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"Mission creep" and left-wing takeover has led to the decline of many organisations that started off objective and admirable.

Human Rights Watch, like Amnesty, has been slowly and gradually corrupted by the anti-Israel left. It has been a long decline into an organisation that can no longer always be trusted.


Kenneth Roth of HRW tweets on 11 June 2014 defending the maniac Sunni butchers ISIS versus the Shia strongman Maliki.
Creepy, tasteless and disturbing.

Another horrible tweet from Kenneth Roth. (Criticised here by Jamie Palmer.)
Hate-filled jihadis slaughter random Christians at Sunday church in Cairo, Dec 2016.
Roth seems to think this is some kind of "protest" against the Sisi regime.

Jesus. Ken Roth implies, May 2017, that Iran has free elections. Unbelievable.




Hillel Neuer counts what Ken Roth calls "illegal", Dec 2019.
These are only tweets that use the term "illegal", not all tweets about all topics.


HRW infographics "Visualizing Palestine"

HRW produces a series of anti-Israel "Visualizing Palestine" infographics.

HRW infographic. "Visualizing Palestine".
Can there be a reply to this?

Reply from Elder of Ziyon.
Elder of Ziyon shows how you can easily make a graphic to show the Israelis as the oppressed ones.

Another HRW infographic.
Can there be a reply to this one?

Reply from Elder of Ziyon.
"Zeid can visit the entire land from the river to the sea - even when not a citizen of Israel. Noa can't - there are plenty of areas off limits to her."


HRW says Jews building houses are "war crimes"


Ken Roth of HRW, Jan 2020, says Jews building houses is a "war crime".
Building houses. A war crime.

Ken Roth of HRW, May 2020, again says that Jews building houses is a "war crime".
And again in 2021.

"Jews living in houses is a war crime!" - Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch.
Image from here.

To Human Rights Watch, a "crime against humanity" is anything they do not like, like Jews building houses, or checkpoints to stop suicide bombings. Human rights organisations have cheapened terms like "crime against humanity", which once meant something, until they are utterly meaningless.

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