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SF-IRA support for tyranny - SF-IRA support for the Nazis - Documents

  Support for the Nazis

Tributes to the Nazis

Hatred of the Jews

Anger at the allies

People who refuse to believe this

IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

Some people find it hard to accept that The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2.

I find that original documents are perhaps the best way of getting the message across.


Support for the Nazis

IRA statement, 25 July 1940, expressing open support for Nazi Germany.
From Brian Hanley. Also at QUB. Source is "Irelandís Answer", 25 July 1940, National Archives of Ireland.
The IRA says that Nazi Germany is "the guardian and energising force of European policy" and a protector of "national freedom".
They say that "if ... German forces should land in Ireland, they will land ... as friends and liberators of the Irish people".
They claim that "Germany desires in Ireland neither territory nor the fruit of economic penetration". The Nazis only desire "the freedom of civilised nations ... and the reconstruction of a free and progressive Europe".
This kind of anti-British insanity is still common in Ireland today.

Cumann na mBan says in 1940 that the Nazis "are fighting Ireland's battle, and the battle of all oppressed nations within the Empire".
Unsigned letter from Cumann na mBan head office to the IRA, 21 June 1940.
Sighle Humphreys papers, UCD Archives, P106/1197.
Scan from QUB. See full size.

Cumann na mBan says in 1940 that "we can thank God" for the rise of Nazi Germany.
A strange sort of God!

The IRA defends "our gallant allies" the Nazis.
And hopes they will exterminate the English: "we hope to see them wipe the English invader out completely this time, and for ever."
IRA War News, 13 July 1940.
From NLI, Ir 94109 w 8.
See full size and full page.

IRA "War News", 22 Aug 1940 (NOT March).
UCDA P67/532(1).
The IRA celebrates as the Nazis overrun western Europe.
The IRA predicts that "With the assistance of our victorious European allies ... Ireland will achieve absolute independence within the next few months".
See larger and full page.

IRA "War News", 29 Aug 1940.
UCDA P67/532(2).
"the Army" [The IRA] "regards with satisfaction the successes of the German forces in their struggle against the common enemy."
See larger and full page.

Tributes to the Nazis

An IRA tribute to Hitler.
"Oh; here's to Adolph Hitler; Who made the Britons squeal; Sure before the fight is ended; They will dance an Irish reel."
From the IRA's War News, 23 Nov 1940.
From NAI, JUS/8/752.
See full size. See front cover.
Copy in UCDA P67/532(8).

An Irish Republican tribute to their heroes, the Nazi army.
"Thine aim be sure, O Germany! ... I would my troops with thine could be".
From the IRA's War News, 21 Oct 1939.
From NAI, JUS/8/752.
See full size.

Hatred of the Jews

IRA "War News", 9 Nov 1940.
UCDA P67/532(6).
"During the past number of years we have seen a constant and heavy influx of foreign Jews to N.E. Ulster. ... The Republic will rid the country of such vermin."
See larger and full page.

Anger at the allies

Anger that obstacles are put in the way of Nazi bombing raids on Britain and Northern Ireland.
From the IRA's War News, 2 Dec 1939.
From NAI, JUS/8/752.
See full size.

The IRA attacks Britain's criticism of Nazi concentration camps and their "alleged" barbarous treatment of prisoners.
Instead the IRA points to conditions in Derry Jail.
From the IRA's War News, 6 Jan 1940.
From NAI, JUS/8/752.
See full size.

The IRA threatens death to anyone who aids the fight against the Nazis.
IRA War News, 30 Oct 1940.
From NLI, 13B 406.
See full size and full page.
Despite the IRA's threats, many Irish people did stand up bravely against the Nazis.

IRA "War News", 9 Nov 1940.
UCDA P67/532(6).
The IRA says that if mainland Britain falls to a Nazi invasion, and the British make a last stand in Ulster, "we shall have no hesitation in accepting the assistance of German troops to force the British garrison to its senses".
See larger and full page.


People who refuse to believe this

I travelled in person, in real life, to the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives of Ireland, and UCD Archives. I got readers tickets, and ordered original WW2 documents. I read them, photographed them, referenced them and put the photos on this page. What more, exactly, can I do?

And yet republicans still refuse to believe me. People who have never even heard of the NAI or NLI, let alone visited them, dismiss this page as "stuff on a blog".


The primary source documents above are just "stuff on a blog" according to this Shinner.

A Belfast republican refuses to believe me.
I bet this guy has never set foot in the NLI.


The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

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