis, the Catholic Russell Brand

The media bias against Israel

Anti-Israel activist Gary Spedding

"Christian terrorism"

The strange Maryam Namazie, about the only person in the world who is anti-jihad and anti-Israel.

The Chapel Hill blood libel against Richard Dawkins, Feb 2015

Anti-Israel leftist killed by the jihad

American Sniper (2014, general release 2015).

The first movie since the Iraq War started in 2003 to depict how the Iraqi enemy fights. It only took 12 years!

Trailer for American Sniper.

Saudi King dies, Jan 2015. Time to vomit.

The Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre, Jan 2015. Worst mass slaughter of journalists in the history of Western Europe.

The touching, beautiful cover of the first Charlie Hebdo since their friends were murdered by the evil, humourless jihad. The words above say "All is forgiven". Muhammad is crying and holding a sign "Je suis Charlie".

Dan Breen supported the Nazis before, during and after WW2

Dan Breen carried the coffin at a Nazi funeral in 1947.

IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

The IRA in 1940 says that Nazi Germany is building "a free and progressive Europe".



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