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Israel - Israeli-Palestinian conflict - "Genocide"

  "Gaza is a concentration camp"

The "genocide" of the Palestinians

Israel-haters around the world (including allegedly serious people) often claim that Israel is carrying out a "genocide" of the Palestinians.

This comical claim is easy to refute, so here is a page to do so.

The definition of words.
From here.

The world's slowest genocide.
From here.

Infant mortality in the West Bank and Gaza, under "genocidal" Israeli rule.
Posted here. From here.

"What have the Jews ever done for us?"


Gaza population


Total population of the Gaza Strip.
Note in 1967 the brutal Israeli occupation begins and the Gazan population falls.
Then in 2006 after Hamas takeover the Israeli genocide of Gaza begins and the population is decimated.
There will be no one left in Gaza soon.

Stop Gaza genocide!


Israeli Arabs and Muslims


The Muslim population of Israel keeps growing.
It's a very, very, very slow genocide.
From here.

The ethnic cleansing of the Arab Muslims of Israel.
The world's slowest ethnic cleansing. From 330,000 in 1970 to 1.6 million in 2019.
From here.

The Arab population of Jerusalem keeps growing.
The Jews are really crap at this.

The ethnic cleansing of the Arab Muslims of Jerusalem.
From 121,000 in 1987 to 320,000 in 2016.
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Video: "The Genocide Of The Palestinians" puts some numbers on it.

Screenshot from above.
He looks at the killings per population for other genocides.

Then he looks at the killings per population for the Palestinian "genocide".

His raw numbers.


Comparison with Jewish genocide

Of course it is the Jews, not the Palestinians, who have suffered an actual genocide.

Actual genocide looks like this.
From here.

Genocide and ethnic cleansing stats.
The Nazis carried out an actual genocide of the Jews.
The Arabs then carried out a thorough ethnic cleansing of their Jews.
From here.

Posted here.

From here.
Jews in Europe: 9.5 million in 1933, 3.5 million in 1950.

Left: Genocide.
Right: Not genocide.
From here.

Palestinian fatalities by year in the conflict.
And some people call this genocide!
From here.

"While I welcome the attention that is rightly being focused on Ukraine, we must not forget the genocide that is being perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinian people."
- Sinn Fein TD Patricia Ryan in the Dail, 2 Mar 2022.

"16 people on both sides have died in the Israel-Palestinian conflict this year. 16! And people still claim 'genocide' with a straight face."
- Derek Hopper, 20 Oct 2013.

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