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Northern Ireland - Nationalists - SF-IRA support for tyranny

  The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

IRA support for Nazis - documents

SF-IRA support for tyranny since WW2

The Falklands War

SF-IRA support for communism

SF-IRA support for Islamism

The Solidarity Wall, Belfast

Other republican support for tyranny

Nothing has changed since WW2


Hatred of Jews

Attacking the Jews

Sinn Fein and the IRA's support for tyranny

Sinn Fein / IRA have a remarkable record.

They supported all three of the great enemies of the free world in the last century - fascism, communism and Islamism.

Open support for Islamic terror in a republican mural.
Photo courtesy of FAIR. Used with permission.
See other shot from here, which has photos of other republican murals supporting the Palestinians and Cuba.
See other shot from here.
Mural is from Belfast, 1982. This mural was at the corner of Beechmount Avenue ("RPG Avenue") and the Falls Road.
It is now replaced with a new mural. See street view.

Republican crimes

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

SF-IRA support for tyranny since WW2

The IRA and its supporters disgraced themselves forever in WW2 by supporting and collaborating with Nazi Germany.

And it's not like this is ancient history. SF-IRA have continued this tradition of opposing the democracies in war:

  1. They opposed the democracy of Britain and supported the imperialist military junta of Argentina in the Falklands War in 1982.
  2. They opposed (and still oppose) the democracy of Israel in its war against Islamic fascism (ongoing since 1947), and they have openly supported and even collaborated with Israel's Islamofascist enemies.
  3. They opposed (and still oppose) the democracies of America and Britain in the war on Iraqi fascism since 2003.

It is clear that SF-IRA will never stand with the democracies, no matter who they fight. It is clear that, in a similar situation to WW2 in the future, SF-IRA would behave in more or less the same way.

The Falklands War

Lessons From The Falklands by Mark Steyn, January 2003, sums it up: "The Falklands War is the decisive war of the last quarter-century, if only because it's the one the world - like Galtieri - never expected. It marks the dividing line between the free world's territorial losses of the Sixties and Seventies and its gains in the Eighties and Nineties."

The Falklands as an entity pre-dates Argentina as an entity.
This is 1827 map. See full size.
See also 1807 map and 1818 map. No such thing as "Argentina" on any of them.

SF-IRA support for communist tyranny

SF-IRA loves all tyranny, everywhere.

Revolting contacts between Sinn Fein and genocidal North Korea.
People featuring here are Gerry Adams and Gerry MacLochlainn and Sheena Campbell.
From p.263 of North Korea Undercover by John Sweeney (2013). See article.

SF-IRA support for Islamist tyranny

The long history of Irish republican sympathy for anti-semites like Nazi Germany continues today with Irish republican sympathy for Palestinian and other Islamic terror.

The Palestinians and other Islamists are openly anti-semitic and proud of it. SF-IRA and other republicans have a range of trendy reasons why they support these anti-semites. They claim it is nothing to do with anti-semitism, and for some of them that is probably true. But this is a movement that supported Nazi Germany, remember.

This is not a joke. This is real.
This is a real mural in Belfast, 2002.
Picture from here.
The terrorist butcher Yasser Arafat is tagged as "Peacemaker - A life devoted to conflict resolution"!
I tweeted: "A life devoted to conflict resolution through bombing airplanes, cafes, shops and buses."

SF-IRA types generally identify with any violent revolutionaries attacking a liberal democracy.
From Derry Friends of Palestine.


Sinn Fein councillor Enda Fanning (E.F. Fanning) calls me "racist" in Aug 2015 for criticising Muslim Brotherhood radical Ibrahim Halawa.
Fanning again calls me "racist" in a Jan 2016 thread about Halawa. He never says anything else. It's his only argument.
Later, he blocks me.

Shinners talking about "racism" are just pathetic.

The Solidarity Wall, Falls Road, Belfast

The "Solidarity Wall" on the Falls Road, Belfast, nicely illustrates the problem with many Irish republicans - their hatred of liberal democracies (the UK, the US, Israel, the Free State), and their ongoing love affair with romantic foreign tyranny (Cuba, Libya, Palestine, Argentina, the Nazis).

