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Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004, my vote for greatest US President ever.

The man who won the Cold War for the free world. The man who destroyed communism. The man who destroyed the Soviet terrorist state and the Soviet Empire. The man to whom we owe our freedom.

Image from here. See full size.

Instead of Reagan, we've got this guy.

Repeal the Irish blasphemy law!
Defend the right to criticise religion.
Stop Sharia law in Ireland!

Sign the petition against the shameful Greek blasphemy law!



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I am moderate libertarian/right - or a neo-conservative - or a classic 18th century liberal.

I'm not like many on the "right", such as these people and these people.

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My loyalty is primarily to the West - that is, to the free countries of the world.

In order, I identify with:

1. The Anglosphere, the best part of the West.

2. The West, the best part of planet Earth.

3. Ireland. Ireland is admirable for its long history of democracy, and its free economy - but not admirable for its refusal to defend the West.

(Not at all) The EU. I am not a "European". I am a citizen of the West. Linking me specifically with continental Europe is highly artificial.

(Not at all) The World. I am not a "citizen of the world". The world is full of tyranny, religious fanaticism, tribalism and ignorance. I am a citizen of the free world.

Counter of Islamist attacks since 9/11:

Attacks listed at

Lives saved by the Iraq War:


saved by the Iraq War.

This count is based on Saddam's average rate of killing when he was in power. See full explanation.

Aid given to 2004 tsunami victims

Aid given to victims of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, many of which were Muslims, shows that the West cares more about Muslims than the Islamic world does.

Aid given from each country:

  • USA - $ 2,825 m.
  • Australia - $ 1,322 m.
  • Germany - $ 1,300 m.
  • UK - $ 795 m.
  • Canada - $ 744 m.
  • Holland - $ 509 m.
  • China - $ 146 m.
  • Kuwait - $ 100 m.
  • Saudi Arabia - $ 97 m.
  • Turkey - $ 38 m.
  • Qatar - $ 25 m.
  • UAE - $ 25 m.
  • Russia - $ 2 m.
  • Iran - $ 0.6 m.
  • Pakistan - $ 0.2 m.
  • Egypt - $ 0.

Liberal democracy everywhere.
No exceptions.
End tyranny everywhere.

Make Non-Democracy History:
End all non-democracies on earth
by 2025.

Stop the jihad now!
End the Islamist violence against infidels!
Stop the jihad in Iraq and Palestine!
Peace on earth now!

End Islamic law!
Freedom of religion now in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria!

End communism!
Democracy now in North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and China!

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Support Britain and America - the two countries that are by far the strongest defenders of western civilization against its enemies - from the Nazis to the Soviets to the Islamists.
Flags from

Support Israel - the only free country in the Middle East.
Flag from

We should have freedom to criticise all religious and political beliefs.

A song mocking Islamism. All moderate Muslims should join with us in mocking Islamism, the Nazism of our time.

The difference between me and the left: I want America to win.

The U.S. Military guards our world against those who want to destroy it.


Friday, 15 August 2014

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IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

Gaza war, 2014

Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demo, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone, July 2014.
See larger. From here.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand's political analysis is actually like this.

Abuse I get for defending Israel

Obama loses the Iraq War

"Christ's Life In Us" (Irish schoolbook, 1970)

Genuine Irish schoolbook, 1970.

European elections, 23 May 2014

I am a pro-market Eurosceptic. Who do I vote for in Ireland? There is no party that represents me. I wish we had a UKIP (or even a Tory party) in Ireland. But all we have are Europhiles and left-wing Eurosceptics (who have all the wrong solutions). There is no one to vote for.

I have no emotional attachment to the EU. If it is working for Ireland, good. If not, leave it. I think the Euro and the EU were leading causes of the Irish economic crisis that we are still paying for. I want to see the EU rolled back, and Ireland regain its sovereignty and control of its economy.

Who the hell can I vote for in Dublin? No one, it seems.

Local elections, 23 May 2014

Candidates I support:

Candidates I oppose:

The Claudy bombing, 1972.
Sinn Fein and the IRA tortured our island for 30 years, causing endless human misery and loss, that goes on and on in many hearts today.
Shame on every Irish voter who voted for Sinn Fein in 2014. (That's 20 percent of voters.) Shame on you.

The left suddenly notices the Nigerian jihad, Apr-May 2014

The killing of Shaima Alawadi: Husband convicted, April 2014.
  • The killing of Shaima Alawadi

  • The left aggressively blamed the counter-jihad for the killing. But it turned out to be an Islamic honour killing. The left was wrong again.

Year Attack Wrongly blamed on Turned out to be
1963 JFK Right-wing hatred Commies
1968 RFK Shadowy right-wingers Islamic terror (in effect)
1995 Oklahoma Islamic terror Far right
2002 Beltway sniper Angry white male Islamic terror
2004 Madrid Basques Islamic terror
2009 Fort Hood Post traumatic stress Islamic terror
2010 Times Square Tea Party Islamic terror
2011 Tucson Tea Party Mentally ill left-winger
2011 Norway Islamic terror Mentally ill right-winger
2012 Toulouse Neo-Nazis Islamic terror
2012 Sikh temple The counterjihad Neo-Nazis
2012 Shaima Alawadi Islamophobes Islamic honour killing

Some major wrong calls of recent years.

