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Northern Ireland

Bad things about Israel, US, UK and Ireland

The West

The UK

Visions of Ecstasy (1989) was banned for blasphemy.
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Censorship of "offensive" speech is rampant in the UK.
In Nov 2012, some guy called Linford House in Kent burns a poppy and posts it on the Internet.
So what. You know what I think of such people.
But he is then arrested by Kent police!
This is an outrage. Is burning the poppy illegal now? Is burning the Koran illegal? (Yes, it seems.) Is burning the Bible illegal?

Why TV is rubbish

The very fact that you can censor movies in the cinema, on video and on TV only shows how flawed these old media are. TV is simply far too easy to control. Around the world, every dictatorship and oppressor uses state control of TV to spread government lies and suppress the news. Across the unfree world, state TV is the voice of the oppressor, and the spreader of lies, just as Orwell imagined it would be. In the disturbing new world of the Internet, governments everywhere must be longing for the return of TV.

Northern Ireland (separate page)


"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", from the Life of Brian.
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