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Blog - 2014 Archive

North Korean cyberterrorism attack against USA

The Ferguson riots: The US President sides with criminals and rioters rather than with the police.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says that US President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder are fuelling the riots in Ferguson rather than standing with the police.

Averil Power, anti-Israel Irish politician

Averil Power poses with Neturei Karta, Nov 2014.

Palestinian support for tyranny

My speech on Islam, 9 Oct 2014


See full video and transcript of my speech.

"Islam is a religion of peace", debate, NUIG, 9 Oct 2014.
Umar al-Qadri, Oliver Scharbrodt and Abdullah al-Andalusi in proposition.
Michael Nugent, Ian O’Doherty and Mark Humphrys in opposition.

Alan Henning beheaded, Oct 2014
  • Alan Henning. Infidel works for jihadist charity. Gets beheaded anyway.

Mona Seif and Alaa Abd El-Fattah

Ayatollah Khomeini says sex with children (even babies) is fine

Neil deGrasse Tyson's fake quote

Sex and Islamism: Islamists and jihadists are sex perverts and rapists.

Britain's Greatest Idiot

Russell Brand's political analysis is actually like this.

Gaza war, 2014

Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demo, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone, July 2014.
See larger. From here.
See another shot. From here.

Abuse I get for defending Israel

Obama loses the Iraq War

"Christ's Life In Us" (Irish schoolbook, 1970)

Genuine Irish schoolbook, 1970.

European elections, 23 May 2014

I am a pro-market Eurosceptic. Who do I vote for in Ireland? There is no party that represents me. I wish we had a UKIP (or even a Tory party) in Ireland. But all we have are Europhiles and left-wing Eurosceptics (who have all the wrong solutions). There is no one to vote for.

I have no emotional attachment to the EU. If it is working for Ireland, good. If not, leave it. I think the Euro and the EU were leading causes of the Irish economic crisis that we are still paying for. I want to see the EU rolled back, and Ireland regain its sovereignty and control of its economy.

Who the hell can I vote for in Dublin? No one, it seems.

Local elections, 23 May 2014

Candidates I support:

Candidates I oppose:

The Claudy bombing, 1972.
Sinn Fein and the IRA tortured our island for 30 years, causing endless human misery and loss, that goes on and on in many hearts today.
Shame on every Irish voter who voted for Sinn Fein in 2014. (That's 20 percent of voters.) Shame on you.

The left suddenly notices the Nigerian jihad, Apr-May 2014

Counterjihad sites like "Jihad Watch" have been covering this story non-stop since the start in 2009. Leftists, Islamists and the media have been ignoring this story for years.

The killing of Shaima Alawadi: Husband convicted, April 2014.
  • The killing of Shaima Alawadi

  • The left aggressively blamed the counter-jihad for the killing. But it turned out to be an Islamic honour killing. The left was wrong again.

Year Attack Wrongly blamed on Turned out to be
1963 JFK Right-wing hatred Commies
1968 RFK Shadowy right-wingers Islamic terror (in effect)
1995 Oklahoma Islamic terror Far right
2002 Beltway sniper Angry white male Islamic terror
2004 Madrid Basques Islamic terror
2009 Fort Hood Post traumatic stress Islamic terror
2010 Times Square Tea Party Islamic terror
2011 Tucson Tea Party Mentally ill left-winger
2011 Norway Islamic terror Mentally ill right-winger
2012 Toulouse Neo-Nazis Islamic terror
2012 Sikh temple The counterjihad Neo-Nazis
2012 Shaima Alawadi Islamophobes Islamic honour killing

Some major wrong calls of recent years.

See above as an image.

The movie Noah (2014)

Noah's Flood - because the genocide of 20 million humans and the drowning of quintillions of animals is funny.

An atheist supports family values

Girls need fathers.

NUI Galway students vote to boycott Israel, 6 Mar 2014

"Get the fuck off our campus!"
Anti-Israel extremist Joseph Loughnane disrupts
a pro-Israel meeting before the NUIG vote.

Frank McDonald

Gaza. Frank McDonald is right. It's just like the Warsaw Ghetto!

Ariel Sharon dies, Jan 2014

Ariel Sharon helped save the Jews of Israel from genocide in 1973.


Abu Waleed of Need4khilafah explains his ideal Britain: "When an infidel walks down the street, he has to wear a red belt around his neck, he has to have his forehead shaved, and he has to wear two shoes that are different from one another. He is not allowed to walk on the pavement. He has to walk in the middle of the road, and he has to ride on a mule."


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