See above as an image.

The movie Noah (2014)

An atheist supports family values

NUI Galway students vote to boycott Israel, 6 Mar 2014

"Get the fuck off our campus!"
Anti-Israel extremist Joseph Loughnane disrupts
a pro-Israel meeting before the NUIG vote.

Frank McDonald

Ariel Sharon dies, Jan 2014



Mandela dies, Dec 2013

Mandela's men killed a child in 1962.

Why the left favours the jihad

The War on Islamism - Who is winning?

Why I support Israel

Tel Aviv water fight.

Gaza beach.

Amnesty International

An Israel-hater in Auschwitz

Mo Ansar, Quilliam and the EDL

Kenyan shopping centre attack, Sept 2013

Cork Dawah Centre at centre of row "likes" Islamic extremists.

Clongriffin mosque will apparently be extremist and Wahhabist. Why did no one ask?

US to bomb Assad? Two years too late, but I would still support it.

Four Irish Muslim Brotherhood supporters arrested in Egypt, Aug 2013

The Halawas address the Muslim Brotherhood protests in Cairo.

Mehdi Hasan

Robert Spencer banned from entering the UK, June 2013

Anti-Israel gays

Islamic defacement of posters

Criticism of Islam banned at Australian university

The banned item.

George Galloway

The Woolwich attack, May 2013

The Boston bombings, Apr 2013

Another failed attempt to combat Islamophobia:
Jan 2013: American Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets angry with people who link Islam to terrorism.
Apr 2013: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carries out Islamic terror attack on the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and blowing limbs off 14.

Margaret Thatcher dies, Apr 2013

Ireland's tax against Israel

10 years on, what is the lesson of Iraq?

Irony: Pro-jihad cleric killed in Syrian rebel suicide bombing, Mar 2013
  • Syrian pro-regime cleric Mohammed al-Bouti supported jihad to forcibly convert the world to Islam and impose sharia law on the world. He denied that his religion is meant to be peaceful. He then illustrated this clearly by getting killed in a suicide bombing.

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

Lars Hedegaard assassination attempt, Feb 2013

Since Rushdie, the jihad is trying to control speech in the West. They must fail. We must defend the Enlightenment.

Notable jihad attacks on free speech in the West:

Lars Hedegaard links:

  • Lars Hedegaard
  • International Free Press Society
  • Dispatch International
  • YouTube

  • Ingrid Carlqvist, 7 Feb 2013: "So, are you happy now, left wing extremists and fellow journalists, now that Lars Hedegaard was very close to being killed?"

  • Canadian broadcaster John Moore declares on 21 Apr 2012: "Can we get over the idea that it's "dangerous" to be Mark Steyn. It's actually rather benign and highly profitable."
  • Mark Steyn replied, 22 Apr 2012: "Well, it’s dangerous to be Lars Hedegaard, or Lars Vilks, or Geert Wilders or Ayaan Hirsi Ali – while there’s surely nothing safer than peddling “dangerous” “edgy” cobwebbed multiculti pieties and knowing that, whatever words you utter, there will never come a day when you’ll be called on to bet your house and your savings and perhaps your life on them. In some of the oldest free societies on the planet, a few guys like Lars Hedegaard are doing the heavy lifting for all of us, and paying a very high price."
  • We are all Lars Hedegaard. Even John Moore. He just doesn't realise it yet.

  • Lars Hedegaard speech after the attack, 21 Feb 2013. He says the left should wake up: "Those who hurl racism accusations against other people and demands that they must be deprived of their freedom of expression and have their opinions banned must surely feel very safe and secure. They simply cannot imagine that one day it may be their opinions that are banned, that they are the ones who will be hauled to the court, and - God forbid - that they are the ones who will one day open the door to a postman who turns out to be a murderer."

The logo of the International Free Press Society
is based on this fresco at Pompeii.

The United Nations

SF-IRA is the leading killer of Gardai since WW2

Trocaire, Israel and the Co.Kerry school children controversy

From the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913.
Christianity understood Islam much better in the past.
Christianity doesn't understand Islam at all now.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution - Debate, Jan 2013


Earlier blog entries are here.


The fight for human freedom

The War on Islamism

The new power blocs of the world

Coming soon

The Israeli bombing of Iran's nuclear weapons program

Iran displays the cars of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists outside the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, Iran, Aug 26, 2012. We are supposed to think this is bad. However, these are scientists working on a plan for the genocide of the Jews. So how can they complain if the Jews defend themselves?
From here.

An amusing Israeli ad jokes about "Another mysterious blast in Iran".
This ad is by HOT Telecom, not by Samsung.

I learnt from the above ad that in Israel,
the Maladera insanabilis pest
is called the Khomeini beetle!

Come on Israel!

The death of Mugabe (too late for the country he destroyed)

The death of Castro (too late for the country he destroyed)

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