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Gaza - "Gaza is a concentration camp"

  Life expectancy and population growth



These comparisons are a form of Holocaust denial

The "genocide" of the Palestinians

"Gaza is a concentration camp / prison camp / Warsaw ghetto"

Israel-haters around the world (including very senior figures) often compare Gaza to:
  1. A concentration camp (where around 3 million Jews were killed).
  2. Auschwitz (where around 1 million Jews were killed).
  3. The Warsaw ghetto (where around 400,000 Jews were killed).
  4. A prison camp. "The world's largest open air prison".

This page shows how such comparisons are beyond absurd.


Ramadan in Gaza, May 2018.
A scene of genocidal horror.


Life expectancy and population growth

Comparing Gaza to the Holocaust can be dismissed in one line, by looking at life expectancy and population growth.

Gaza and the West Bank have higher life expectancy than their neighbours Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. It turns out that being next door to the advanced Jewish state, and having at least some access to its facilities, is good for their life expectancy.
Gaza and the West Bank even have higher life expectancy than Turkey, which sends them ludicrous aid flotillas. Maybe Gaza should be sending aid to Turkey!

The Economist, 2007, finds that Palestinian men are the 8th most obese in the world.
Palestinian women are the 3rd most obese in the world.
It's just like Auschwitz, where obesity was a real problem.
Search for later figures.

The Gazan genocide continues.
From here.



Israel-hating maniacs are often startled when you produce video of Gazan shopping centres.


Gazans "suffering" in a new Gazan shopping centre, 2010.
I love the subtitle: "Gazans are forced to stand, humiliated, in long lines at checkpoints" when it shows the tills!

Gaza 2011.
Just like Auschwitz.
Funny comment on the video: "NOOOOOOOOOO this is lies!!why GaZa only get iPhone 3GS? when IsRaeiil get iPhone4???? crimeeesss!!1 i tell UN!!!"
You may think reality could not be more ridiculous than that comment. Well, read on:

iPhone 5 on sale in Gaza before Israel.
Report, Oct 2012. Formerly here. Now here.
Reuters report: "The iPhone 5 will not be available until December from mobile operators in tech-mad Israel ... But the phones have been available for a couple of weeks in Gaza and they were on display on Monday in three independent mobile stores in a one-block radius in downtown Gaza City."

2017 video on shopping in Gaza.

Al Mashtal Luxury Hotel, Gaza.

Blue Beach Resort in Gaza.

The "Roots" club and restaurant in Gaza City.
Copy here.

Hamas themselves show that Gaza is not a concentration camp.
This is their "Thank you Hamas" campaign of 2016.




The White Chalet beach resort, Gaza.
Noted here and here.

The Dolphin Club and Resort, Gaza, opened in 2013.
It's just like the Warsaw Ghetto.

Gaza hotel.
From here.

Buchenwald concentration camp.
From here.
Very similar to the Gaza hotel.

Al Mashtal Hotel, Gaza.
From here.
A nightmarish place, like the ravine of Babi Yar in 1941.
See TripAdvisor.

Swimming pool in Gaza.
Posted at Most Beautiful Places in Gaza.
Evocative of the Holocaust, when Jews were forced to use similar swimming pools.


Comparisons with the Holocaust are a form of Holocaust denial

The comparisons of Gaza with the Holocaust are basically a form of Holocaust denial. They are saying that the Holocaust was not so bad - only roughly as bad as Gaza.

This represents a staggering failure of imagination. Anyone comparing Gaza to the Holocaust needs to read a book about the Holocaust.

The 9 hour documentary Shoah (1985).
This is part 1. See part 2.
Everyone who has ever used "Nazi" and "Holocaust" language about Israel and Gaza needs to watch this, and needs to read about the Holocaust.

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