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The Irish left - People

  Modern leftists

The Irish left (people)

I agree with the Irish left mainly on civil liberties (for example, the blasphemy law). I disagree with them primarily on the economy, crime, and foreign policy.

Some of the following have noble records in fighting for sexual and religious freedom in Ireland, the rights of gays and atheists, separation of church and state, opposition to censorship, and so on.

But that does not mean that their foreign policy or economic ideas make any sense.

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For reasons I discuss elsewhere, the Irish left is far more likely than the Irish right to make embarrassing statements supporting foreign non-democrats (such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Palestine, Libya, Vietnam and the Soviet Union). Such statements need to be remembered.

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Michael D. Higgins

David Norris

Proinsias De Rossa

The Proinsias De Rossa libel case

Proinsias De Rossa's support for communist Nicaragua.
From a 1990 speech:
He praises the Eastern Bloc for finally (after 40 years) letting its slaves go, and says the Eastern Bloc countries have therefore "proved more responsive to popular pressure" than the western countries which have allowed their people actually pick the government for all of those 40 years!

Finian McGrath

Fintan O'Toole

Lara Marlowe

Michael Jansen

Eddie Holt

Eamonn McCann

Eamonn McCann is not all bad. He has been a pioneer in atheist secularism both North and South of the border. He has been fairly anti-sectarian on the NI issue.

But he is also a radical leftist who is anti-American, anti-Israel and, like so many left-wing "atheists", pro-Islam. He is a Trotskyist and a member of the pro-jihad SWP. He openly supports the Islamic religious jihad groups Hamas and Hezbollah. His solidarity with right-wing Islam abroad seems rather a betrayal of his left-wing secular ideas at home, to say the least.

Eamonn McCann's hatred of Israel


Socialist Worker no.262, 8 Aug 2006.
Eamonn McCann declares open support for the Islamic religious jihad: "The US/Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Gaza have posed the question: "Which side are you on?" On the side of the US and its Israeli surrogate, or the side of the resistance? Socialist Worker makes no bones about it. We are on the same side as Hezbollah and Hamas."

Eamonn McCann photographed with a mob looting the offices of US defence company Raytheon, Derry, Aug 2006, because it supported Israel.
Shame on him.

The Israel-hating fanatic Eamonn McCann, 14 July 2014, calls irish4israel "racist buffoons".
And the Irish Times prints this guy.

The anti-Israel fanatic Eamonn McCann, 30 Aug 2018, calls me "a racist warmonger".
Shame on the Irish Times for giving this libellous extremist a platform.

Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne, Oct 2012, says Israel is a "cancer".
He says that Israel, not Islamism, is the root cause of the global Islamist violence.
He says: "Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs. It polarises the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world. And unless you deal with the problem of Israel and the problem of Palestinians in that part of the world there is going to be conflict".
This is what the left believes. This is why I am not a leftist.

Tom McGurk

Mary Fitzgerald

Here's a good example of why in 2006 I said Mary Fitzgerald does a line in whitewash rather than exposure.
See the article: "Muslims divided on cleric's teachings", Mary Fitzgerald, Irish Times, October 6, 2006.

Azzam Tamimi in 2006 calls for the elimination of Israel: "anybody in the world, with faith or without faith, must come together in order to eradicate this cancer from the body of humanity."
In the article on Al-Qaradawi above, Mary Fitzgerald quotes Azzam Tamimi as if he is some reasonable commentator.


A 22 year old Irish Muslim is killed fighting in Syria in Dec 2012.
What is the one question most people would ask? That's right: What was he fighting for?
Does Mary Fitzgerald address that question in the article? No.
The article has an almost comically misleading headline: "Drogheda man"! How pee-cee can you get.

Fr. Joe Jones, Catholic chaplain at Dublin City University, praises the Islamic jihadist, 14 Feb 2013.
Em, are you sure you know what he was fighting for?

How Mary Fitzgerald responded to this page.
Pretty unimpressive. Why not try debating me?

"Islamisist witewash" - Phoenix lies about me

Phoenix magazine mentions me in an article about Mary Fitzgerald in Sept 2010, and lies about me.

My section on Mary Fitzgerald on my site in 2009.
I never misspelled "Islamist" or "whitewash".
(Check the Internet Archive here and here if you don't believe me.)

Phoenix lies about me in 2010.

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