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Michael D. becomes Irish President

Michael D. as President - Attacking the Celtic Tiger

Michael D. Higgins

From the 1980s to 2011, Michael D. Higgins of the Labour Party was the leader of anti-American and anti-Israel politics in the Irish parliament. For decades he attacked the West's two frontline states - America and Israel - with his trademark divisive, self-righteous, left-wing rhetoric.

As a result, I was horrified when the Irish people elected him to the office of President in 2011. The office is largely ceremonial, but there is plenty of scope for Michael D. to make insulting speeches that cast Ireland in a bad light.

With Michael D., Ireland probably has the most anti-American head of state in the western world. And the most anti-Israel head of state in the western world. How miserable. I cringed in 2011 thinking of the offensive Irish insults to Israel with Michael D. as President. Or a U.S. Republican Presidential visit with the pompous anti-American Michael D. as President. I imagined Ireland being linked again and again in world news headlines with anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-business statements.

But I must say it has not been as bad as I feared. Since 2011, Michael D. has largely shut up. He was far more offensive before 2011.

The two faces of Irish President Michael D. Higgins.
(Left) Demonising US President George W. Bush and the US military.
(Right) Mourning Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat.

Michael D. Higgins - Anti-American

Michael D. Higgins - Anti-Israel

Michael D. becomes Irish President, 2011

The failure of the Irish media

In poor taste?

Michael D. himself shows a lack of respect for the voters' decision in 1986!
From Irish Times, June 28, 1986, after the voters rejected legalising divorce.
I rest my case. Showing a lack of respect for the voters' decision is just normal democracy.

Like all politicians, he speaks for the people who voted for him.
He does not speak for all of us.

Michael D. as President - Attacking the Celtic Tiger

How the Celtic Tiger improved Irish quality of life.
From Daniel J. Mitchell's piece above.
"Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I'd rather live in a "selfish" world that gives me doctors, cars, and central heating. But to a member of the political elite like Mr. Higgins, this kind of prosperity probably spoils people ... Better for people to live noble lives of poverty and deprivation."

Here we go: Years of headlines like this, portraying a terrible image of Ireland abroad.
Michael D., you don't speak for me.

To me, Michael D. Higgins is the political heir of Eamon de Valera - the leader of an inward-looking, neutral Ireland that refuses to support our western democratic allies, but views itself instead (absurdly) as some kind of innocent peasant ex-colony that should be allied with the Third World.
Dev's 1943 St. Patrick's Day speech praising a frugal Ireland that rejects materialism sounds pretty much like Michael D.'s attacks on the greed of the Celtic Tiger.

This poster is trying to celebrate Michael D. Higgins.
But in fact I think they nail what is wrong with him.
If you reject - like Pearse, De Valera and Higgins - Ireland's place as an ally of the democratic West, the West led by Britain and America that has fought titanic struggles against fascism, communism and Islamism to defend freedom, then what is left to you?
Irish nationalists that reject this narrative always end up portraying Ireland as some dull boring backwater of impoverished illiterate peasants, as this poster does. It is a deeply unappealing view of Ireland, and quite imaginary.
I prefer the modern, globalised, Celtic Tiger Ireland of Intel, Google, the PDs, Bertie Ahern and Sean Gallagher. That's my Ireland.

No anti-American and anti-Israeli speeches

I must say, though, the Michael D. Presidency has not been as bad as I feared. I expected years of this:


But it's been mostly bland speeches about warmed up socialism. His anti-American and anti-Israeli speeches have dried up since he became President. Hurray!

"I am effete and proud of it. I am also a lefty pinko. I was told that by no less than our mutual friend, Kader Asmal, and coming from him, it was the greatest compliment I ever received in my life. Myself and Deputy Michael D. Higgins are two old lefty pinkos. I am an effete lefty pinko and I was part of the commentariat as well for a period."
- David Norris sums it up in his usual style in Mar 2007.

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