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"No Pressure" - A warning of the danger of green extremism


The Day the Earth Stood Still - A warning of the danger of green extremism



On the "anti-green" page, I deal with whether the greens' claims are true (some are).

Here I deal with the impact on society of green thinking. It does seem to me that environmentalism is filling a place formerly occupied by socialism (and before that by religion).

The green religion summed up in one cartoon.
Posted here.

Brainwashed lunatic kid.
From Greenpeace.

More brainwashing of innocent children by the green religion. And copy.
And another one. And round-up.
It's like watching Catholic priests scare children about hell.

Climate change people are often leftists with unpleasant ideas about the world.
Here, someone sets up a site "IdiotTracker" to promote climate change ideas.
Turns out he has other left-wing ideas.


Environmentalism as "the religion of choice for urban atheists"

As I say on the "anti-green" page, environmentalism (or at least some of it) may be true, but it is funny how conveniently it fits in with left-wing anti-capitalist ideology, and our post-religious need to feel guilty about our fantastic prosperity and consumer riches. It may be just a coincidence. But it's quite an amazing coincidence.

St Simeon the Stylite lived for 37 years on a small platform on top of a pillar in Syria. The fucking loony.
Image from here.

Wealthy greens

Of course most greens are wealthy urban consumers, who often lead a far more extravagant lifestyle than I do (e.g. I fly less than once a year). They have to struggle with this hypocrisy and their feelings of guilt. I just laugh at them.

In 2012-13, green activist Leonardo DiCaprio flew from Australia to Las Vegas so he could celebrate New Year's twice.
In 2014, he rented a mega-yacht to watch the World Cup in Brazil.
Hilarious slagging from here.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is the archetypal annoying wealthy green - who flies everywhere, drives Aston Martins, and lectures us little people about the environment. He competes with The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams for most annoying man in Britain.

Nice for some: From 1970 to 2008, Prince Charles drove a 4 litre, 280 bhp, 13 mpg, 150 mph Aston Martin DB6 Volante.
In 2008, after 38 years of driving, in a fine example of token greenery, he converted it to run on bioethanol.
Image from here. See terms of use.

Prince Charles also owned a 5.3 litre, 440 bhp, 13 mpg, 170 mph Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante.
In fact, he had one custom made, the "Prince of Wales" version of the car.
Image from here. See terms of use.


Prince Harry

Radical environmentalism

Radical environmentalism, if taken seriously, threatens billions of innocent people with starvation and death.

Of course, radical environmentalism is only a pose by people who live comfortable lives in a wealthy, inter-connected, industrial consumer society, and it will never be adopted en masse. But it is interesting to consider that it is the only major, popular philosophy that, if it were actually adopted, would threaten the human species itself with global death and extinction.

"No Pressure" - A warning of the danger of green extremism

Kill the infidels! Like all religions, some environmentalists dream of killing the unbelievers.
Incredibly, the film above - in which children are brainwashed by eco-loony teachers, and then eco-sceptics, including children, are murdered - is not a joke. "No Pressure", released 1 Oct 2010, is a genuine film for the "10:10" eco pressure group.
This film is a unique glimpse into the mind of eco-nutters who live on a different planet, people who might, in the right circumstances, start actual killing. In another life these people would have been Red Guards.
See copies.

What the eco-nutters really want to do.
A briliant edit of the original.

Islamist parody of the ad.


The burning of libraries and research labs by primitive environmental fascists.

Eco-terrorism comes to Ireland:
A disturbed English eco-terrorist burnt the beautiful old headquarters of the Jesuits on Eglinton Road in 2007.

A warning of the danger of green extremism: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Trailer for The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008).

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