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  Historical burning of libraries

Modern burning of libraries




The burning of libraries

In one moment, a mob of barbarians can destroy a country's history, can erase the work of lifetimes of scholars, can inflict a wound on humanity that it will still be suffering 1,000 years later - long after the religion and philosophy and cause of the barbarians is forgotten.

The movie Agora (2009), about the pagan martyr Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria.

Historical burning of libraries


Mural of Catholic Bishop Diego de Landa burning Mayan heritage in 1562.
From here.


20th century

The burning of the library of Louvain in 1914

The library of the Catholic University of Louvain (founded 1834) was burnt by the Germans in WWI in 1914.
This was not the library of the medieval University of Louvain (founded 1425) which was closed back in 1797. Its library contents largely survive in Paris and Brussels.
However, many precious old books and manuscripts were present in the new university's library.
Among the priceless artifacts destroyed forever by the Germans was Rongorongo text E from Easter Island.

The library of the Catholic University of Louvain (founded 1834) before the Germans burnt it in 1914.
From here.

The Irish Times, August 29, 1914, on the burning of the library of Louvain.

Modern burning of libraries

Madeleine de France, Queen of Scotland (died 1537).
Portrait 1536 by Corneille de Lyon.
Image from here. Also here.
This survived intact for 465 years until Marielle Stengel deliberately destroyed it in 2001.

Chinese schoolboy Ding Jinhao disgraces his name forever by writing graffiti on an ancient Egyptian temple.
His entire country is ashamed and angry with him.
Only one thing will ever come up when you Google his name for the rest of his life.


The last ordinary medieval house in Dublin. (The last timber framed house in Dublin.)
This was on the corner of Castle St and Werburgh St.
It was demolished in 1813.
See modern photo and street view of this corner.
Image from "Ancient Houses of Dublin", The Dublin Penny Journal, vol. 1, no. 34, pp. 268-270, 16 Feb 1833.

Some savage in May 2012 vandalises one of the prettiest buildings in Dublin, Tailors Hall (built 1706).
See full size.
Tailors Hall was formerly hidden inside the block (see red cross on 1887 to 1913 map).
But with the road widening, its rear is now exposed on High St (see red cross on modern map and modern satellite view).

Coolbanagher Castle, Co.Laois, was deliberately destroyed in Feb 2014.
The owners should be jailed.
See old map and modern street view.

Art criminal Andrew Shannon attacked and damaged an 1874 Monet painting at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2012.
Image from here.


Islam continues to destroy non-Muslim (and Muslim) heritage in the modern era.

The monumental 6th century AD Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan (built before Islam was invented).
Destroyed by the ignorant, illiterate religious maniacs, the Taliban, in 2001.
Later that year, after they helped attack America, the Taliban regime was destroyed and thousands of Taliban maniacs killed by the U.S. military.
Image from here.

The Taliban destroy the 6th century AD Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001.

The Louvre in Paris.
From here.
Worthless Jihadist scum plan to destroy it: Islamist plot to blow up Louvre foiled, July 2014. Maybe someday they will succeed.


During the rebellion in the Islamic tyranny of the Maldives in Feb 2012, a mob of Islamic fascists invaded the National Museum.
They destroyed forever these ancient coral stone Buddhist statues on Tue 7 Feb 2012.
About 35 exhibits - mostly images of Buddha and Hindu gods - were destroyed.
Some of the artifacts dated to the 6th century AD. The Thoddoo head (c.600 AD) was destroyed.
99 percent of the Maldives' pre-Islamic artifacts (pre-12th century) were destroyed.
Photo from here in, which has pictures of the destroyed artifacts.
"They have effectively erased all evidence of our Buddhist past" said a museum official.
Their tourist industry will soon be gone. Islam causes poverty.


Islamofascist rebels in Mali destroy "idols" in April 2012.
From here. Also here.

Islamofascists destroy Mali's precious heritage, June-July 2012.
See beautiful photos of the heritage that the Islamists started to destroy.

Iraq and Syria

ISIS jihadi fighters in Syria destroying a 3,000 year-old Assyrian statue, May 2014.
From here. Pure evil.

ISIS magazine Dabiq, issue 8, released March 2015, celebrates the destruction of the region's ancient heritage.
See p.2 and p.3.
Satanic evil. The world needs a leader who will exterminate ISIS.

The Temple of Baal (1st century AD) at Palmyra in Syria.
Photo 2005. From here.
The Temple (and all of Palmyra) was deliberately destroyed by the vermin of ISIS in 2015-17.
They beheaded the archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad on 18 August 2015.



During the sordid Egyptian revolution of Jan 2011, barbarians attack the Egyptian Museum.
Above they smash a model boat from Asyut dating from approximately 2000 BC,
See more attacks on Ancient Egyptian sites round the country, in this most disgusting of revolutions. And more.

Egyptians burn their own history, Dec 2011.
The Institut d'Égypte (Institute of Egypt) in Cairo was founded in 1798 and was burnt by Egyptian protesters on 17 December 2011.
Photos from here.

Muslim Brotherhood scum loot and destroy a museum of Ancient Egyptian antiquities in Minya in Aug 2013.


Like Islamic extremists, there are also, surprisingly, Jewish religious maniacs who go around destroying their own country's heritage for obscure theological reasons.

The beautiful 4th century AD mosaic at Hamat Tiberias in Israel.
Photo 2010. From here. Creative Commons.
See more.

Like Nazis attacking Jewish graves, or the Taliban destroying statues, Jewish religious fascists attack the mosaic in May 2012.
An employee of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority says: "Afghanistan is right here".
From here.

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