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"The Newsroom" attempts a list of "Christian terrorism"

Nazism and Islamism

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Christian terrorism

I am no fan of Christianity but this whole idea of "Christian terrorism" is largely nonsense.

In the modern era of rampant global Islamic terrorism, many people on the Western left are anxious to come up with examples of "Christian terrorism". The aim is to draw a moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity, so you can say: "Look, all religions have crazies."

While it is true that all religions have crazies, and some Christians do kill people, the fact is there is not much modern Christian terrorism. Yes, Christianity was a huge killer in the past, when it killed millions of innocents. But it has largely reformed, and now largely tolerates criticism and diversity without violence. The Islamic world never reformed, and reacts much the same to critics and dissidents now as it did 500 years ago. The fact is that almost all religion-based terrorism in the world today is Islamic.

The search for an elusive "Christian terrorism" often tells us more about the searcher than about anything else.

Yes, fair enough.
Except abortion clinic bombers have killed 7 people over the last 35 years.
Islamic terrorists have killed 5 million people over the last 35 years.
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Christian terror attacks

Here is a list since 1990.

  1. Northern Ireland - The Protestant death squads in Northern Ireland were a good example of Christian terrorism. But they went extinct in the 1990s.

  2. USA - Anti-abortion murders (1993 to 1998).
  3. USA - Eric Rudolph (1996 to 1998).
  4. USA - Christian murder of gay couple (1999).

  5. USA - Knoxville church shooting (2008).
  6. USA - Anti-abortion murder (2009).

  7. USA - Planned Parenthood shooting (2015).
  8. USA - Pittsburgh synagogue massacre (2018).
  9. USA - Poway synagogue attack (2019).
  10. Brazil - Comedy group arson attack (2019).
  11. USA - Atlanta spa shootings (2021).

If you can suggest any more Christian terror attacks, tell me here.

See also Right-wing terror attacks.

I include Nazis and racists as right-wing terrorists but I do not include them as Christian terrorists unless they seem particularly motivated by Christianity. Many Nazis and racists are not religious at all.

Disputed attacks

"The Newsroom" attempts a list of "Christian terrorism"

Leftie propaganda show The Newsroom (in Episode 6: "Bullies") attempts a list of "Christian terrorism" to match the ocean of blood that Islamic terrorism has spilled, and spills every day, every week, every month, year after year.

Their list is rather dodgy. (All racists are Christian! All mad people are Christian!) And it is rather dated. But anyway, let's take a look. They come up with:

  1. Ku Klux Klan. (Last killed in 1981.)
  2. American neo-Nazis. e.g. The Sikh temple shooting 2012.
  3. Abortion clinic bombers.
  4. The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord. (Defunct since 1985.)
  5. Oklahoma 1995. (No, not really. He was agnostic.)
  6. Shooting of Reagan in 1981. (Em, wasn't that by a crazy guy?) (By the way, it is touching to see lefties suddenly upset by the shooting of Reagan!)
  7. Assassination of MLK in 1968. (Racism surely?)
  8. Assassination of JFK in 1963. (It was by a communist you fool!)
  9. Assassination of John Lennon in 1980. (Em, wasn't that by a crazy guy? Are you getting desperate?)
  10. Assassination of Lincoln in 1865. (Jesus, you are getting desperate.)
Perhaps the best response is to say that, fair enough, even if we agree that all the above are Christian terrorists, and we add up every single person they killed in the last 50 years, you only get about the number of people that Islamic terrorists kill every month.

Leftie propaganda show "The Newsroom" blames the assassination of JFK on Christianity, not on communism.

Nazism and Islamism

The left is always imagining that a new Nazism will grow out of the Christian right. In fact, they are missing the story, which is that Neo-Nazism is friendly with Islamism, not with Christianity.

The new Nazism is here already. It is killing all over the world. It is called Islamism.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (the Arafat of the day, the Palestinian leader) inspects the Bosnian volunteers of the Waffen-SS.
Wiener Illustrierte ("Vienna Illustrated") magazine, 1944.
From here.

One of the top Sunni clerics in the world, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, praises Hitler and says Islamism is like Nazism.

Palestinian imam and Hamas TV host Abu Funun praises Hitler and says Islamism is like Nazism.
See transcript.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher for a long time promoted the idea that Christianity and Islam are equal threats, despite the empirical evidence.

But he seems to be getting better on this issue, causing friction between him and the rest of the left.

Great speech by Bill Maher.
"When South Park got threatened last week by Islamists ... it served or should serve, as a reminder to all of us that our culture isn't just different than one that makes death threats to cartoonists, it's better. Because when I make a joke about the Pope, he doesn't send one of the Swiss Guards in their striped pantaloons to stick a pike in my ass. When I make a Jewish joke, Rabbis may kvetch about it, but they don't pull out a scimitar and threaten an adult circumcision. ... it should in fairness be noted, that in speaking of Muslims, we realize that of course the vast majority are law abiding, loving people, who just want to be left alone to subjugate their women in peace. ... but the western world needs to make it clear, some things about our culture are not negotiable, and can't change, and one of them is freedom of speech. Separation of church and state is another, not negotiable. Women are allowed to work here and you can't beat them, not negotiable. This is how we roll. And this is why our system is better."

Christianity has reformed.
But now we have to deal with the same crap from Islam.
Islam needs to reform also.

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