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Israel - Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Gaza

  Gaza pull-out, 2005

Palestinians elect Hamas, 2006

The Palestinians destroy their own economy

Palestinian civil war, 2006-07

Taliban hell - Sharia law in Gaza

"Democracy" under Hamas

Gaza wars, 2005 to date

Ongoing rocket attacks

Gaza then and now

The future


Gaza demonstrates the pointlessness of giving the Palestinians their own state.

Israel left Gaza in 2005. All Jews were expelled. At last the Palestinians could demonstrate clearly that they deserved a state. Did the Palestinians in Gaza seize the chance of building a free and prosperous state? Did they encourage industry, trade and tourism, and peace with their neighbours? Did they set up a liberal parliamentary democracy, with freedom of speech, freedom of sexuality and freedom of religion?

No, of course not. After Israel gave them what they wanted in 2005, the Palestinians in Gaza got worse, not better. They looted their own infrastructure, elected Hamas, continued teaching their children to hate Jews, and did not stop but rather escalated terror attacks on Israel.

Until the Palestinians change their entire political and religious culture, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will never end. There is nothing Israel (or the West) can do. All they can do is wait for the Palestinians to change. Giving them land, and a state, simply escalates the conflict.

"Hamas in their own voices".


Like Hitler, the Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments, February 28, 2010, describes the Jews as sub-human bacteria.
See transcript.
"They want to present themselves to the world as if they have rights, but, in fact, they are foreign bacteria - a microbe unparalleled in the world. ... May He annihilate this filthy people who have neither religion nor conscience. I condemn whoever believes in normalizing relations with them, whoever supports sitting down with them, and whoever believes that they are human beings. They are not human beings. They are not people."

I'm rather proud of this tweet.

Gaza pull-out, 2005

The Gaza pull-out achieves nothing - The war continues

The Gaza Beach Incident, June 2006


Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, 2000-08.
Note how rocket attacks escalate after Israel leaves Gaza in 2005.
See full size. From "Summary of rocket fire and mortar shelling in 2008", Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center, 1 Jan 2009.

The Palestinians vote for Hamas, 2006

Hamas carry on the war against Israel, 2007.
This is what the moron Palestinian voters voted for. This is their decision, to do this.
Hamas missile alert, kindergarten, Sderot, 2007. Every day the children have to run and hide from the incoming Hamas missiles. The children have never known anything else.
See more Sderot videos:

The Palestinians destroy their own economy

The Palestinians loot their own infrastructure, and attack their own fuel and electricity supplies.

Before: Jewish children at greenhouses in Gaza the week before the Israeli pull-out in 2005.
Within hours of the pull-out the greenhouses were looted, destroying a major source of Gaza employment.
Image from here.

After: The greenhouses now looted and in ruins, 2006, and being used only for weapons smuggling tunnels.
Image from IDF.
The greenhouses are a symbol of what Palestinian rule has done to Gaza.

Palestinian civil war, 2006-07

As predicted, the Gaza pull-out led to the setting up of a terrorist state, with lawless Islamist gangs fighting each other for control - instead of the setting up, say, of a parliamentary democracy with respect for the law and human rights. Gaza illustrates better than anything could that the Palestinians do not deserve their own state.

There is an incredible idea that we should support the supposedly "moderate" terrorist killers of Fatah in this civil war against Hamas. The US, EU, and even Israel have sent aid, money, and even arms to Fatah. Have they forgotten the long list of terror attacks and suicide bombings by Fatah? I am sure Fatah have killed more innocent Israelis than Hamas. I fail to see how Fatah are any better than Hamas. This is like supporting Saddam against Iran.
Cartoon from Cox and Forkum (see here). See Cartoon Use Policy.

Taliban hell - Sharia law in Gaza

Jihadists (probably Hamas) attack U.N. summer camp for children in Gaza, June 2010.
"about two dozen armed and masked men targeted a seaside camp in central Gaza, ... The assailants tied up an unarmed guard, then tried to set fire to two tents and a perimeter fence made from tarp-like material. Wielding knives, they slashed a plastic swimming pool, blow-up slide and toys."
Aren't they the big brave men?

