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Mark Humphrys (politics)

These are my "Religion and Politics" pages - the topics you should not discuss in polite society.
I have 3 lives:
  1. Computing (academic in Ireland, PhD from Cambridge, online coding startup)
  2. History (genealogy, local history)
  3. Politics (newspaper columns, radio, public debates)
This site is for my 3rd life only. It has nothing to do with my other 2 lives.
If you try and drag my 3rd life into my other 2 lives I will block you. You are warned!

What am I:

Atheist. Classic liberal. Pro-freedom of religion. Pro-free speech. Pro-freedom of sexuality.
Pro-West. Pro-Israel. Anti-jihad. Anti-sharia.
Pro-free market. Anti-communist. Anti-Corbyn.
Pro-interventionist. Neo-con. Pro-Reagan. Not a fan of either Obama or Trump.
End tyranny everywhere. End communism. End Islamic law.


Me at an Iron Dome battery outside Ashkelon, Israel, in December 2014.
As a friend of Israel, I was privileged to get a tour of this and other IDF facilities.
The front line of the liberal, secular West against the jihad.



2007 airstrike video

My speech at 2021 pro-Israel rally
Abu Ghraib prison

Abuse I get for defending Israel


Alfred O'Rahilly


Amnesty International

ANC violence



The Anti-counterjihad

Anti-Green page

Anti-Israel gays

Arab TV




Atheism - Arguments

The Bible

The Bible in its Own Words



Black Lives Matter

The Blanchardstown mosque

Blasphemous quotes

Blogs I used to read

Bock The Robber

The Boston bombings, 2013

The Burning of libraries


In favour of Capitalism

Charlie Hebdo

Che Guevara


The left and "civility"

The Clonskeagh mosque

The Cold War

The College View


In defence of Cultural imperialism


Killings for Christianity

Christian terrorism

Christianity and the Holocaust

The Church and Islamism

Christianity on Islam in the past

"Christ's Life In Us" (Irish schoolbook)


Cinema against the war

Cinema against the war - Reviews

Cinema supportive of the war

Cinema supportive of the war - Reviews

Cinema - List of movie "bad guys"

Cinema - Upcoming movies


Communism in Asia

Communism in the Americas


Crime and the Internet

Dan Breen

David Norris

Richard Dawkins

Donal O'Keeffe

Eddie Holt

The End of tyrants

How to End war and famine


Europe and America

Ewan MacKenna

Ex-Muslims that follow me


How Egypt converted from Christianity to Islam

The Egyptian Revolution

U.S. Election, 2004

Election, 2004 - Kerry

U.S. Election, 2008

Election, 2008 - McCain

U.S. Election, 2012

U.S. Election, 2016

Family values


Finbar Prendergast

Robert Fisk

Frank McDonald

The "Free Gaza" flotilla

Irish reaction to the "Free Gaza" flotilla


"Gaza is a concentration camp"

Gaza wars, 2005 to date

Gazans should abandon the struggle (Sunday Times article)

George Galloway

Gary Spedding

Global warming


The Greatest Irish person ever

Guantanamo Bay

The Guardian

The Halawa case

The Halawa case (after)

The Halawa case and the Irish left

Halawa case (Sunday Times article)

Halawa case (radio interviews)

"Hope not Hate"

Human rights groups

Human Rights Watch

Innocence of Muslims

Innocence of Muslims - Death threats

"It's In The Koran"


Test if your site is banned in Iran

Iran's nuclear weapons program


Iraq - The liberation of 2003

Iraq - The war after 2003

The Iraqi "resistance"

Iraq - How to lose

Iraq - How to win

How many died in Iraq?

Censorship in 20th century Ireland

Ireland in World War 2

Irish "Anti-War" Movement

The Irish economy

The Irish right

The Irish Times

The Irish left

The Irish left (groups)

The Irish left (media)

The Irish left (people)

The Irish left (politics)

The Irish left and Israel

The Irish left and Israel - Politicians

Anti-Israel Irish people on Twitter

Ireland's tax against Israel

Irish support for tyranny (Sunday Times article)



Killings for Islam

The Islamist way of war

Islamist nightmare scenarios

Islamic states

Islamic State (ISIS)

What is wrong with the Islamic world?

