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  The "Miss World" riots, 2002

The "Newsweek" riots, 2005

The Pope Benedict riots, 2006

The Sudan "teddy bear" incident, 2007

The Johann Hari riots, 2009

The Taslima Nasrin riots, 2010

The "Koran burning" riots, 2012

Hypocrites - Muslims desecrate synagogues, churches and mosques all the time

The Nupur Sharma affair

The song "(You Owe Us An) Apology"


The Salman Rushdie riots, 1989

The "Muhammed cartoons" riots, 2005-06

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, 2010

"International Burn A Koran Day", 2010

The "Innocence of Muslims" riots, 2012

The Islamic street

The "Islamic street" of the third world often erupts into (state sanctioned and state approved) anger, and it is often implied that we should take such anger seriously, as if it is based on reason, good faith and rational grievances.

One of the defining features of the "Islamic street" is the willingness to riot, burn, loot, rape, kill and issue death threats over the slightest insult and imaginary grievance. How can one respect a culture that behaves like this?

"Islamic Rage Boy", the face of the irrational, illiterate, ignorant Islamic street.
This fool cannot read or write, he thinks Americans carried out 9/11, and he thinks we should listen to him.
As Christopher Hitchens says: "It's impossible to satisfy Rage Boy and his ilk. It's stupid to try."
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Photo credit unknown. Tell me here.

Photoshop of picture from Salafi rally for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah law in Egypt, 2012.
From here.

Oh no! The Palestinians are having a "Day of Rage".
From here.
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The "Miss World" riots of 2002

The "Newsweek" riots of 2005

The Pope Benedict XVI riots of 2006

The Islamic violence in response to the Pope calling Islam violent

To protest at anyone saying Islam is violent, Islamists .. rioted, burnt churches and killed Christians. Vile, sanctimonious hypocrites.

Most of the West agrees with the Pope

From Sandy Huffaker.

Manuel II apologises: "the Pope's recent apology ... bears a striking similarity with a similar apology delivered more than 600 years ago by Manuel II Palaeologus himself to offended Muslim armies after they ransacked his Christian country, converted its citizens to Islam, and beheaded or enslaved those who resisted the forced conversions. In a public speech ... Manuel II apologized to the Islamic community that besieged his controversial "Byzantine entity" ... Manuel II said .. that the recent slaughters of thousands of his Christian subjects by the Muslim sword were the result of his own blindness to the true peaceful nature of Islam. ... protesters demanded that the Byzantine ruler be punished by strict Islamic Shariah law for implying that Muslims cannot respond to criticism rationally, but only with demonstrations, threats and violence. Angry Ottoman activists burned a number of ancient Greek churches and publicly beheaded residents in several Byzantine towns, converting the less stubborn survivors to Islam to the cheers and applause of prominent Muslim clerics ... In conclusion, it should be noted that the "Byzantine entity" lasted for only 62 more years, falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, thus ending the 1100-year-old controversy about its right to exist"

The Sudan "teddy bear" incident, Nov-Dec 2007

The Johann Hari riots, Feb 2009

The Taslima Nasrin riots, Mar 2010

The Afghan "Koran burning" riots of Feb 2012

Yet again, the Islamic world disgraces itself with hysterical rioting and violence over some trivia. How can anyone respect this ludicrous culture?

Pretty much every Westerner feels like this about this useless country.
A sample of comments at the Daily Mail.

Hypocrites - Muslims desecrate synagogues, churches and mosques all the time

Muslim mobs get furious at the slightest perceived desecration of a koran or a mosque. Angry mobs quickly mobilise to riot and kill in response.

Yet Muslims desecrate synagogues, churches, and even mosques, all the time, without a word of complaint from the "Islamic street". Hypocrites.

The Golden Mosque of Samarra, Iraq, one of the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam, shortly after it was destroyed by Islamic fanatics in 2006.
From here.
Hypocrite Islamic fanatics rioted in the street because of alleged desecration of a Koran by infidels.
And yet Islamic fanatics bomb mosques and burn Korans all the time.

Islamofascist rebels in Mali destroy "idols" in April 2012.
From here. Also here.

Instant karma: Jihadi mosque gets suicide bombed by jihadis.
Suicide bombing of two extremist mosques in Yemen, March 2015.
In the video, Houthi Shia Islamofascists chant "Death to America! Death to Israel!" at their mosque.
ISIS Sunni Islamofascists then suicide bomb the mosque and another mosque, killing 140.

Real desecration of holy books

The hysteria and violence of the "Newsweek" riots and similar may have backfired. Many westerners, feeling a threat to their freedom to blaspheme and criticise religion, have decided to do some real desecration of holy books. There are now a growing number of desecration videos and websites on the Internet, and this seems likely to grow forever in direct response to the threats from religions. The only way people will stop making these is if religions stop threatening them.

Again, people should have the right to do this. It may be ignorant, it may be silly, it may be rude, I may not do it myself, and the state certainly should not do it, but private citizens must have the right, in any free society, to desecrate the holy books of any religion.

The Nupur Sharma affair, May-June 2022


Nupur Sharma's comments on Islam.
Translation below is from here.
Apparently she is responding to another guest insulting Hindu gods.
She says: "Oh you leave it, your flying horses.
Your flying horses. And earth is flat which is mentioned in your Quran. Should I start making jokes on these things?
You are marrying a 6 years old girl and having sex with her when she turns 9. Who did this you know? Prophet Muhammad.
Should I start speaking? Earth is flat according to Quran 88:20.
Don't talk rubbish. Sit on a flying horse and go away."

Her tone is rather hysterical and unpleasant. Her facts seem fine and uncontroversial though.

Indian politician Imtiaz Jaleel says: "Islam is a religion of peace. ... Nupur Sharma should be hanged."
Phew! Imagine if Islam was a religion of violence!

The song "(You Owe Us An) Apology"

"(You Owe Us An) Apology".
A song mocking the touchiness of the "Islamic street".
By "Patrick Henry".
See archive of lyrics and page and WMV.

From The People's Cube.

Conclusion - The angry Islamic street should not be listened to

While the excitable unemployed men of the Islamic street scream for death and blood in response to the slightest offence, ultimately our response to them should be one of contempt.

In short, we should simply ignore the angry Islamic street. They have no ideas that are worth listening to.

We should be simply uninterested in their anger and their problems.

Bert, the Sesame Street muppet, appears on posters carried by moron supporters of Bin Laden, Bangladesh, Oct 2001.
"DON'T ATTACK AFGHANISTAN", say these moron supporters of Islamic terror, as if anyone should listen to them.

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