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Blog - 2005 Archive

Munich, Dec 2005
  • Munich - The first movie since 9/11 in which the bad guys are Islamists.

The French intifada, Oct-Nov 2005

The 2,000th US death in Iraq, Oct 2005

How the modern media would have reported WW2.
From here.

The kidnap of Rory Carroll, Oct 2005

Bush's speech on the war, Oct 2005

"A World Without America".

Sir Iqbal Sacranie and the "moderate" Muslim Council of Britain

The 21/7 manhunt - all suspects captured.

Name: Muktar Said Ibrahim.
Sentence: Minimum 40 years.

Name: Ramzi Mohammed.
Sentence: Minimum 40 years.

Name: Yasin Hassan Omar.
Sentence: Minimum 40 years.

Name: Osman Hussain.
Sentence: Minimum 40 years.

The London bombings, July 2005

Two of the failed 21 July bombers are captured.

Live 8, July 2005

The 10 best countries in the world

Sartre centenary, June 2005

Cafe Mao, June 2005

The "Koran desecration" hysteria, May-June 2005

Amnesty's lowest moment - The claim that America runs a "gulag", May 2005

Christian Aid Week, May 2005

France votes No to the European Constitution, May 2005

Lebanon election, May 2005

George Galloway wins Bethnal Green and Bow, May 2005

UK election, May 2005

I could not get so excited about the UK election. Between Labour and Tory, the choice was just not as clear-cut as it was in the US election or the Spanish election or the Australian election or the German election. The Tories did their best to convince us that they'd be weak on defence, but I don't believe them. I think they'd be fine.

  • On the one hand, I'm a great fan of Tony Blair, the great liberal internationalist who understands the post 9/11 world - but the problem is I don't like much of the Labour party. I worry that after Blair goes, Labour will revert to its old anti-American self. If only one could vote for Blair without voting for Labour.
  • On the other hand, I like Tory policies, and I think most of the Tory party are sensible, but I was turned off Michael Howard by his shabby, second-thoughts opportunism on Iraq. Howard is an alienator of potential new Tory supporters like me. I far prefer Blair to Howard.
  • So I'm happy with a third Blair win. Maybe now the Tories will realise the kind of things that attract conservative voters to Blair.

  • Oliver Kamm sums up the election result: It's not quite a win, not quite a loss.
  • It is interesting that Bush, Blair and Howard - the three leaders of the Iraq War of 2003 - all won re-election in 2004-05. Sure, the war was unpopular with some people. But the war's unpopularity has clearly been exaggerated. Much of the media bought into the "Bush lied. Blair lied." rhetoric. But most people didn't. They either supported the war, or opposed it but didn't care that much compared with other issues. The media's "Conventional Wisdom" version of history will forever portray this as an unpopular war. But the less dramatic truth is that it was not very unpopular.

NI election, May 2005

The death of the Pope, Apr 2005

RIP, Pope John Paul II. A brave, triumphant hero of World War 3. An unimpressive appeaser in World War 4.

The "anti-war" demos of Mar 2005

The kidnap of Giuliana Sgrena, Mar 2005 exchange, Feb-Mar 2005

Irish Blog Awards, Feb 2005

I won "Best Overall Blog" in the Irish Blog Awards 2005 by the Freedom Institute (libertarian / neo-con group, formerly here and here).

The judges were Paul MacDonnell (Open Republic Institute), Paul Daly (Journalist) and Philip O'Sullivan (Freedom Institute).

Iraq election, Jan 2005

Bush is descended from Strongbow, Jan 2005

Tomb of Strongbow.

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