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Che Guevara quotes

Proposed Galway monument to Che Guevara

Irish stamp to Che Guevara

Anti-Che posters

Che Guevara

Che Guevara was a narrow-minded communist tyrant, bigot, censor, collectivist, oppressor and murderer.

For some reason he has become a symbol of "freedom" and "rebellion".

Sexy people can be oppressors too: Che Guevara (centre) in 1960.
From here.

Che banned rock and roll.

The resting place of evil.
The tomb of Che Guevara, Santa Clara, Cuba.
From here.


The documentary Guevara: Anatomia de un Mito (2008) with English subtitles.
Focuses on the vast number of executions carried out by Guevara.

Che Guevara quotes

There are in circulation many awful quotes claiming to be from Che Guevara. Che Guevara supporters claim many of these are fake quotes.

Having looked into it, and loath as I am to agree with communists, I think on this point they may be right. I think some Cuban anti-communists, while their cause is just, have engaged in sloppy research.

Che was a mass murderer who enslaved Cubans under communism. His life is the life of a monster, an enemy of freedom. That is not in dispute. But accuracy matters. If quotes are fake, they must be exposed as such.


Quote Source Conclusion
"If they attack, we shall fight to the end. If the (nuclear) rockets had remained, we would have used them all and directed them against the very heart of the United States, including New York, in our defense against aggression. But we haven't got them, so we shall fight with what we've got." This was said to be in an interview in the Daily Worker (UK) in 1962. The interview was in the issue of 4 Dec 1962 but the quote does not appear. The obituary of the journalist claims that: "the editor removed Che's declaration that the Cubans would have fired the missiles if they had been in control of them." Unproven
"We must eliminate all newspapers; we cannot make a revolution with free press. Newspapers are instruments of the oligarchy." Said to be 1959 interview with Cuban leftist journalist José Pardo Llada. One would need to see this. Unproven
"Judicial evidence is an archaic and secondary bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! We execute from revolutionary conviction. Humberto Fontova, 2007 references an interview with Jose Vilasuso in "Guevara: Anatomia de un Mito". Vilasuso does appear at 39 minutes, but I cannot see that quote. Looks fake
"Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service." I cannot find any proper source for this. Looks fake

Conclusion: It looks like Cuban anti-communists have damaged their own side by peddling fake quotes.

"one has to constantly think on behalf of masses and not on behalf of individuals. ... It's criminal to think of individuals".
- Che Guevara, March 1960.
Above is from p.18 of The Politics of Che Guevara: Theory and Practice by Samuel Farber (2016).
Though one would like to see the original source.

"We must carry the war into every corner the enemy happens to carry it: to his home, to his centers of entertainment; a total war. It is necessary to prevent him from having a moment of peace".
- Che Guevara promotes urban terrorism, Message to the Tricontinental (1967).
This was a message to the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America, an international pro-communist and pro-terrorist organisation.
Above is from transcript at

"we must follow the road of liberation even though it may cost millions of atomic war victims."
- Che Guevara, "Tactics and Strategy of the Latin American Revolution" (1962).
Above is from p.304 of the Che Guevara Reader (2003).

Proposed Galway monument to Che Guevara

In 2011, Galway City Council announced a plan for a memorial to the totalitarian communist Che Guevara.

Councillor Billy Cameron of the Irish Labour Party is the man behind the Che memorial.
He is co-ordinator of the pro-communist dictatorship Cuba Support Group.
He has also been involved with the pro-communist dictatorship Galway One World Centre.

Billy Cameron, the Che lover, is also anti-Israel.
Here he urges a boycott of a company for merely doing business with Israel.
Supporting a dictatorship (Cuba) and opposing a democracy (Israel). Pathetic.

Michael Moynihan of "Right Turn", 2 July 2012, destroys Billy Cameron:
Right Turn: You are a sympathizer with the government in Cuba.
Cameron: [pause] I respect the sovereignty of Cuba and whatever political changes will happen in Cuba, will come from the Cuban people.
Right Turn: How does it come from the Cuban people if the Cuban people aren’t allowed to vote?
Cameron: The Cuban people vote in elections, my dear man.
Right Turn: And how many parties do they have to choose from?
Cameron: They have one party.
Right Turn: You say there are elections but only one party. Is that something you support?
Cameron: [long pause] Anyone can stand once they are a member of the party. I’ve watched TV in Cuba and there is an awful lot of discussion, an awful lot of politics.
Right Turn: So why don’t they allow the formation of competing parties?
Cameron: Well, eventually they will, I presume…It will be up to the Cuban people to decide that, really.


Irish stamp to Che Guevara

Obscene: An Post issues Irish stamp, Oct 2017, to commemorate "50th Anniversary of the death of Che Guevara".

Communist murderer celebrated on Irish stamp, Oct 2017.
From here.

Irish footballer Andy Reid has actually tattooed Che onto his arm.
Still from video. Also here.
See other people with Che tattoos.
What happens if he ever finds out what Che really stood for?

Anti-Che posters

People who understand Che Guevara and what he stood for have produced some excellent anti-Che posters and other material.

From Those Shirts (and search).

Poster by the press freedom group Reporters Sans Frontieres.
Based on the famous image of Che by communist photographer Alberto Korda.
The poster says: "Welcome to Cuba: The biggest prison in the world for journalists".
RSF are very left-wing, but even they can see how repressive Cuba is.

Beautiful. Simple. Unanswerable.
From ProtestWarrior.

Poster from Young America's Foundation.
It shows some (but by no means all) of the people executed by Che:

Irony: A 2004 protester at the coming execution (carried out 2005) of rapist and serial killer Michael Bruce Ross in Connecticut.
The protester wears a cap celebrating the killer Che Guevara, who personally implemented the death penalty (without trial) for scores of Cuban political prisoners.
If he thinks killing people is wrong, then why is he wearing that cap?
Photo by Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant / December 10, 2004.
From Hartford Courant photo gallery.


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