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Islamism - The Islamist way of war

  Classics of the Islamist way of war

The Beslan massacre


Killing those who help you

Enemies of Israel using Israeli hospitals

Islamism and Airport security

Airport security in Israel

The 9/11 attacks

The Bali bombing

The Madrid bombings

The London bombings

The Toulouse massacre

The Boston bombings

Kenyan shopping centre

The Palestinian way of war

The Hamas way of war

The Iraqi "resistance" way of war

The ISIS way of war

The Taliban way of war

The Sudan genocide

The Islamist way of war

The Islamist way of war is all about war crimes. Hiding behind civilians, including children; hiding among civilian crowds; not wearing uniforms; using civilian vehicles for attack; hiding in protected-status places like mosques, churches, hospitals and schools; using protected-status vehicles like ambulances to transport weapons and even using them for attack; using UN bases and peacekeepers as cover; taking hostages; denying Red Cross access to POWs, torturing and executing POWs; false surrenders; killing medics who come to help their wounds; and of course targeting civilians, schools, churches, mosques, hospitals, ambulances, buses, shops, restaurants, weddings, funerals, journalists and aid workers - all of these are just standard Islamist warfare, as we have seen in Palestine and Iraq. These things are not part of US or Israeli warfare, because their morality is superior to Islamist morality.

Anything goes in Islamism. Islamism has no honour, no decency and no morality, and is as depraved as any idea that humanity has ever followed.

The challenge: Show me any ethics in Islamist warfare

Islamist warfare seems devoid of any moral code. Anything goes in terms of killing and raping. Scholars talk about rules of war, but jihadists seem to follow no rules of war in the field.
  • Question: Has any Islamic state or Islamic armed group ever punished a fighter for killing non-Muslim civilians? Serious question. Tell me here.

  • Question: Have Fatah or Hamas ever punished a fighter for killing Israeli civilians? Serious question. Tell me here.

  • It is true that the PA has arrested fighters as part of a deal with Israel (and to prevent Israel invading). But show me where the PA (and Palestinian society) got angry with a Palestinian war criminal all by themselves.

  • Or a more general challenge: Show me any ethics ever in Palestinian warfare. Show me any use of ethics by Palestinian fighters ever. Tell me here.

The Islamist way of war.
Cartoon by Marian Kamensky from here, 14 Oct 2012.

Suicide bomber blows up truck in primary school playground, Iraq, Oct 2013.

Islamists slaughter Shia in Kabul, Dec 2011.
This is not collateral damage. These women and children were the targets.
Picture credit AFP / Getty Images.
AFP photographer Massoud Hossaini won the Pulitzer Prize for this photo.

How Islamist armies treat prisoners of war.
ISIS slaughters prisoners, Iraq, June 2014.
No ethics. No morality.

How Western armies treat prisoners of war.
Guantanamo catering photo Sept 2010 by Carol Rosenberg / Miami Herald.
Western secular morality is far superior to Islamist morality.

Mehdi Nemmouche, returning ISIS fighter who carried out the Jewish Museum of Belgium massacre, sums up the morality of the Islamist way of war. He is quoted as saying: "Do you know what happens when I go into a Shi'ite home? First, there's the grandmother - I only use one bullet on her, she's not worth more - then the wife. First, I rape her, then I cut her throat. Then I come to the baby. Ah, a baby! You cannot imagine the pleasure you get from cutting off a baby's head."

Classics of the Islamist way of war:

  1. A father and mother plan to use their own baby to blow up an airplane, 2006. The first comment is right on the button: "I hope they take this kid away from those two monsters."
  2. The Jew-hating terrorist state of Syria attempted something similar in 1986: The Hindawi Affair.
  3. Hamas use press vehicles.
  4. Muslims slaughter other Muslims during Ramadan. To the Sunni Iraqi "resistance", the Shia are the "wrong sort" of Muslim.
  5. Taliban use 6-year old boy as suicide bomber.
  6. Palestinians boast about attacks on children, Sept 2007. They are not ashamed. They are proud of their depravity.

