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Somali pirates

Al Shabaab

Somali famine

Kenyan shopping centre attack

Islamic piracy

Jihad causes famine

Somali people:



U.S soldier William David Cleveland being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in 1993.
The Americans only went into Somalia because of TV images of the famine.
Their reward was to have their soldiers dragged through the streets.
The Americans withdrew, leaving the Somalis to their famine.
The Somali jihadists taught them the lesson: Don't try to help starving Muslims.
You might think that is a bad lesson to teach the Westerners. But jihadists do not think like you or me.

Somali pirates

Many Somali pirates will be simple criminals. But it is also true that Islamic warfare has long (for centuries) justified such activity against infidel ships. And there is much evidence that jihadists in Somalia (Al-Shabaab) fund their war through pirate attacks.

Tribute to the US Navy SEALs' epic shooting in the Maersk Alabama hijacking.
Found here.

Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab ("Al Qaeda in East Africa") is the same evil story we have seen throughout the 1,400 year history of the violent religion of Islam.

Their goal: Enslave all Somalis under Islamic sharia law. Forcibly convert or kill all non-Muslims.

Their tactics: Sickening massacres of innocents. Because they have no morality.

1,400 years of Islamic jihad summed up in one image:
Somali jihadists throw grenades at small Christian children at sunday school, Kenya, Sept 2012, killing one.
Image from BBC. Spotted by The Jawa Report.

Somali famine

As seen in Sudan, famine is one of the regular consequences of jihad.

Kenyan shopping centre attack, Sept 2013

Al Shabaab fighters attack women and children in a shopping centre in Kenya, Sept 2013. They round up terrified shoppers, and separate them into Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims are let go. The non-Muslims are killed.

The Guardian on Kenya

The Guardian wrote an extraordinary stream of rubbish about Kenya.

The Islamist way of war:
The Somali Muslim Al Shabaab fighters attack women and children in a shopping centre in Kenya, Sept 2013.
Image from Goran Tomasevic.

Al Shabaab boast they killed "over 100 Kenyan kuffar" in the shopping centre, Sept 2013.
Yet still Allah does not exist.

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