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Jeremy Corbyn - Sam Hardy


The banned photo

Sam Hardy's censorship campaign

Sam Hardy's views

Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy (or Samuel Hardy) is a left-wing student who is trying to censor a photo of the powerful left-wing politician Jeremy Corbyn with a Hezbollah terrorist flag at a pro-terrorist rally.


Radical British leftist Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong supporter or fellow-traveller of Islamic terrorists and other haters of the West. He has for decades supported or marched with Islamists, jihadists and anti-semites of many different types. Tragically, in 2015 he became leader of the opposition in the UK. He is more extreme than any British leader for a century or more. For any opponent of terrorism, Corbyn is terrifying.

Sam Hardy (or Samuel Hardy) is a young Corbyn supporter and activist. He went to one of Corbyn's pro-terror, pro-Iran marches in 2012 and took a photo of Corbyn, with a terrorist Hezbollah flag and Ayatollah Khomeini poster in the background. (The march was full of Hezbollah flags and Ayatollah posters.) Hardy made the error of putting this picture online.

He is now disturbed that people are using the photo to bash Corbyn. He has been issuing copyright complaints to get the picture taken off the Internet.

His copyright complaints seem bogus under US law. The "fair use" doctrine strongly protects use of copyright material for the purpose of political criticism, especially criticism of a powerful politician like Corbyn. To use copyright to try to protect a powerful politician from criticism is disgusting and shameful. The British voter has a right to see this picture.

The banned photo

Here is the photo of Jeremy Corbyn with a Hezbollah flag and an Ayatollah Khomeini banner.


The pathetic left-wing paper The Independent agrees that the Corbyn side should be able to suppress this picture.
This ludicrous article says it was a "coincidence" that men with Hezbollah flags were walking behind Corbyn at a pro-Hezbollah demo which was full of Hezbollah flags.
They don't even mention the Ayatollah Khomeini banner. Is that another "coincidence" too?

Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein in 1983.
How would Sam Hardy and The Independent feel if reproducing this picture was banned under copyright law from a Rumsfeld supporter?
From The Independent.

Margaret Thatcher with General Pinochet.
How would Sam Hardy and The Independent feel if reproducing this picture was banned under copyright law from a Thatcher supporter?
From The Independent.


Sam Hardy's censorship campaign

Sam Hardy has been mounting a campaign to get the photo deleted to protect Corbyn. He is making copyright complaints to Twitter against people who post it.

However, it seems clear that these complaints are bogus under Twitter's own rules. Use of images of politicians for political criticism seems clearly covered by Twitter's own "Fair Use" policy (based on US law).

Sam Hardy gets a tweet by Julie Lenarz deleted to protect Corbyn.

And more and more.

And more and more.

And more.

And more.
Well done, Sam Hardy. Nobody will ever see that picture now!

Sam Hardy's views

Sam Hardy's attempts to censor the picture are not popular. People started writing about him and his anti-Israel views.

In response, Hardy started deleting his own tweets and finally made his tweets private to try to hide from the criticism.
Hey, you wanted this fight. And people who care about fighting terror are never going to stop.

Sam Hardy says in 2011 that the Jew-killing terrorist Yasser Arafat was a "freedom fighter".
(In response to the 2015 publicity, he deleted this post.)

Genius. From here.

Bloody hell. It's that picture again.

Ban this picture!
Protect powerful British politicians from criticism!

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