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SF-IRA support for tyranny - IRA support for the Nazis - Dan Breen

  Dan Breen's support for the Nazis

Dan Breen sends birthday greetings to Hitler in 1943

Dan Breen at Nazi funeral in 1947

Dan Breen has Hitler pictures on his wall in 1948

Dan Breen

Irish republican Dan Breen fired the first shot of the Irish War of Independence in 1919.
He was later a Fianna Fáil TD for Co.Tipperary from 1932 to 1965.

He was also a strong supporter of Nazi Germany, before, during and after the war.
I have had some scepticism of my claim that he was a Nazi supporter, Nazi collaborator and Nazi spy.
So I thought I would put all the data I have on one page.

Dan Breen listed in Thom's Directory 1945 at St.Kevin's park, Dartry, Rathmines district, Dublin (see street view).
He had pictures of Hitler on the wall.


Dan Breen's support for the Nazis

The IRA supported the Nazis during the war.
So did many other Irish republicans, including Dan Breen.


From p.152 of Defending Ireland : The Irish State and Its Enemies Since 1922 by Eunan O'Halpin (1999).
Dan Breen hoped for Nazi victory in the war, and actually wept when Hitler died.

From The Emergency: Neutral Ireland 1939-45, Brian Girvin, 2006.
Dan Breen was a Nazi spy and collaborator.

The footnote from the above, giving sources.

Dan Breen providing information to the Nazis.
From p.69 of Britain, Ireland and the Second World War by Ian S. Wood (2010).


Dan Breen sends birthday greetings to Hitler in 1943


Liam Hogan says that Dan Breen sent birthday greetings to Hitler in 1943.
"Congratulations to the Führer on his birthday. May he live long [and] lead Europe on the road to peace, security and happiness."
Source is Breen to Hempel, 20/4/1943, Office of Strategic Services, RG 226, Entry 210, Box 299. U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.


Dan Breen at Nazi funeral in 1947

Dan Breen at the funeral of Nazi spy Hermann Goertz in 1947.
From The Irish Times, 27 May 1947, p.1.

Dan Breen helped to carry the coffin.
From The Cork Examiner, May 27, 1947, p.3.

Dan Breen has Hitler pictures on his wall in 1948

In 1948, Dan Breen still had pictures of Adolf Hitler on the walls of his house in Dublin.
From "An Irishman's Diary", The Irish Times, 24 Feb 1997, p.15.

Father Fitzpatrick's room of war memorabilia in a 1998 episode of Father Ted.
I thought of this when I read about Dan Breen's house above.


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