  7. The Iraqi resistance: "In another case, a retarded 13-year-old girl was strapped with explosives, given the hand of a 3-year-old toddler to hold, and told to walk into a line of police recruits. They pressed the button when the girls were amid the waiting men."
  8. The Iraqi resistance: "The soldiers told me of a suicide bombing that betided their post the day before the elections. In a particularly gruesome display of insurgent character, the bomber had grabbed the hand of a girl, about five, and used her for cover to approach the IPs. The explosion occurred just yards away from the roof where I stood with the soldiers. Eight people and that little girl were killed that day. Unlike in Baquba where such attacks are common, attacks are relatively rare in this part of Iraq. Perhaps because of that, or maybe just because of the callous way the bomber eviscerated an innocent child, the incident seemed to leave a deep imprint on the soldiers who witnessed it."
  9. Bombs strapped to Down's Syndrome child who is told to approach a line of voters in the Iraqi election, Jan 2005, where the child is blown up. And here: "Children afflicted with Down's Syndrome are perhaps the most kind, gentle and innocent beings on this earth. That "militants" should use them for such a purpose should come as no surprise."
  10. Trying to get children killed: "Did you know? Muslim terrorists in Iraq would travel from village to village and distribute wooden replicas of the AK-47 machine gun to Iraqi children. Why? They hoped the children would play with the guns in the late evenings, and American soldiers on patrol would mistake them for terrorists, and kill them."
  11. Somali jihadists wear school uniforms, report Oct 2011. And they force school children to dress like jihad fighters.

  12. Suicide bomb attack on children's playground, Tuz, Iraq, Oct 2007. Oh the bravery of the Mujahideen!

  13. 2007 Karachi suicide bomb that killed 140 was strapped to a 1 year old child to get past security. Just before the explosion, it was noticed that: "They were trying to hoist the child - dressed in the colours of my party's flag - onto my truck ... witnesses said the child had been rigged as a human bomb. ... What followed was a massive explosion, killing scores immediately, tearing many bodies in half and sending blood, gore and flames up into the vehicle". Comment: "They were planning that she would allow a baby to come near. They were counting on her humanity, when they themselves have none."
  14. Baghlan sugar factory bombing, Afghanistan, November 2007. Islamist jihadis suicide bomb a line of schoolchildren. 59 children aged from 8 to 18 killed. Many more children horribly injured.
  15. Mumbai terror attacks, Nov 2008 - The Jihadi butchers attack a hospital.
  16. The Mumbai jihadis reportedly sexually assaulted and mutilated the genitalia of their (completely random) innocent civilian victims at the Taj Mahal Hotel and at Nariman House. And more on the torture at Nariman House. The jihad is like giving a licence to thousands of sick young Ted Bundys to go out and act out their fantasies.
  17. 13 year old child suicide bomber blown up to kill British soldiers in Afghanistan, Dec 2008. The child-abusing jihadis are so evil, they know their enemies are decent. They know their enemies will not want to suspect (and aim at) every child they see. The jihadis cynically take advantage of the goodness and decency of their enemies.
  18. Somali jihadis behead the two children of a Christian leader because they were angry with him. The children were age 11 and 12.
  19. 7 year old Christian burned alive by Muslim mob in Pakistan, Aug 2009. "Blasphemy" apparently justifies burning children alive, to a certain Muslim supremacist mindset.
  20. Jihadist plot against kindergarten foiled in Azerbaijan, Mar 2010.
  21. Al Qaeda in Iraq use 10 year old boy as suicide bomber, Apr 2010.
  22. 9/11-style plot by Al-Qaida in Iraq to fly hijacked planes into ... Shiite Muslim religious shrines! (Apr 2010.) Note Al-Qaida in Iraq have a long history of bombing Shiite Muslim religious shrines. It's the "wrong" type of Islam, you see.
  23. Iraq jihadis behead children of anti al-Qaeda tribal chief, Apr 2010. The chief of an anti al-Qaeda militia was not at home. So the jihadis shot dead his wife and a daughter age 22, and beheaded his 3 sons age 12 to 16.
  24. Al Qaeda home invasion of the family home of an anti al-Qaeda militia leader, Iraq, Sept 2013. They execute his three children, age 2, 5 and 9.

  25. The lunacy of the jihad: Sunni Islamofascists suicide bomb Shia Islamofascists at an anti-Israel "Quds Day" hate parade in Pakistan, Sept 2010. I don't know which way to look.

  26. The Iraqi resistance kidnapped the 6 year old child of an Iraqi policeman. They tortured the small boy for 2 years. They pulled his teeth out with pliers. They hammered a nail into him. They pulled out his fingernails.
  27. Suicide bomb attack on Syrian primary school kills 40 children, 1 Oct 2014.

