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Politics - The modern right - Who would I vote for?

  In Ireland

In the UK

In the US

Voting is not for idealists

U.S. election, 2004

U.S. election, 2008

U.S. election, 2012

U.S. election, 2016

Who would I vote for?

Roughly, I agree with the left on things like religion, secularism, sex, censorship, drugs and liberty.

I agree with the right on economics, foreign policy, and violent crime.

So who would I vote for?

In Ireland:

In Ireland right now, I would probably vote for some combination of:

Once, but not any more:


The best Irish head of government ever

I think Bertie Ahern is the best Taoiseach ever. Far from perfect (e.g. on foreign policy). But, I think, the best Ireland has had to date.

I blame Brian Cowen, not Ahern, for wrecking the Celtic Tiger by bailing out the banks starting in Sept 2008. Ahern was gone in May 2008. Maybe he would have bailed out the banks. Maybe he wouldn't. But the fact is, he didn't.

If I ranked the Irish heads of government since 1919, I think I would choose the best:

Best: Bertie Ahern Made Ireland rich. Privatisation (especially of airlines and telecoms). Low tax. Ended unemployment. Ended emigration. Ended poverty. Helped US and allies in War on Islamism (kept Shannon open). Ended NI conflict. Established power-sharing in NI.
Bad things: Anti-Israel.
2nd best: W.T. Cosgrave Set up a democracy. Defeated violent anti-Treaty forces. Ended the 1916-23 violence. Stabilised relations with Britain. 1922 constitution (much better than 1937 one). Peacefully surrendered power when lost 1932 election. Today, only 10 countries in the world have been democracies as long as Ireland.
Bad things: Executions without trial in Civil War.

And the worst:

Worst: Eamon de Valera Crap economy. Protectionism. State monopolies. Economic War. Sexual repression. Catholic Church rule. 1937 constitution. Irish language compulsion. Censorship. Neutrality. Treachery in WW2. Sneering moral equivalence. Condolences on death of Hitler. Entrenched partition. Personal corruption. And before he was in power: Refused to accept pro-Treaty vote. Caused Civil War. Burnt centuries of Irish historical records at Custom House.
2nd worst: Charles Haughey Crap economy. State monopolies. Sexual repression. Catholic Church rule. Neutrality. Opposition to Falklands War. Entrenched partition. Personal corruption. And before he was in power: Burnt Union Jack on VE-Day in 1945.
3rd worst: Brian Cowen Bailed out private banks. Bailed out private investors in banks. Bailed out foreign investors in banks. Sold Irish sovereignty to EU. Blasphemy law. And Anti-Israel.

The greatest Irish person ever

In the UK:

In the UK right now, I would vote:

Once supported them, but now they make me vomit:

Why I would vote this way:

The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have a far left foreign policy, by far the worst of the three main parties.


Fire rockets randomly at Jews:
Open support for Islamic jihad terror from Lib Dem MP David Ward, 22 July 2014.

Tory MP David Gauke replies, and asks David Ward a tough question. Nice one.
Great news: David Ward loses seat in 2015 election.

The Tories

David Cameron

The kind of thing that puts me off the Tories

An Israel-hater is impressed by Cameron. I am not.

The kind of thing that puts me off Labour

The best UK and US heads of government ever

I think I would vote for, as best UK and US heads of government ever:

Best UK Prime Minister ever Winston Churchill Saved Britain. Saved Ireland. Saved Europe. Saved the West.
Best US President ever Ronald Reagan Won global war without bloodshed. Destroyed Soviet Empire. Destroyed communism. Liberated Europe.

In the US:

In the US, during the appalling Obama era, and the even worse Trump era, the question: "Who would I vote for?" has the answer:


Nine prominent Democrats show why no one who believes in victory in the War on Islamism should vote Democrat.

"Speaking Democrat: A Primer" is a hilarious speech actually delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives by Thad McCotter in June 2008.
The section on "Speaking Global Democrat" allows us finally translate Obama's speeches:

"Democrats will protect America from Iranian nukes through tough, principled diplomacy."
Translation: "Democrats will protect America from Iranian nukes through tough, principled magic."

"Democrats will engage America' enemies."
Translation: "Democrats will appease America's enemies."

"END" = "LOSE"
"Democrats will end the Iraq War."
Translation: "Democrats will lose the Iraq War."

Voting is not for idealists

Voting is of course not for idealists. You almost always have to choose the lesser of two evils and vote for someone who promotes some policies you hate. I have serious problems with all of the above parties. For all of them, I would be voting for a lesser evil.

My dream party would be:

  1. Secular, libertarian.
  2. Anti-censorship, pro-sexual liberty, anti-drug war.
  3. Tough on actual crime.
  4. Pro-market, pro-free trade.
  5. Pro-West, pro-Israel, Eurosceptic.
  6. Anti-sharia, anti-jihad, pro-War-on-Islamism.
Why does such a party not exist?

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