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The church and Islamism - Bethlehem

  Bethlehem becomes Muslim

The persecution of Christians in Bethlehem

What happens to Christians who don't like the PA?

If Jesus came to Bethlehem today

Bethlehem's disaster (part of PA, not part of Israel)

Christians are doing fine in Israel

Arab citizens of Israel

Haneen Zoabi

Arab population growth


The case of Bethlehem in the Palestinian Authority illustrates clearly the failure of western Christians to stand up for the rights of Christians in the Islamic world and the third world.

Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, is now under Islamic terrorist rule. And Christians in the West don't care.

Christians in the West sing hymns about Bethlehem every Christmas, but they don't care about the state of the real Bethlehem. Even worse, many of them support Islamic terrorist rule of Bethlehem.

Life for Christians under Islamic rule in Bethlehem today.

Bethlehem becomes Muslim

Report in 1868 that Bethlehem is 98 percent Christian.
From p.116 of The Olive Leaf: A Pilgrimage to Rome, Jerusalem, and Constantinople by William Wyndham Malet (1868).

Report in 1871 that Bethlehem is 90 to 93 percent Christian.
From p.148 of Eastern Sketches by Ellen Clare Miller (1871).

The persecution of Christians in Bethlehem

The persecution of Christians in Bethlehem by Islamists is a case study in how the western Christian churches fail to stand up for third world Christians against their tormentors.

There were 20,000 Christians in Bethlehem in 1995, when Israel handed over Bethlehem to Arafat and his Islamic terrorists. By 2010, there were only 7,500 Christians in the town. A few more years of PA rule and Bethlehem will be entirely Muslim.

Hamas rally in Bethlehem in 2006. From here.

"Christmas 2007". From Dry Bones Blog.
And more.

What happens to Christians who don't like the PA?

The PA allows Christians who hate Israel and like the PA to speak and organise and travel.

It suppresses Christians who like Israel and dislike the PA.

Christy Anastas, a Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem, dissents from the Fatah line that all must follow.

If Jesus came to Bethlehem today

If Jesus came to Bethlehem today - he would be killed as a Jew within hours.

A children's Christian book (also here) asks what if Jesus were born today.
The sad answer is that if a Jewish family went into Bethlehem today, they would be killed.

The charity War on Want produced these Christmas cards in 2006, with a real feel of anti-semitism.
They did not, however, show what happened to Joseph and Mary after they entered Bethlehem.
As Jews, they were immediately killed by the Palestinians.

'If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed', Phoebe Greenwood, The Guardian, 22 December 2011.
A disgusting piece in a disgusting paper.
She notes the massive decline in the Christian population of Bethlehem, and blames it not on corrupt and oppressive Fatah rule, and Muslim persecution of Christians, but rather on ... Israel! She does not mention the massive increase in the Christian population of Israel.
She also shows no understanding that if Jesus really were to come to Bethlehem today, without IDF protection, he would be killed by the Palestinians.

There was a controversy in Dec 2012 when the Israeli embassy in Dublin made this same point on Facebook.
The IPSC called them "racist" (also here) for saying the Holy Family would be lynched.
Well known anti-Israel activist Gary Spedding also called this "racist".
But it is obviously true, and I have stated it on my website for years.
No one attempted to show that the statement is false - that Jewish families can indeed wander safely round Bethlehem today without armed security.

Bethlehem's disaster - that it is part of the PA, not part of Israel

Bethlehem would be better off as part of Israel.

Peter the Hermit preaches and leads the First Crusade in 1096 to liberate the Holy Land from Islam.
The Crusades slaughtered around 1 million innocent people.
Image from here. See here.
Now, Christians are happy to see the Holy Land enslaved under Islam. They even seem offended if any parts are not enslaved under Islam.

Christians are doing fine in Israel


Arab citizens of Israel

See full size:
From BlueStarPR.

See full size:
From BlueStarPR.

Israel's Arab neighbours hate the Jews.
The only Arabs who like the Jews are the 1.5 million Israeli Arabs who live with them.
From Pew Research Center 2009 poll. And here.


In Mar 2013, the Israeli public voted for an Israeli Arab Christian, Lina Makhoul, as winner of "The Voice".
Better proof that Israel is not a racist state you could not get.
From here.

See full size.
One of many great posters from Elder of Ziyon.

On "apartheid" against Arabs, Israel compares favourably to Europe.
See full size.
From here.

Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Arab-Muslim World.
From here.

Haneen Zoabi

Not all Israeli Arabs like Israel, it is true:
The obnoxious, pro-Iran, Israeli-Arab politician Haneen Zoabi comes to Ireland, Aug 2012, to pander to Irish prejudices against Israel.
But surely her very existence - as an Israeli Arab who hates Israel being allowed sit in the Knesset - proves the lie to these assertions of a racist, apartheid state.

Arab population growth

The Arab population of Israel keeps increasing. Because what Arab would want to live in the PA if they could live in Israel? People vote with their feet.

The Christian and Muslim populations of Israel keep growing.
Because it is a diverse, secular state that everyone is free in.
From here.

Despite decades of Israeli "occupation", "land grab" and "slow genocide", the Arab population of Jerusalem grows steadily.
The Jews must be really crap at this stuff!

Nobody could possibly answer this, could they?

Yes, they could.

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