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Religion - Islam - Killings for Islam

Counter of Islamist attacks since 9/11.
Islam, the "Religion of Peace", has carried out an average 4 to 5 terrorist attacks a day, every day since 9/11.

  Summary by Bill Warner

Historical killings for Islam

Did Islam cause the Dark Ages?

After the initial Muslim expansion

Modern killings for Islam

Islam and human rights

Islam and freedom of thought

Islamic states

Islamic Fascism

The Islamist way of war

The Islamic street

Ramadan - The month of Islamic slaughter

Killings for Christianity

Killings for Islam

Islam and Christianity have an interesting contrast. Jesus never killed anyone, and Christianity took 300 years before the killing began.

Whereas Islam began with killing of unbelievers right from the start.

For the first century of its existence, Islam was absolutely soaked in blood. The killing only slowed down as the Islamic empire finally ran into boundaries in the 8th century, after about a century of expansionist, imperialist, unprovoked Islamic aggression.

Even after the initial expansion slowed, the killings did not end. Slaughter (jihad) and oppression (sharia) are part of the core doctrines of Islam. Killing for Islam is not a modern idea, and it will never end until some sort of reformation takes place within the religion. Medieval Christianity was equally violent, but Christianity has since reformed.

For many years now, Islam has been the most violent religion in the world.


The real imperialism in the world today.
The jihad's plans to crush half of the Old World under its heel.
The Jews and the Christians and the Hindus (and in this version the Shia) will be exterminated.
And then, when the world is violently cleansed of all dissent, a glorious utopian heaven will dawn.
Image circulating on jihadi social networks as at 2013. See here.

Summary by Bill Warner

Bill Warner takes us through over 1,000 years of Islamic aggression and imperialism.
See also a longer talk.

Historical killings for Islam

Tomb of Charles Martel, the man who saved Europe (at the Battle of Tours in 732).
Charles Martel is background effigy.
From here.

Did Islam cause the Dark Ages?

Did Islam, not barbarians, destroy classical civilization?

Europe and North Africa and the Middle East (all Christian) in 600 AD (before Islam).
What alternative history might have happened if Islam had never been invented?
From here.

After the initial Muslim expansion

Islamic Spain

The Reconquista, 790 to 1300.
From here.

Islamic conquest of Turkey

The Byzantine Empire, 300 to 1453.
From here.

Fatih Sultan Muhammad (1983), an Islamic-viewpoint animation that celebrates the Fall of Constantinople to Islam in 1453.
Oddly, it leaves out the raping of women and children by the invading army.
The jihadist army endlessly invokes Allah's blessing and shouts "Allah Akbar". It is openly portrayed as a great religious war against the infidel.

Turkey was only 10 percent Muslim at the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.
Now Turkey is 100 percent Muslim. The Christian and Greek civilization of Anatolia is gone. It is annihilated.
From here.

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, 1300 to 1923.
From here.

Conversion of places of worship into mosques

Julius Mandrake sums up what happened to the shrine of Hubal at Mecca.

The largest Christian cathedral in the world, Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, was converted into a mosque in 1453.
Image from here. More images here.

The mosque in the Parthenon:
After the Ottoman Turkish Muslims conquered Athens in 1458, they built a mosque inside the Parthenon.
The mosque ("the present Moschea") is shown in this view of the Parthenon drawn in 1765, published in 1787.
This is from Plate 1 in Ch.1 of The Antiquities of Athens by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett (vol.2), 1787.
See also 1821 view.
Athens was liberated from Turkish rule in 1833.
See engraving based on 1839 photograph. From LOC.
The mosque was removed.

Syrian jihadists take over town of Raqqa in 2014, and forcibly convert its church into a mosque - as their ancestors had done a thousand times before.
From here.

Islamic piracy and slavery

The Slave Market by Jean-Leon Gerome (1866) depicts white Europeans sold as slaves in the Middle East.
Perhaps 1 million west European men, women and children were kidnapped by Muslim pirates and sold into torture, rape and slavery in the Islamic world. And who talks about them today? Nobody.
See full size. From here.

Samuel Pepys' diary of 8 February 1661.
He recounts a night drinking in a tavern in London with two Englishmen who had recently been captured as Islamic slaves.
From vol.1 of 1855 printing of his diary. See hyperlinked notes.

Child slaves on an Arab slave ship intercepted by the Royal Navy, 1869.
From here.

The Tintin series often explored non-PC plots that Hollywood is terrified of, such as the famine caused by the Bolsheviks.
Here, Tintin and Captain Haddock encounter Arab Islamic slave traders of black Africans.
From The Red Sea Sharks (1958).

Read the moving book Escape from Slavery: The True Story of My Ten Years in Captivity (2003) by Francis Bok.
He is a black African captured as a slave by Arab Islamic slavers in 1986.
That's 1986. Not 1886. This is going on today. Islamic slavery has not ended.

Modern killings for Islam

Islamic states

Summary of modern killings for Islam



Short version of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West (2005) (see site).


The Third Jihad (2008).
It is narrated by the liberal, anti-jihad Muslim M. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

The Middle East conflict

Islam and human rights

Islam and freedom of thought

Islamic states

Islamic Fascism

The Islamist way of war

The Islamic street

A Photoshop commentary on this image from the "Muhammed cartoons" protests and riots of 2006.

The Photoshop is so good that Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion (2006) mistook it for a real image.

Dawkins corrected this in later editions.
But the point stands that the Photoshop tells a profound truth - no other religion has a problem with violence like Islam does.

"Which religion is the most violent?"

Survey of Americans, Mar 2006.
They were asked to choose among these 4 religions only. These are the percentages among those who gave an answer.
(I suspect that the ones who say "They're all the same" are the people who don't read the news and don't like to think about it.)
Most of the world - if they had to pick one religion - would agree that the "religion of peace" is the most violent religion in the world.
Pie chart generated with


The Global Peace Index shows how Islam has spread peace across the Dar al-Islam ("House of Peace").
And unbelief and secularism and liberalism have spread endless war across the Dar al-Harb ("House of War").
Yeah, that's clearly what it shows.

"how many this weekend Mo? And last weekend, the week before that? And on and on since the supporters of Umar and Ali fell out"
- Tweet on the endless killings for Islam, going back 1400 years, and which will go on for hundreds, maybe thousands of years into the future.

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