Pro-IRA and anti-Israel mural.
From street view.

Round the corner, an anti-Israel mural.
From 2008 street view.
This is now replaced by another anti-Israel mural, promoting Palestinian Islamic Jihad figures Hana Shalabi and Khader Adnan.
Jihad is heroic to these crazy kuffar.

Further on we get anti-American hatred.
From street view.

And support for communist tyrants in Cuba.
Note it is Bush's hands that drip with blood, not Fidel's or Che's.
Photo from here. Creative Commons.
See street view.

Other republican support for tyranny

INLA mural at Portlaoise Jail supporting Hezbollah.
Posted here in July 2014.

Nothing has changed since WW2

30,000 people at homecoming for British troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Belfast, Nov 2008.
Nice to see a proper welcome for the British troops fighting Islamic religious fascism.
And search.

However, SF-IRA protested against the British Iraq troops homecoming, Nov 2008.
Here the protesters quote Communist butcher and tyrant Ho Chi Minh.
From Indymedia.

As at 2014, the Sinn Fein Bookshop promotes Islamic terror against the Jews.
Left: Fatah pin from here.
Right: Hamas pin from here.
Nothing has changed since WW2.


The socialist republican fanatics Eirígí have a particular love for the Islamic jihad.

Eirígí protests against the British Iraq troops homecoming, Nov 2008.
This is clearly open support for the Iraqi Islamic jihadist "resistance".
From here.
Also here and here.

The perennial appeal of terrorist violence against democracies:
Wesam al-Khatib of the terrorist group the PFLP at an Eirigi meeting, Nov 2013.

Eirigi protest, Apr 2010, flies the PFLP terrorist flag outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin.
They are calling for the release of PFLP terrorist leader Ahmad Sa'adat.

Hatred of Jews

The IRA supported Nazi Germany in WW2. And the same kind of contempt for liberal parliamentary democracy (Britain, Israel) and admiration for violent genocidal strongmen (Nazis, Islamists) is still there in Irish Republicanism today. Catholic anti-semitism is part of the mix too.

"Palestine - Ireland - Hamas - IRA - One struggle"
So declares IRA supporter "homerbhoy1" in this sick video.
He illustrates the common support for Islamic terror among IRA people.
I suppose that once you support terror against one liberal democracy, it is a short step to supporting terror against other liberal democracies.
He declares: "THE ONLY JUDE IS A DEAD JUDE ......................." (The only good Jew is a dead Jew.)

The IRA supported Nazi Germany in WW2.
This guy "clintderry" shows they would do it again.
He is a Holocaust denier ("Holohoax").


The IRA supported Nazi Germany in WW2.
This guy "celticliam88" shows they would do it again.

The IRA supported Nazi Germany in WW2.
This guy "jpderry" shows they would do it again.

Attacking the Jews

There are not many Jews in Ireland, so Republicans have to work hard to find some to attack.

Israel-hating thugs from Éirígí attack a stall selling Israeli cosmetics, Belfast shopping centre, Jan 2009.
Video was on Mark McGregor's channel. Formerly here, but he has removed it for some reason.
See report by Mark McGregor: "The staff of the targeted stall were visibly shaken, one woman and one man reduced to tears".
Ireland now is much the same as Ireland in WW2.

Dissident republican thugs RNU throw paint at the Jews, Belfast shopping centre, 16 Nov 2012.
Just like Father Creagh's followers in Limerick in 1904-06.
See photos.
This is a movement that supported Nazi Germany during World War Two.


Jew-hating terrorists love Irish republicans.
The terrorist group the PFLP praises Éirígí for ransacking Jewish products at Sainsbury's in West Belfast on Aug 5, 2014.
Éirígí is proud of the PFLP support and proudly displays the PFLP terror flag.

"Oh here's to Adolph Hitler,
Who made the Britons squeal,
Sure before the fight is ended
They will dance an Irish reel."

- The IRA's War News, 23 Nov 1940, applauding Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe.

"Israel is without doubt one of the most abhorrent and despicable regimes on the planet."
- Sinn Féin International Affairs and "Human Rights" spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh, June 2006.
See press release formerly at Sinn Fein, Dublin South Central.

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