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Modern leftists - Jeremy Corbyn

  Pro-Hamas and Hezbollah

Pro-Iran and Syria

Pro-Iraqi jihad


Corbyn at Hezbollah rally no.1

Corbyn at Hezbollah rally no.2

Blaming Britain for terrorism

Corbynists try to censor Tory video

Labour is mainstreaming fascism

Labour is dead

Corbynists try to censor Hezbollah photo

Seumas Milne

Jeremy Corbyn

The takeover in 2015 of the formerly sensible British Labour party by the extremist Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-British, anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist, pro-jihad fellow travellers is a nightmare.

Corbyn is an old Trotskyist street agitator who hates business, hates the British military, hates America, loves Sinn Fein/IRA, loves Islamic jihad and loves Britain's enemies. What a disgrace for Britain that this man, who could be on a terror watch list, is Leader of the Opposition.

And worse, far worse, is that millions voted for Labour in the 2017 election. They did not win, but it is a terrifying glimpse of the future. Labour was never an extremist party like Respect or Sinn Fein. But it is now. Voting for Labour is like voting for Sinn Fein. And yet millions of Britons voted Labour in 2017.

How long will this nightmare last? Will this extremist ever become Prime Minister? The fact this is even possible shows a sickness in British society. The West is in bad shape.

A compilation of Corbyn's words.
A life-long supporter of foreign tyranny and violent anti-Western terrorists.


Pro-Hamas and Hezbollah


Jeremy Corbyn describes the racist terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah as his "friends".
He says that Hamas is "an organisation that is dedicated towards ... bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region".
Copy here.


Pro-Iran and Syria


Event celebrating the Iranian Islamist Revolution of 1979. "The All-Encompassing Revolution", London, 2014.
Iranian regime fellow-traveller Jeremy Corbyn spoke. See video of his speech.
See full size poster. From here. See also here.
The Iranian regime helped kill and maim brave British soldiers in Iraq. It is a fascist regime that jails and murders democrats, gays, atheists, Christians and liberals. Anyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn has no moral compass.

Corbyn offers solidarity to Syrian butcher Assad in 2009.
From The Times, 29 Oct 2016.

Jeremy Corbyn on Iranian state TV.

Pro-Iraqi jihad

A man who wants to be British Prime Minister supported the Iraqi resistance forces who were killing British troops. You could not make it up.


Open support for the Iraqi resistance from Jeremy Corbyn in statement before Cairo conference in Dec 2003.
And no, that's not a non-violent resistance. Such a thing would be imaginary.
"The Iraqis themselves are now engaged in a titanic struggle to rid their country of occupying forces. The Palestinian intifada continues under the most difficult circumstances. The US administration threatens Iran and other countries on a daily basis. Now is the time to draw together the forces of resistance in the Arab world and from around the globe. The Cairo conference will be a sign of the strength of that continuing resistance and of solidarity with those in the Middle East who are resisting globalisation and imperialism."

The Cairo conference, Dec 2003, makes it very explicit.
It issued this declaration openly supporting jihad against the Jews, the Americans and the British: "Continue solidarity with the Iraqi people and its resistance against the occupation forces with all legitimate means including military struggle ... and to support the Palestinian Intifada and its right to resist the occupation with all means including armed struggle."

In the previous Cairo Declaration, Dec 2002, before the Iraq war, Corbyn supported the "right to resistance" of the Palestinians.
And no, that's not a non-violent resistance.



Corbyn's life-long support for the IRA, and hostility to compromise or ceasefire in Ireland:

Corbyn's lifetime of support for the IRA.
Corbyn is excited, not repelled, by anti-British violence. That's why he was attracted to the IRA, not to the SDLP.

Corbyn at Hezbollah rally no.1

These pictures from the pro-terror "Al Quds" rally in London in Aug 2012 are all one needs to know about Jeremy Corbyn.

Photos from Al Quds Day 2012 and Sam Hardy and Peter Marshall and Richard Millett.


Jeremy Corbyn with Hezbollah flag and Ayatollah Khomeini banner, London, Aug 2012.
This was just weeks after the Hezbollah suicide bus bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria that killed 6 in July 2012.
What an insensitive prick Corbyn is.

Corbyn activist tries to ban this image

A story developed about this photo: Sam Hardy tries to ban the Corbyn terrorist photo

Wider shot of the Ayatollah Khomeini banner.

Another Ayatollah Khomeini banner.

Hezbollah flag.

Hezbollah flag.

"We Are All Hizbollah".

"We Are All Hizbollah".

Khomeini poster.

Ayatollah Khamenei picture.

Hezbollah flag.

Hamas flag.

Pro-genocide banner.

Hezbollah flag.
Pro-genocide banner.
Neturei Karta hate group.

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the march.
See more videos.


Corbyn at Hezbollah rally no.2


Jeremy Corbyn at another demo pictured with another Hezbollah terrorist flag.
This is a Stop The War Coalition demo, Jan 2012.
From here.

Another shot of Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Hezbollah flag (right).
From here.

Another shot of Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Hezbollah flag (right).
From here.

This video pans from the Hezbollah flag to Jeremy Corbyn on stage.

Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the event.
With extra Hezbollah flag!
See video, where he speaks in front of a billowing Hezbollah flag.

"The Iranian regime's proxies in London".
The anti-regime Iranian-American Forum attacks Corbyn's pro-Iranian regime march above.

Also in the crowd that Corbyn spoke to was this Syrian flag with a portrait of Bashar al-Assad.
From video above.
There were also "God bless Khamenei" chants and general jihad chants.
A banner opposing the regime was ripped up by the organisers.
The video has more evidence of links between Islamic terrorists and Corbyn's pro-jihad "Stop the War Coalition".


Blaming Britain for terrorism

Marxists either support jihad terrorism, or, if they feel they have to oppose it, they blame their own country for it.

Corbyn stands up shortly after the barbaric 7/7 bombing in 2005 and blames Britain for it.
He stands on stage with the open jihad terror supporter George Galloway.


Corbynists try to censor Tory attack video

Tory attack video: "Labour: a threat to our national security".

Corbyn activists ban this video

The Tory attack video above uses a snippet of Corbyn taken by the hard left group Counterfire.
Counterfire saw their chance to use "copyright" claims to censor the video and protect their man Corbyn.
The video is obvious "fair use" of snippets of political videos for political commentary.
But Counterfire succeeded in persuading YouTube. The Tory video was here but Counterfire got it deleted.
So this is my copy. You can download it here: corbyn.mp4


Labour is mainstreaming fascism

Jeremy Corbyn's election is about the mainstreaming of fascism, anti-semitism and Holocaust denial into British politics. It is a big breakthrough in making these ideas nearly respectable.

Corbyn is one step away from friends and allies who are fascists, anti-semites and Holocaust deniers. And it does not seem to hurt him. Imagine if someone on the right had such allies, and appeared on fascist marches with swastika flags? It would never happen. It is, appallingly, the left that is mainstreaming fascism into British politics.

I tweeted in Aug 2015 about the pro-terror rally Corbyn spoke at.
A Jeremy Corbyn supporter emerged to defend Corbyn, defend Hezbollah and tweet that Israel will be destroyed.

Holocaust denier David Carter is working hard for Jeremy Corbyn.

Holocaust denier Matthew Kees is also excited by Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is dead

Labour is dead. No decent patriotic Brit could vote for this party now. It is now the party of jihadists, Islamists, communists and terrorists.

That millions of Britons will still vote for this is a great tragedy that makes me worry for the future of Britain.

Sam Hardy tries to censor Hezbollah photo


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