  28. Taliban kill 130 children at school in Pakistan, Dec 2014. They slaughtered children age 6 to 18 at the school for several hours. They suicide bombed classrooms. They lined up children and shot them. They forced children to watch as they burned a female teacher alive.
  29. ISIS blow up a baby as part of a training exercise, July 2015.
  30. Jihad attack on Ivory Coast beach resort, Mar 2016. Jihadis shoot dead 5 year old boy who could not recite Muslim prayer and was begging for his life.
  31. Truck massacre in Nice, France, in July 2016. The jihadi truck driver deliberately swerves to run over families, children and babies in his path. Innocent French children.
  32. Female suicide bombers pose as refugees to blow up Libyan troops, Dec 2016. "The bombers had mingled with other women and children to target Libyan forces who were trying to open safe passages for civilians to flee from the former Isis stronghold."
  33. Two child suicide bombers kill 56 at crowded market, Nigeria, Dec 2016. Reports said they were age 7 or 8. I seem to recall a time when child suicide bombers killing random crowds would have raised eyebrows. Now the West doesn't even notice it.
  34. Boko Haram female suicide bombers detonate explosives while carrying babies on their backs, Jan 2017.
  35. ISIS female suicide bomber detonates explosives while carrying baby, July 2017.
  36. ISIS leaves baby on ground as bait. "ISIS left him on the ground as bait to lure Iraqi soldiers. Three soldiers went to rescue the child and a sniper shot and killed them all."
  37. Mother and her two daughters, age 9 and 12, suicide bomb Christian church in Indonesia, May 2018. See report.
  38. Gunmen storm maternity ward and kill babies, Afghanistan, May 2020.
  39. A female suicide bomber blows herself up while holding her baby, Tunisia, report 2 Apr 2021.

The Islamist way of war:
"Soldiers" attack women and children in a shopping centre in Kenya, Sept 2013.
They round up terrified people, and separate them into Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims (if they could recite an Islamic prayer) were let go. The non-Muslims were executed.
Image from here.

The Islamist way of war:
The Boston Marathon in 2013.
Jihadi vermin Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (behind tree) stands behind an 8 year old boy at the fence (in black) and his 7 year old sister (in green). Knowing exactly who is standing there, the jihadi vermin deliberately leaves his bomb there, to explode, horribly killing the 8 year old boy, blowing the leg off his 7 year old sister, and killing and maiming many others in this picture.
From here.

The Islamist way of war.
Picture credit unknown. Tell me here.

Cox and Forkum sum up the shameful, dishonourable Islamist way of war.
Cartoon from here. See Cartoon Use Policy.

From IDF.
Why does Hamas not try to avoid civilian casualties?

The movie Eye in the Sky (2015).
A profound, realistic, intelligent movie about the modern Western way of war - where western armies try hard, using advanced technology, to avoid enemy civilian deaths.
It is the complete opposite of the depraved, immoral, Islamist way of war, which rejoices in enemy civilian deaths.
Modern Western ethics are far superior to primitive Islamist ethics.

My response to the fact that ISIS figure Junaid Hussain knew drones were after him, and he knew the infidel had better morality than he and his jihadi fighters did, so he went about with his young stepson beside him so the drones would not strike.
It says it all, both about Islamist fighters and about the infidels.

The Beslan massacre, 2004

The jihadi "soldiers" that took children hostage at the school in Beslan, Russia, in Sept 2004, sum up the Islamist way of war:

Taking civilian hostages (including children and infants). Starving, raping and torturing them. Forcing, like Nazi guards, crying mothers to choose one child to live and one child to die. Having terrified children running naked and bleeding from the building. Shooting the escaping children in the back.

Islamism is the modern Nazism and anyone who supports it is a Nazi.

The handsome young Islamist butcher of children, 24 year old Nur-Pashi Kulayev.
"His heart did not fail him when they were torturing children" - Rita Sidakova, mother of murdered 9 year old Alla Sidakova, on Nur-Pashi Kulayev.
Picture credit Associated Press.

The Islamist way of war:
The torture, bombing and shooting of naked children at the school in Beslan, Russia, 2004.
Left: Picture credit Reuters.
Right: Picture credit Reuters.

These children were kept hostage by the heartless jihadis, and were starved, raped and tortured, denied food and water in roasting hot conditions, with hundreds of others. It was like something from a Nazi concentration camp, with naked, frightened children being herded back and forth by heartless guards. Over 150 innocent children were tortured and killed, and hundreds of other children tortured and horribly injured, in one operation by the Chechen and foreign Islamists - in their heroic campaign to establish an Islamic fundamentalist fascist tyranny. The school in Beslan was a glimpse of the future - of the Auschwitz that Islamists will set up for infidels if they ever get the chance.

The Beslan massacre, 2004.

The Beslan jihadis: Forcing, like Nazi guards, crying mothers to choose one child to live and one child to die.

