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The modern left - The Irish left

  Opponents of the west in Ireland

Arguing with the Irish left

Calling me a terrorist

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The Irish left and Israel

The Irish economy

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The Irish left

I agree with the Irish left on things like religion, sex and civil liberties (for example, the blasphemy law).

I disagree with them primarily on the economy, crime, and foreign policy.

It is on foreign policy that I most dislike the Irish left.

The best part of the legacy of the western left - freedom of sexuality, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
It is on other issues that I disagree with them - the economy, crime, and (above all) foreign policy.

Opponents of the west in Ireland

Can we come up with a definition of "the left"?

I propose that "the left" are best described as opponents of American/western power and opponents of American/western victory against non-western enemies. Their hostility to the democracies ranges from (the norm) endless criticism, sniping and negativity to (somewhat rarer) outright support for the enemies of the democracies (e.g. Cuba, the Palestinians, the Iraqi resistance).

Some of them would deny being opponents of the west. But if you read what they say, there is no sense that they actually want the west to win the current war on Islamism. Their criticism is not the positive criticism of friends, who want to help you. It is the negative criticism of enemies and neutrals, who don't care, or even want you to fail. There is a war on, and these people are demoralising our side. They think they have the moral high ground, but they will come out of this looking more like Eamon de Valera looked after WW2. He thought he had the moral high ground as well.

Opponents of the west in Ireland have every right to speak of course. Indeed, perhaps the strongest and most irrefutable sign that the West is the free world is that many of the strongest voices in the West are its most vociferous critics. Criticising these people should never be interpreted as an attempt to censor them. Criticism is not censorship.

Opponents of the west in Ireland tend to be liberals, left-wing or (on the Northern Ireland issue) republicans. I agree with them on many domestic issues, but more or less everything they write about the world beyond Ireland is wrong.

Stuff leftists say.
Irish leftists are just like this.
(Note Americans call these people "liberals".)

Irish leftie Dara de Brun, 24 Dec 2013, shows the child-like innocence of the Irish left when it comes to Islam.
Derek Hopper and I reply.

Arguing with the Irish left

I have noticed something when arguing with the Irish left. It could be summarised as follows: The left thinks the right is evil. The right thinks the left is stupid.

So the right-winger will throw unpleasant facts at the leftist, such as facts about Islamic terrorism, crime by minorities, or the statistics for child abuse within versus outside marriage. But the leftist knows that the right-winger is motivated by Islamophobia, racism or sexism, and so abuse is needed in reply. Leftists often throw emotional abuse at right-wingers, mock them and refuse to debate.

Obviously there are left-wing people who will debate their opponents. But the above is a common pattern. Few leftists will debate Robert Spencer. Robert Spencer will debate anyone.

Here are some examples.

This rant by some Provo on The Journal sums up how Irish lefties argue versus how I argue.

How I argue How Irish lefties argue
Use my real name.
Appear at public debates.
Write articles under my real name in newspapers.
Anonymous coward called "Tennison Major".
Hides his identity.
Scuttles round online.
Argue against Provos and lefties and Islamists using their own words, linking direct to their original writings, even travelling (in real life!) to visit archives and scan original documents. Invents opinions that are not even held by me. No quote from me. No link to me. No links. No references. Asserts them as facts with no evidence. He might even be confusing me with someone else. But who needs facts when you are a revolutionary!

Someone called Lynda Murphy lies about me on an Irish Times page in July 2016.
Everything she says about me is a lie.

Someone called nkrera lies about me on Reddit in July 2016.

Some IRA supporter sets up a fake Facebook profile for me to try to discredit me. Pathetic.
Shinners cannot compete on the field of arguments, so this is what they are reduced to.


Danny Rigg Warren ("LeftistLunatic")

Here is a nasty smear from a leftist.
What do you take from this tweet on 2 Jan 2016 by Danny Rigg Warren (aka "LeftistLunatic")?
That I used horrific language and called him a "dumb faggot", right? That's what a casual observer would think, as they passed by.

James Cussen

The worst example of the inability of the left to debate, for me personally, is a young history PhD student called James Cussen.

I showed up Allan Cavanagh about the Cork Dawah Centre in Sept 2013.

Cavanagh sneers with his friends rather than debate me.
James Cussen, 20 Sept 2013, then joins in and claims I said Trayvon Martin was on drugs.
Total rubbish. I never talked about Trayvon Martin and drugs. He is confusing me with someone else.
Everyone makes mistakes. It's what happens next that is interesting. He refuses to withdraw it.

Because I am a right-winger, Cussen feels no need to produce the evidence for his claim!
Abuse is all that is needed.
I am BNP scum in his mind. Debating me would only lower him to my level.

He could (a) produce the evidence for his claim about me, or (b) admit he might have got it wrong.
But instead he spews abuse, and then goes silent.

More lies about me from the same guy, Oct 2014.

I ask him to provide evidence of his claims.
He responds by blocking me.
Incapable of debate.

"Voodoo Criminology"

The anonymous coward "Voodoo Criminology" is a similar type who scuttles round sneering instead of debating.

"Voodoo Criminology", Sept 2013, takes issue with people who point out that capitalism makes countries richer.
He says wealth doesn't matter, all that matters is inequality. When asked: "So absolute equality is utopia then?" he replies: "Nope, it's unachievable and probably not desirable."
That Bill Gates should have the same wealth as a layabout who spends his life watching daytime TV and drinking is only "probably" not desirable!
I sometimes wonder if Irish lefties have thought about their ideas for 5 minutes.