Gaza water park shut down by Hamas, then burned down by Hamas, Sept 2010.
See report. Hamas had issued warnings to it because of "events where men and women sit together".

When presented with evidence of sharia in Gaza, left-wing Israel-haters often resort to some sad argument like the above.
Here in May 2014, a female "Nontheist for human rights and social justice, naturalist, skeptic" defends the oppression of women by religion.

As soon as you criticise Hamas for enforcing "modest dress" and banning bikinis, left-wing "liberals" will leap to its defence and say Muslim women should not have to wear bikinis! They muddy the waters and pretend that people who merely want freedom want to enforce immodest dress. It is creepy and dishonest and certainly illiberal.
I summarise my view, 30 May 2014. I support freedom, not culture. That is why I am not a leftie.

Some fellow says it is not for us to say what kind of state Gazans should have.
I reply that by the same argument, it is not for us to comment on Israeli affairs.

Irish-American Obama-worshipper Mary Ramirez defends sharia by saying it is wrong for us to "judge" their culture.
I reply that she is judging the Israelis.

"Democracy" under Hamas

Western idiots claim Hamas was "elected" and runs a "democracy". Freedom House, though, says Gaza is "Not Free".

Israeli elections and Palestinian "elections"

Israeli elections Palestinian "elections"









Israeli elections and Palestinian "elections" since the setting up of the Palestinian Authority.
The dictator for life Arafat died in 2004, requiring a new Palestinian "election".
Otherwise I guess 1996 would have been the only one.

See the above as an image.

May 2014: Palestinian guy claims they have "elections" because 700 members of the terrorist group the PLO elect the PLO council.
Wow, impressive! I sneer at him.

I ask Israel-hater Owais Asif about political freedom in Gaza under Hamas.
He flounders for a while, but the name of an open Hamas critic in Gaza never emerges. None of his pals can name one either.
He eventually blocks me.

Gaza wars, 2005 to date

Ongoing rocket attacks

Life in Sderot: Rocket City from Augenzeugen on Vimeo.

With the success of Israel's "Iron Dome" anti-rocket defence, there have been calls for a similar "Gaza Dome" to protect the terrorists and their rockets from Israeli airstrikes.
The above shows the kind of "Gaza Dome" that would actually bring peace.
I love the shots of all the scumbag regimes at the UN!

Gaza's economy is a ruin. But Hamas are doing fine for money, thanks very much.
Summary of The World's 10 Richest Terrorist Organizations, Forbes, Dec 2014.


Gaza then and now

Gaza beach under "Israeli tyranny" in 1988.
Penthouse magazine photoshoot.
OK it wasn't normally like this, but: (a) there were bikinis, and: (b) Penthouse felt relaxed enough in Gaza to do this photoshoot.
From The Penthouse Collection, vol 4 no 4, 1988.
Re-discovered here and here.

Gaza beach in 2007 after "liberation" by the "freedom fighters" of Hamas.
Hamas brings strict Islamic religious law to Gaza. No more bikinis, or any immodest dress.
From here.

Synagogues Used as Bases To Fire on Israel, Aaron Klein, February 27, 2007, illustrates better than anything that the Palestinians do not deserve a state, and trying to give them one in Gaza and the West Bank is pointless:

"The ruins of two large synagogues in evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip have been transformed into military bases used by Palestinian Arab groups to fire rockets at Israeli cities ... When Israel withdrew from the Gaza in August, 2005, it left intact 20 synagogues of the Gush Katif Jewish communities ... Immediately after the Israeli evacuation was completed, Palestinian Arabs destroyed most of the Gaza synagogues. ... a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Abir, said the area in which the synagogues once stood is now used to fire rockets at Israel. "We are proud to turn these lands, especially these parts that were for long time the symbol of occupation and injustice, like the synagogue, into a military base and source of fire against the Zionists and the Zionist entity," Mr. Abir said. Mr. Abir blamed the Jewish state for the desecration of the Gaza synagogues by Palestinian Arabs, claiming the decision to leave the structures intact was part of an Israeli conspiracy. Israel "left the synagogues behind so the world would see the Palestinians destroying them," Mr. Abir said."

You know, he could be right about that.

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