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The Irish left - The Irish left and Israel

  Summary - Much of Ireland is anti-Israel

Irish Anti-Israel petitions

Palestinian solidarity

The Irish Peace Society


The Irish left and Israel - Politicians

Ireland's tax against Israel

Irish reaction to the flotilla clash

Anti-Israel Irish charities

NUI Galway and Israel

The left and Israel

Pro-Israel activism in Ireland

Abuse I get for defending Israel

Anti-Israel Irish people on Twitter

The Irish left and Israel

In the conflict between the secular liberal democracy of Israel and its reactionary religious totalitarian enemies Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, the western left, for some reason, has sided with the religious totalitarians.

The Irish left follows the rest of the western left in this bizarre prejudice, which seems to be based on western self-loathing rather than on logic and standing with people like us.

Hezbollah flag openly displayed at IPSC march, Dublin, Apr 2008. From here.
Attending this demo which contained open support for Islamist terror were David Norris, Michael D. Higgins, Eamonn McCann and Mary Lou McDonald (of SF-IRA).
Do they not notice this kind of thing? Do they not know what the Hezbollah flag looks like?

Summary - Much of Ireland is anti-Israel

Much of Ireland is anti-Israel. Not just the left-wing fringe. But many mainstream politicians too.

Not all anti-Israel people in Ireland are anti-semitic. There are a range of new, trendy reasons why people are against Israel. However, anti-Israel prejudice is pushing an open door with many people in Ireland.
Above, the Mayor of Limerick in 1970, Steve Coughlan (Labour) makes a speech defending the 1904-06 Limerick pogrom against the Jews.
He refers to the alleged existence of Jewish money-lenders, who he calls "warble fly bloodsuckers".
From Limerick Leader, 20 April 1970. From here.
In fairness, he caused uproar in the Labour Party, and there were resignations. (But he was not expelled.)

The Irish left and Israel - Politicians

The "Free Gaza" flotilla (Some Irish politicians were involved)

Irish reaction to the Gaza flotilla clash

Ireland's tax against Israel

Left-wing Charities

Irish Anti-Israel petitions

Shame on anybody who ever signed any of these petitions.

Nazi boycott of Jewish shops in Berlin, 1933.
The placards say: "Germans defend yourselves! Don't buy from Jews."
From here. And more images.
You would think that Europeans would avoid any boycott of Israel because of its echoes of the Nazi boycott of Jews. But sadly no.

Irish thugs protest at an Israeli kiosk selling beauty products in Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Dublin, Jan 2009.
In Odense, Denmark, in Dec 2008, the mob at a similar kiosk selling hair-care products eventually shot the Israelis.

Jew-hating Israel-hating freaks ransack Israeli products in a French supermarket, Mar 2009.
They did this right beside Drancy internment camp, where the French in the 1940s rounded up 65,000 French Jews (men, women, children and babies) for extermination.

Israeli supermarket attack, Mar 2002.
Palestinian suicide bomber targets civilians, killing an Israeli girl and a brave security guard (a father of five children, two of whom are deaf).
Image from Reuters.

Irish band Dervish cancels their tour of Israel, 30 Apr 2012, after foolishly listening to Irish Israel-haters.
They claim they don't want to be political. Too late for that. You've just made an ignorant political statement.
From their facebook. Shame on them.

Dervish played on an Irish trade mission to China in Jan 2005.
From Irish Times, 1 Feb 2005 (also here).

"Israelity" (2009), a nasty, menacing, anti-Israel song from Irish singer Mickey Joe Harte.
He is angry with Israel for responding to years of Hamas rocket fire.
The song is quite menacing, saying to Israel: "you come and stir the hate in me" and "you give them reasons now to fight" and "this is war" and "this is not the end .. this is only just beginning".

Buy Israeli products (Ads for Israeli products)

In defence of Israel (More Israeli ads)

Palestine "solidarity"

The front page of the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2013 supports Islamic terrorist Samer Issawi.
Samer Issawi was convicted of firing a gun at a civilian vehicle, firing an AK47 assault rifle at civilian buses, and manufacturing pipe bombs used in attacks on Israeli civilians. "This included four shootings, between July 2001 and February 2002, in which Isawi and his partners fired on police cars and buses travelling between Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem. In one attack, a policeman was injured and required surgery. On October 30, 2001, Isawi, together with an accomplice, fired at two students walking from the Hebrew University campus to their car in a nearby parking lot. In another case, Isawi provided guns and explosive devices to a squad, who fired on a bus. Finally, in December 2001, Isawi ordered an attack on security personnel at Hebrew University, providing a squad with a pistol and a pipebomb."
And this jihadi is a hero to the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign!
See full image.

Raymond Deane compares supporting Israel to supporting paedophilia.

Hezbollah terrorist flag at IPSC march, Dublin, Apr 2002.
Speakers at this march included people from the IPSC, Green Party, Sinn Fein, SWP and the Socialist Party.
From here.

IPSC, 10 Dec 2014, wishes "RIP" to a dead terrorist, Ziad Abu Ein of Fatah (extradited from the US in 1981 over the murder of two Israelis in Tiberias in 1979). The IPSC claims he was "beaten to death" by Israeli soldiers, which is total nonsense.

Open support for Hamas Islamist terror at "Gaza Solidarity" March, Dublin, Jan 2009.
From here. See here.
See also here.

Indoctrination in Hamas Islamist terror in Palestinian pre-school.

The Irish Peace Society

Children's cartoon on Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah TV) in 2002, teaches children to fight the Jews.


Irish intellectual Desmond Fennell proposes sending heavy weapons to the Islamic terrorist jihad against Israel, Feb 2009.

Climate change activist John Gibbons proposes sending heavy weapons to the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, Aug 2014.

Anti-Israel Irish people on Twitter

"European spectators must understand the real force that drives [the Israel-Palestine conflict]. It is not "Palestinian land" as such. Otherwise Israel’s past concessions of land, such as — at Oslo — leaving 96% of West Bank Arab Palestinians to govern themselves or evacuating Gaza in 2005, would have been taken as goodwill gestures, stimuli to further negotiation and peace-making. Instead, they were taken as signs of weakness, cause for more violence. The real engine of conflict is the Islamic imperative laying down that any land once ruled by Islam — as historic Palestine was ruled by the Turkish caliphate — must be returned to Islam, though it take 1,000 years. Only this can explain uncompromising calls for Israel’s elimination."
- The only time (the only time!) I can recall seeing the cause of the Israel-Palestine conflict laid out in an Irish newspaper.
I cannot recall any Irish journalist ever doing this.
It took the Israeli ambassador, 12 Dec 2012, to explain this to Ireland.

"War with Israel is not subject to a treaty, cease fire, Sykes-Picot Treaty agreements, patriotism or disputed borders, but it is jihad for the Cause of Allah until the entire religion is for Him only. Jihad seeks the liberation of Palestine, the entire country of Palestine and to liberate every land that used to be a territory of Islam, from Spain to Iraq."
- Al Qaeda also explained it in 2006, but the Irish left didn't listen.

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