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Blog - 2004 Archive

The media and the left encourage the enemy (even if they don't mean to):

The US Marines liberating Fallujah, Nov 2004

Budweiser ad thanking the military.

The death of Arafat, Nov 2004

Bush wins, Nov 2004


Thank you America! This is such a good day for the world.

On with the Bush revolution! All tyranny on earth must end.

Bush wins, Nov 2004

Election day, Nov 2004

Dear Americans: I live in Europe, but my loyalty is not to Europe. It is to the West. The attack on you on September 11th was an attack on me. On my world. We felt it. Millions of us all over the world felt it.

We are often a minority - sometimes a beleaguered minority - in our countries. But we want you to win. We want America to succeed, not to fail. We want America to be powerful and strong, not weak. You saved us from the Nazis in World War Two, and then you saved us from the Soviet Union. Our free, democratic, European world only exists because brave Americans are willing to defend it. And we are always grateful. And when you go into places like Iraq, we are not neutral. We hope for your victory.

Please Americans, make your beleaguered and loyal supporters in Europe happy. Make all the anti-American whiners furious. Tell that bastard bin Laden where to go. Vote for Bush.

The U.S. election

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ad against John Kerry.

There used to be a great 2004 tribute to Bush here
to the tune of The Man Comes Around (2002) by Johnny Cash.

Leaving the left

What countries in the world get criticised and why?

The challenge: Find any pro-Israel, pro-gay or pro-atheist group in the entire Arab Muslim world:

Beslan, Sept 2004, and the killing of civilians by Islamists

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible, The Skeptic's Annotated Quran and The Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon

The failed prophecies of Jesus.

Bush visit to Ireland, June 2004

Welcome to Ireland,
President George W. Bush.
Liberator of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Future liberator of North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Please ignore the protesters. As Ronald Reagan showed, those who stand up to tyranny will always be hated.

Ronald Reagan death, June 2004

Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall, 1987.
From here.

D-Day memorial, June 2004


Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

The Shroud of Turin

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