Sophie is forced to choose which of her children will be gassed, in the movie Sophie's Choice (1982).
And copy and search.
Islamism is the modern Nazism and anyone who supports it is a Nazi.

Chechnya adopts sharia

Despite fighting the jihadists, Russia decided that Chechnya would adopt sharia anyway. What was the point of fighting it then?


Interview with the leader of the jihad massacre of non-Muslim civilians at Khobar, Saudi Arabia, May 2004, sums up the evil religious psychosis we are up against:

"As soon as we entered, we encountered the car of a Briton, the investment director of the company, whom Allah had sent to his death. ... We left him in the street. We went out, and drove our car. We had tied the infidel by one leg [behind the car]. ... The infidel's clothing was torn to shreds, and he was naked in the street. The street was full of people, as this was during work hours, and everyone watched the infidel being dragged, praise and gratitude be to Allah.

We told [Muslims], 'Calm down, don't be afraid, we don't want you. We want only the Americans. ... We are Mujahideen, and we want the Americans. We have not come to aim a weapon at the Muslims, but to purge the Arabian Peninsula, according to the will of our Prophet Muhammad, of the infidels and the polytheists'

We entered one of the companies' [offices], and found there an American infidel who looked like a director of one of the companies. I went into his office and called him. When he turned to me, I shot him in the head, and his head exploded. We entered another office and found one infidel from South Africa, and our brother Hussein slit his throat.

We entered and in front of us stood many people. We asked them their religion, and for identification documents. We used this time for Da'wa [preaching Islam], and for enlightening the people about our goal. We spoke with many of them. At the same time, we found a Swedish infidel. Brother Nimr cut off his head, and put it at the gate [of the building] so that it would be seen by all those entering and exiting. We continued in the search for the infidels, and we slit the throats of those we found among them. ... We found Filipino Christians. We cut their throats and dedicated them to our brothers the Mujahideen in the Philippines. [Likewise], we found Hindu engineers and we cut their throats too, Allah be praised. That same day, we purged Muhammad's land of many Christians and polytheists. Afterwards, we turned to the hotel. We entered and found a restaurant, where we ate breakfast and rested a while. Then we went up to the next floor, found several Hindu dogs, and cut their throats. ... We utilized the time for [teaching] the Koran to the Muslims who remained. We taught them how to read [Surat] Al-Fatiha properly. They were amazed by us"

Killing those who help you

  1. Iraqi resistance blows up 5 year old child in order to kill random Muslims waiting for food aid, Apr 2009. Jonathan Kay: Mommy blows up with toddler - this has got to be a new low for militant Islam. "This sort of act would have been worth a worldwide banner headline a decade ago. But now, it's just another demented Islamist senselessly slaughtering fellow Muslims. With her kid."
  2. Muslims behead Christian orphanage workers in Somalia, Aug 2009.
  3. Pakistan jihadis suicide bomb refugees lining up for food, Apr 2010. Why? Who knows.
  4. "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" kidnaps and murders aid workers on an ongoing basis. They killed a 78-year-old aid worker in "revenge" for something or other.

  5. Pakistan Taliban, Aug 2010, threatens to kill aid workers coming to help the country after the massive 2010 floods. As Robert Spencer says: "It's just plain bad for business to have non-believers, who are the vilest of creatures ... engaged in acts of mercy. Folks might stop and reconsider whether they're really so vile. ... It must stick in the Taliban's craw that Western, non-Islamic nations are bearing the brunt of demonstrating compassion and charity to Pakistanis in need, while the wealthy Islamic states of the Gulf have indeed been a day late and a dinar short."
  6. Furious at Koran burning by someone in America, angry Afghan mob attacks UN aid workers, killing 8, 1st April 2011.

  7. Badakhshan massacre, Aug 2010. Taliban shoot dead 8 western aid workers - because they are infidels.
    • The Taliban said: "Yesterday .. one of our patrols confronted a group of foreigners. They were Christian missionaries and we killed them all."
    • They worked for a Christian NGO, but it is not clear they were all even Christian. The lovely British doctor the Taliban killed, Karen Woo, "did not really believe in organised religion".
    • They were killed because they were westerners trying to help the people of Afghanistan. No other reason. As Robert Spencer says, it made the Taliban furious that here were "filthy infidels performing greater acts of mercy than the mujahedin could dream of".
    • The US Ambassador to Afghanistan, speaking to Afghan people, said the attack exposed the absurd idea that the Taliban care about the people of Afghanistan: "Their murder demonstrates the absolute disregard that terrorist-inspired Taliban and other insurgents have for your health, have for your security and have for your opportunity, They don't care about your future. They only care about themselves and their own ideology."