Islamism - The solution

Islam and human rights

Islam and freedom of thought

Islamic defacement of posters

The Islamic street


Failed attempts to combat Islamophobia

Islam annoys the West

Islam needs to become less confident (Sunday Times article)

Islam in the West

Islamic attacks on the West

Islam in the US

Islam in the UK

Islamist terror in the UK

Islam in Ireland

Violent Islamic extremism in Ireland


In defence of Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict - War crimes

Israel - The future

The Israeli wall

Israeli Arabs

Boycott of Israel

Buy Israeli products

Boycotting Israel is a hopeless misdiagnosis of the problem (RTE article)

"Israel Beacon" (series of short videos)

Jeremy Corbyn


Kevin Myers

The Kidnap of leftists

Naomi Klein

Lara Marlowe

Some Laws of human nature

Leaving the left

L&H debate on Islam

People who Let me down after 9/11

Liam Egan


Little Green Footballs


Lebanon war, 2006

The Left's support for tyranny

The Left's support for terrorism

Left-wing v. right-wing violence

The Left and Islamism

The Left and Israel

Left-wing Charities

The Media

The Media bias against Israel

The Media bias for Obama

Mehdi Hasan

Michael Jansen

Military families

Seumas Milne

The Mind of the left

Mo Ansar


MPAC Ireland

The Muhammed cartoons

The Muslim Brotherhood

Michael D. Higgins

Michael D. Higgins - Anti-American

Michael D. Higgins - Anti-Israel

The Modern left

Modern leftists

The Modern right

The Nation of Islam


Noah's Flood

North Korea

Not censorship

NUI Galway and Israel

NUIG debate on Islam

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland - Nationalists

Northern Ireland - Unionists

Norway terror attacks

Norway - Is the counterjihad to blame?

Norway - Lies about me


Obama and the War on Islamism

Obama and the Iraq War

Obama's staff and advisers

The worship of Obama

Child worship of Obama



Peace and non-violence

Opinion Polls in the Islamic world

The Western poor

Pope Francis

Pro-Israel activism in Ireland

Human rights under Palestinian rule

The Palestinian nation was invented

Palestinian support for tyranny

The "genocide" of the Palestinians

Sarah Palin

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin


Irish Republican crimes

The Right and freedom

Roger Waters

The Root cause of Islamic terror

The "roundabout dog" cartoons

Rowan Williams


Salman Rushdie

Russell Brand


Criticising and satirising Religions

Sabra and Shatila massacre

Sam Hardy

Saudi Arabia


Science and Religion


Sex and Islamism

The killing of Shaima Alawadi

Social media


South Africa

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Soviet Union

SF-IRA support for tyranny

SF-IRA support for the Nazis

SF-IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

Sharia law in the West

Sharia law in the UK

Sharia law in Ireland


Syrian civil war

Talib Kweli

Ted Rall


The Third World

The Toulouse massacre, 2012


Donald Trump

The Tucson shooting, 2011



Modern Turkey

The Unfree world

United Against Racism

The United Nations

The U.S. military

Who would I Vote for?

"Left" and "Right" - What am I?

Who is winning the war?


The "Woroni" controversy

The West

World bodies

The World

Why I support Israel (College View article)

Why do people support the Palestinians?

Why do people support the Palestinians? (Sunday Times article)



Two different responses to my writings.

Opposing radical Islam and supporting Israel gets you lots of friends and lots of enemies. Interestingly, most of the enemies come from the Western left, not from radical Islam. I get lots of love from ex-Muslims and liberal Muslims and Copts and other minorities in the Islamic world. And I get lots of hate from Western Marxists and leftists.

So am I a rational man who thinks carefully about these issues, or am I an "uneducated baboon racist"? You decide!


Politics      Religion      Since 1995.

Banned in Iran: This site is banned in Iran.

Blocked by the regressive left and Islamists on Twitter: I love debate. I love ideas. But the Western left and their friends the Islamic right do not return the favour. Their response to opposing ideas, whether expressed politely or robustly, is often to block. See Who blocks me on Twitter.

I will debate almost anyone. Stick to ideas and I will debate you. But I do have rules. See Who I block on Twitter.

Where to debate? Twitter's best days are over. I am on Twitter at markhumphrys. Twitter was a truly great place for debate before 2016. You could meet everyone in the world, and argue about ideas. Since 2016, Twitter is broken. It is now full of reporting and bans and censorship. In 2019, Twitter even started shadowbanning me for no reason that was ever explained, or could ever be appealed. It is time to find a better place to debate. I am on Parler at markhumphrys.