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The Democrats fail to change since 2004

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U.S. election, 2008

In the 2004 election, the Democrats decided to run as weaker on national security in a time of war. Around the world, all the people who wanted America to lose the war, or who didn't care, preferred the Democrats. The Democrats lost, and I wondered if they would learn the lesson of 2004 - that they needed to move to the right, and propose someone who would take the war seriously.

Sadly, no, is the answer. In 2008, the Democrats decided the answer was to move further left. Again, as in the 2004 election, all the people who want America to lose, or who don't care, preferred the Democrats. Again, it seems that the Republicans are far more committed than the Democrats are to victory in the global War on Islamism.

And yet, incredibly and sadly, it worked! In the wake of a sudden and unexpected huge economic crash in Sept 2008, the American people elected a left-wing defeatist to prosecute this war. God help us all.

(Left) George McGovern, the anti-war Democratic candidate who lost in a landslide in 1972. From this documentary.
(Right) Barack Obama, no different to George McGovern, except he won!
(George McGovern himself supported Obama.)


Unsuccessful candidates

John McCain

Barack Obama

America-haters wanted Obama

All the wrong people like Obama:
An Adel Daoud of Hillside, IL was a committed Obama supporter as at 2012.
He supported Obama, the Democrats and the Occupy movement.
Oddly, an Adel Daoud of Hillside, IL tried to carry out an Islamic terror attack on Chicago in Sept 2012.

America's enemies wanted Obama

The flag of communist Cuba, with a picture of communist killer Che Guevara, on the wall of a Barack Obama campaign office, Texas, Feb 2008.
From here.
It's not that Obama supports foreign totalitarianism. It's more that people who appease or support foreign totalitarianism support Obama.
Interview with Maria Isabel who hung the flag: No apologies.

Romney ad during 2012 election points out that Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro's daughter both back Obama.
Chavez said in Oct 2012: "In the point of view of his politics, if I were voting, I would vote for Obama and I believe that if Obama was from Caracas, he would vote for Chavez, I am positive."

"I hope that the new presidency in the United States... I pray for the safety of Barack Obama, and I pray that he can shift the United States attitude to this question. ... So as we come towards the November elections, and the real prospect of a significant victory for Obama, everyone will have to re-find their footing, and these puppet presidents and corrupt kings may discover that the ground has moved under their feet, Allah willing."
- The disgusting jihad supporter George Galloway supports Obama. See transcript.

Obama wins

It was 50-50 going into Sept 2008, when there was a sudden and unexpected huge economic crash, after which Obama won comfortably (53 - 46).

God help us all.

2008 exit polls

Who each county voted for.
About 70 million for Obama. 60 million for McCain.
See full size.

The Democrats fail to change since 2004

Ultimately, the Democrats have not spent the time since 2004 wondering how they went wrong, and why they lost the election.

They have not changed at all.

And now they have been rewarded for that.

Said Al-Qaeda in this 2007 spoof: "Let there be no doubt: Our failure in Iraq would be a strategic and moral catastrophe not just for al-Qaeda, but also for the Democrat Party, as well as our natural allies in the anti-war movement, media, academia, and trivial entertainment industries. If Iraq avoids civil war and becomes secure for business, it will be a tremendous victory for America - and nobody wants that".

Open supporters of Shia Islamic Fascism and the killing of Sunni Muslim civilians and the killing of U.S. soldiers
at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Aug 2008.
See full size. From here.
Al-Sadr, of course, tortures and murders gays.

Ouch. That's got to hurt.
A nice dig at Obama's career v. McCain's career.
Counter protest at the above.

Trailer for One Bright Shining Moment.
A gushingly pro-McGovern documentary about George McGovern's anti-war presidential run in 1972.
McGovern lost the election in a landslide, but his side ultimately won on the war.
America gave up, abandoned its allies to communist darkness, and the communists killed millions of people.

U.S. election 2008 blog

"John McCain was ahead of Barack Obama when the September meltdown occurred. Had the financial panic not transpired until December, there was a 50-50 chance that McCain would have won ... In that case, we would be talking now about the continued Democratic propensity for self-destruction by nominating liberal northern presidential candidates like Obama, Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, and Mondale."
- Victor Davis Hanson, May 08, 2009, on McCain's bad luck.

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