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Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004, my vote for greatest US President ever.

The man who won the Cold War for the free world. The man who destroyed communism. The man who destroyed the Soviet terrorist state and the Soviet Empire. The man to whom we owe our freedom.

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About me

My history

I am libertarian/right - or a neo-conservative - or a classic 18th century liberal.

I'm not like many on the "right", such as these people.

Who am I like? I'm like these people.

Who would I vote for?


My loyalty is primarily to the West - that is, to the free countries of the world.

In order, I identify with:

1. The Anglosphere, the best part of the West.

2. The West, the best part of planet Earth.

3. Ireland. Ireland is admirable for its long history of democracy, and its free economy - but not admirable for its refusal to defend the West.

(Not at all) The EU. I am not a "European". I am a citizen of the West. Linking me specifically with continental Europe is highly artificial.

(Not at all) The World. I am not a "citizen of the world". The world is full of tyranny, religious fanaticism, tribalism and ignorance. I am a citizen of the free world.

Liberal democracy everywhere. No exceptions.
End tyranny everywhere.
End all non-democracies on earth.

End communism!
Democracy now in North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and China!

Stop the jihad now!
End the 1,400 year Islamic violence against infidels.
Peace on earth. Stop the jihad.

End Islamic law everywhere.
Freedom of religion now in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria!

Islamic terror attacks since 9/11

Attacks listed at


Monday, 5 December 2016




The death of Castro, 25 Nov 2016

Trump wins U.S. Presidential election, 8 Nov 2016


Fake "counter-jihadist" Donald Trump thinks Muslim women like wearing the veil because it avoids makeup. He knows nothing about Islam and forced veiling. He talks in childish generalisations, like an uneducated bar drunk.

The US is now led by President Dwayne Camacho from the movie Idiocracy.

Phoenix magazine replies to my article, 4 Nov 2016.

I wrote an article about the Palestinians in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 23 Oct 2016.

Celebrity American rapper spreads lies about me, and calls me racist.

I wrote an article on the long-term future of Islam in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 31 July 2016.

I explain what is almost never explained - the long-term solution to Islamic terror. In fact, the only solution that will ever end it:


The British artist behind "Jesus and Mo" likes my article. I argue that people like him are probably playing a more important role in bringing long-term peace to the world than any army.

Civilized online debate on Halawa. (For once!)

The Muslim Brotherhood

I spoke in a debate on Islam at the L&H, UCD, 10 Feb 2016.

My speech.
See full transcript with links to sources.

The hadith saying atheists must be killed.

The two popular accounts using the "Pegida Ireland" brand on Twitter are both Nazis.

I wrote an article on the Halawa case in the Sunday Times (Irish edition), 31 Jan 2016.


Where is Halawa family’s respect for the freedom we enjoy? by Mark Humphrys, Sunday Times, 31 Jan 2016.

Kudos to the Sunday Times for having the bravery to run this.



Halawa supporters target my job and employer
  • Finance professor Brian Lucey refused to debate my huge politics site, but instead went sniffing round my work site.

  • Journalist Donal O'Keeffe can't debate either, so he tried to bother my employer to get me sacked.

  • Both of these guys were furiously defending the Muslim Brotherhood activist Ibrahim Halawa.

Failed attempts to combat Islamophobia

The Boston bomber is the poster boy for all failed attempts to combat Islamophobia.

Paris attacks traffic brings my site down, Nov 2015.

My website gets hammered with traffic after the barbaric Paris jihad attacks of 13 Nov 2015. Graph shows traffic per hour. This traffic actually took my site down, since it took me over my bandwidth limit. I had to organise a higher limit.

Every now and then, Westerners wake up and realise the evil of the modern jihad. Then they go back to sleep again. Someday, Westerners will stay awake. Then we will win the war.

The Palestinian nation was invented

The concept of the "Palestinians" was invented in the 1960s.

Jeremy Corbyn and Seumas Milne: Labour's descent into depravity.

Labour party taken over by supporters of Islamism and jihad. Sickening.


Jeremy Corbyn with Hezbollah flag
and Ayatollah Khomeini banner
at a pro-terror rally, London, Aug 2012.

Jeremy Corbyn with another Hezbollah flag
at another pro-terror rally, London, Jan 2012.

Opinion Polls in the Islamic world

Christianity understood Islam better in the past

I bought a copy of the Life of Mahomet by Humphrey Prideaux, Dean of Norwich. My copy is a 1712 edition.
What an awesome object. 300 years old, and still edgier than any modern newspaper or any modern comedian.

How Egypt converted to Islam

Christian pastor being prosecuted in Northern Ireland for attacking Islam

Irish Times journalist lies about me, using as his source a Holocaust denier.

Pope Francis, the Catholic Russell Brand

The media bias against Israel

Anti-Israel activist Gary Spedding

"Christian terrorism"

The strange Maryam Namazie, about the only person in the world who is anti-jihad and anti-Israel.

The Chapel Hill blood libel against Richard Dawkins, Feb 2015

Anti-Israel leftist killed by the jihad

American Sniper (2014, general release 2015).

The first movie since the Iraq War started in 2003 to depict how the Iraqi enemy fights. It only took 12 years!

Trailer for American Sniper.

Saudi King dies, Jan 2015. Time to vomit.

The Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre, Jan 2015. Worst mass slaughter of journalists in the history of Western Europe.

The touching, beautiful cover of the first Charlie Hebdo since their friends were murdered by the evil, humourless jihad. The words above say "All is forgiven". Muhammad is crying and holding a sign "Je suis Charlie".

Dan Breen supported the Nazis before, during and after WW2

Dan Breen carried the coffin at a Nazi funeral in 1947.

IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

The IRA in 1940 says that Nazi Germany is building "a free and progressive Europe".



Earlier blog entries are here.


The fight for human freedom

The War on Islamism

Coming soon

The Israeli bombing of Iran's nuclear weapons program

Iran displays the cars of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists outside the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, Iran, Aug 26, 2012. We are supposed to think this is bad. However, these are scientists working on a plan for the genocide of the Jews. So how can they complain if the Jews defend themselves?
From here.

An amusing Israeli ad jokes about "Another mysterious blast in Iran".
This ad is by HOT Telecom, not by Samsung.

I learnt from the above ad that in Israel,
the Maladera insanabilis pest
is called the Khomeini beetle!

Come on Israel!

The death of Mugabe (too late for the country he destroyed)

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