"Voodoo Criminology" responded to criticism by blocking me.

He now scuttles round libelling me from behind the safety of his block, and the double safety of his stupid anonymous name.
I debate at public events and in newspapers under my own name. He sniggers with his mates in anonymity. What a gutless coward.

"Oireachtas Retort"

Another anonymous coward, "Oireachtas Retort", was physically at my debate on Islam in Galway in Oct 2014. Incredibly, he did not have the guts to engage in person with me or others. He preferred to sneer quietly and leave.
Note that both of his sniggering pals, James Cussen and "Voodoo Criminology", have blocked me instead of debating me.

"Oireachtas Retort", 13 Aug 2016, sends birthday greetings to dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro.
Like Dan Breen sending birthday greetings to Adolf Hitler in 1943.
Complete with a pathetic little quote on economics from a man who destroyed Cuban prosperity.

Conor Ross-Magahy ("poshknacker")

Here's another example. I've seen leftie Conor Ross-Magahy (aka "poshknacker") around, so I thought I'd debate him.

I thought in Nov 2013 that he'd be on for a good fight.
But he's useless. "Fascist!" "Blocked!"
And of course he uses the definition of "troll" as "someone whose opinions I don't like" rather than its real definition.
Not much good at debating is he?

I tried again but still no use. Still just hysterical screaming.
"Fascist!" "Troll!" "Paid troll!" "Blocked!" That's all that is in his vocabulary.

"The Turban and the Swastika", documentary on Palestinian-Nazi collaboration in WW2.
It focuses on the evil Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who helped the Nazis carry out the Holocaust.
Arafat in 1985 praised the Grand Mufti: "He was always right, and he got nothing and died in exile."
Arafat in 2002 described the Grand Mufti as "our hero".
Abbas in 2010 praised the Grand Mufti.
"poshknacker" could learn something if he watched this.

He appeared again, so I asked him about the Grand Mufti.
It turns out he's never heard of the Grand Mufti.
What a total ignoramus.

He's never even heard of the Grand Mufti.
Sums up the ignorance of the Irish left.

"The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with the Bosnian volunteers of the Waffen-SS".
Wiener Illustrierte ("Vienna Illustrated") magazine, 1944.
From here.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu gave a poor and inaccurate speech about the Mufti in Oct 2015.
Noted expert on the Mufti, "poshknacker", claimed, based on no evidence, that I agree with Netanyahu.
I told him this was a lie but he refused to withdraw it. Totally dishonest, like so many lefties.

Calling me a terrorist

A common trope on the left is for a leftist to find some horrible crime or terrorist act, and accuse their non-leftist political opponents of having somehow "caused" it, through "rhetoric" or "creating a climate" or some such vague argument. Their non-leftist opponents having never called for any criminal or terror attacks against anyone never seems to stop the left.

Sarah Palin being blamed for Tucson is one of many outrageous examples of this. The left is always doing this kind of thing. Some Irish leftists have done it to me.




Anonymous leftist "wontico" accuses me of being responsible for street assaults on Muslims.

His link is to this article about street attacks on innocent Muslims.
What a scumbag.


Michael O'Connor

I received really filthy abuse and libel from an Irish Israel-hater and Halawa supporter called Michael O'Connor.

Michael O'Connor accuses me of being responsible for the murder of Jo Cox MP in June 2016.
The killer was a neo-Nazi with a history of treatment for mental illness.

He also blames radio presenters George Hook and Seán Moncrieff for the murder.

Abuse from Michael O'Connor.


Targeting my job

Angry leftists have targeted and harrassed my employer multiple times, complaining about me and my opinions. My employer is a university, and I have freedom of speech. But anyone in less secure employment might not be so lucky when targeted with these low-down gutter tactics.

The leftists do not see these as gutter tactics. They genuinely believe that right-wing people should not have free speech and should be fired from their jobs. They genuinely believe that is how society should be run.


The Irish left (people)

The Irish left (politics)

The Irish left (media)

The Irish left (groups)

The Irish left and Israel

The Irish right

"This [Israel's attack on Hamas in Gaza] is happening against the background of the past 20 years in which Israel has been, after the US, the world's principal killer nation."
- Irish intellectual Desmond Fennell, in an absurd letter of 13 Jan 2009, sums up the anti-American, anti-Israel world of the Irish intelligentsia.
Fennell somehow forgets the democide in 1989-2009 by North Korea, Rwanda, Congo, Serbia, Sudan, and Saddam's Iraq. We can ignore his mad claims about the US. But under no possible theory even claimed by the most extreme left has Israel killed more people in 1989-2009 than the above. In fact, the Israel-Palestine conflict, despite the blood-thirsty and genocidal rhetoric on the Palestinian side, has been a fairly minor one compared to other recent world conflicts.

Michael J. Totten in Kosovo finds an entire country of European Muslims who are grateful to the US and UK for saving them from modern day Serb fascism.
What they have to say should make ungrateful Irish and European leftists ashamed:
"We are more pro-American than you are," one young Kosovar told me.
"We really like Americans here," a waiter said when he learned where I'm from. "Americans are our best friends in the world. UK is second."
"Thank you," I said. "We appreciate that. Some people don't like us."
"Bad people," he said.

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