  8. Al Qaeda kidnaps American aid worker Warren Weinstein in Lahore, Pakistan, Aug 2011. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is not ashamed of this but openly admits it. "we have detained this man who has been involved with US aid to Pakistan since the 1970s".
  9. Pakistani jihadis behead Red Cross aid worker, Apr 2012. He was a Muslim convert too.
  10. Pakistani cleric calls for rape of female aid workers, May 2012. He declares that women from secular NGOs who visit his district may be married off forcibly to local men.
  11. 80-year-old nun and two priests abducted by jihadists in Cameroon, Apr 2014. They were part of a Catholic mission to help improve water supplies and provide medical help to those with HIV and Aids. The jihadis don't care. They want all aid workers dead.
  12. American doctor doing charity work shot dead in Pakistan, May 2014, because he was from the "wrong" sect of Islam.
  13. Idealistic young Italian women Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo sympathise with the revolution against the monster Assad in Syria. Go to Syria to help. Kidnapped by Islamist revolutionaries, Aug 2014.
  14. American aid worker targeted and killed by jihadis in Mali hotel massacre, Nov 2015.
  15. American aid worker targeted and killed by jihadis in Burkina Faso hotel and cafe massacre, Jan 2016. The non-racist American Christian missionary ran an orphanage in Burkina Faso. Racist jihadi scum targeted whites and killed him.
  16. Wheelchair-bound Afghan polio patient shoots dead the Western female therapist who was teaching him to walk, Sept 2017.
  17. Islamic State suicide bomb attack on Save the Children offices in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Jan 2018.

Enemies of Israel using Israeli hospitals


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh with his critically ill grand-daughter.
To try to save her, she was transferred to an Israeli hospital in Nov 2013.
He wants to kill all Israelis, including those at the hospital. They treat his seriously ill grand-daughter. Sums up the difference in morality between Islam and Judaism.

Oct 2014: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's daughter receives medical treatment in Israel.
Will that make Ismail Haniyeh reconsider his murderous racism?
Oct 2014: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praises the murder of a Jewish child.

Sept 2014: Mahmoud Abbas says Israel is carrying out a "war of genocide" against the Palestinians.
June 2014: Mahmoud Abbas takes his wife for treatment to a private hospital in Israel.
From here.

Palestinian woman Wafa al Bass tries to suicide bomb the Israeli doctors and nurses who are kindly treating her over several months for burns from a bad accident. She received compassionate permission to enter Israel for hospital appointments, and responded in 2005 by trying to kill them.
And here.

Wafa al Bass (above) explains her philosophy.
The Islamist way of war.
From here. See quote.

Islamism and Airport security

Every day, at every airport in the world, the ancient desert religion of Islam imposes itself on millions of people who don't believe in it.

The evolution of airport security:

  1. Airport security (X-rays for baggage, metal-detectors for people) was imposed in the first place in the 1970s because of the vile attacks on civilian airplanes by Arafat and his Palestinian terrorists. These attacks have continued by every Islamist group since.

  2. You cannot carry sharp objects on board because of the 9/11 attacks.
  3. You have to take your shoes off because of the shoe bomber.
  4. You cannot carry liquids on board because of the transatlantic aircraft plot.

  5. Islamists hiding aircraft bombs inside their bodies. Will passengers need to be X-rayed now? The jihad is trying to make it impossible to travel by air at all. This is dangerous stuff. What if violent Muslims do succeed in making air travel impossible in the West? The public response might be very worrying. This would be a nightmare scenario, especially for innocent Muslims in the West.

Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.
Millions of people have to take their shoes off every day at airports because of this asshole.

The Nicholas George case illustrates both the Islamist way of war, and the huge gulf between those who protect us from it, and the ungrateful public like Nicholas George.

Airport security in Israel

There is a solution to airport security of course. The Israelis have solved it. No one else in the world has.

The Lod Airport massacre, 1972.
Image from here.
The last time (the last time!) terrorists got through Israeli airport security.
In 1972!

Airport security in the West (outside Israel)

Outside Israel, most airport security is pointless "theatre", not about security at all, but about making people feel good. As a result, terror attacks are much more likely to hit non-Israeli airlines.

For all its offensive and intrusive "security theatre", the TSA has never caught a single terrorist.

Wheelchair-bound nun gets searched in the pointless "security theatre".

This kind of "security theatre" crap is why western airlines are still regularly hit by Islamic terrorist attacks.
And the absence of this kind of crap in Israel is why Israeli airlines are terror-free since 1972.

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