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The Cold War


South African figures' support for tyranny

SFIRA support for tyranny

The kidnap of leftists

The left's support for terrorism

The left's support for Islamism

The left's support for the Palestinians

The left's support for the Iraqi jihad

The left's historical support for tyranny and terrorism

The left thinks western capitalist democracy is basically flawed, and is always in search of some kind of revolutionary "change" that will make everything right. As a result, the left has a history of getting excited about romantic foreign leaders and third-world "rebels".

The right, in contrast, thinks the answers to how to order society lie in the Western Enlightenment and were basically worked out in the 17th-18th centuries. As a result, the right has little interest in new "revolutionary" ideas, especially ones from outside the West. The right is largely unimpressed with the non-western world. In fact, the right seldom gets excited about foreigners at all, especially if they are non-westerners or third-world people.

The predictable result of these differences is that the left has a far more embarrassing track record of supporting foreign tyranny than the right. And because of these differences, this track record is likely to continue (see for example the recent left-wing enthusiasm for the butchers of the Iraqi resistance). This page lays out some of the shocking (and not widely-enough known) expressions of support from comfortable western intellectuals (mostly left-wing or left-leaning) for foreign tyrannies they would never live under themselves.

The western left has a long history of supporting third world tyranny that they would never live under themselves.
Shown here is how many western leftists still consider people like Che Guevara and Mao cool in some way.


Western useful idiots are shown around Soviet Russia.
From Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1930).

Irish useful idiot Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington praises Stalin's Soviet Union.
From Irish Press, December 15, 1932.

Another Irish useful idiot, feminist and republican Charlotte Despard.
From Irish Independent, December 24, 1930.


George Bernard Shaw supports Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and democide.
Clip from The Soviet Story.


"Dinner with Pol Pot", a promotion for a Swedish exhibition, Sept 2009, on the Cambodian genocide, and the Swedish leftists who supported the communist regime.
And search for copies.

The left in France - The cradle of late 20th century tyranny

20th century French intellectuals have a lot of innocent third-world blood on their hands.

Sartre calls for the violent overthrow of bourgeois society.
Luckily for him, that never happened in France.
But the hatred of decency that he preached infected much of the third world, and led to millions dead.

The end of the Cold War

Proinsias De Rossa and Tomas Mac Giolla and Joe Sherlock attend a Soviet propaganda event in Dublin.
Irish Times, January 11, 1983.

South African anti-apartheid figures' support for tyranny

The left's support for communist Cuba

Galway City Council resolves in May 2011 to erect a memorial to the totalitarian communist Che Guevara.

The left's support for Serbia

The left's support for terrorism

The left's support for Islamism

The left's support for the Palestinians

The left's support for the Iraqi jihad

Hamas flag at anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 31 May 2010.

Hezbollah flag at anti-Israel demo, Dublin, 5 June 2010.

"Liberals failed one of the two great moral tests of the twentieth century, [and] they still do not know they failed and have not grappled with the implications of that failure."
- Mona Charen on the Cold War.

"I wonder, however, why people are still puzzled over the double-standards within the Irish left and the Human Rights Industry vis a vis Israel. To me, it shows that people still believe that the far-left actually has a real sense of right and wrong. They do not. Leftism has no regard for right or wrong, its about favoring Designated Victim Groups. ... I actually suspect that if Hamas were a group of Christian fundamentalists, the left would have cheered on Operation Cast Lead, as Christians of all types are very low on the DVG-scale. If Israelis were predominately Arab Muslims, nobody would give a damn what is happening in the region, especially the left, as they could not feasibly demonise one side for the crime of being more white and western than the other."
- John Connolly on our perennial ability to be surprised or shocked at the left's support for tyranny.

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