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End communism!
Democracy now in Cuba!


Castro destroyed Cuban prosperity

Cuban Missile Crisis

Elian Gonzalez

Human rights

Hope raised and crushed

Che Guevara


The unelected communist dictatorship of Cuba runs - like North Korea and the Soviet bloc behind the Berlin Wall - a prison state whose citizens are forbidden to leave the country. The communist dictatorship denies free speech, political opposition, and freedom of religion. It has wrecked Cuba's economy, and has killed 70,000 people so far, by executions, camps, and the deaths of refugees (boat people) trying to escape.

Communism has been a failure and it is time for Cuba to abandon it and adopt democracy, free speech, free enterprise and freedom of religion.

The resting place of evil.
The tomb of Che Guevara, Santa Clara, Cuba.
From here.


From The Real Cuba.

Castro destroyed Cuban prosperity

How Castro's revolution failed Cuba:
The black line shows the stagnation of the GDP per capita of Cuba since the Cuban Revolution of 1959.
GDP per capita was (1990 $) 2,067 in 1959, and (1990 $) 1,926 in 1995. That is, Cuba was even poorer in 1995 than it was in 1959.
The blue line shows the growth of the world's average GDP per capita over that time (not even the best countries in the world, just the whole world).
Stats from Angus Maddison.

Found here.

Cuban Missile Crisis

The brutal, unfree regime of Cuba threatened America and the free world with nuclear weapons in 1962.

Elian Gonzalez

His mother died in 1999 fleeing to freedom in America. In 2000 the Clinton administration sent him back to Cuba.

2010: Back in Cuba, the brainwashed Elian Gonzalez has become a young communist.
How sad. He has been taught to support the system that killed his mother.

Michael Moore believes everything Cuba showed him for his propaganda film Sicko in 2007.
Michael Moore believes everything a closed communist dictatorship with no free press says.

Human rights


Cox and Forkum cartoon of 2003 on western idiots like Jimmy Carter, who are surprised when Castro executes dissidents.

The Cuban Memorial, a temporary memorial at Tamiami Park, Miami, to the victims of the communist regime. A permanent memorial is now to be built.
Photo by Alexander Barreto 2005. See terms of use.

Hope raised and crushed

2006 parody newspaper headline: "The Old Bastard Just Will Not Die"
Photoshop by David A. Lunde of this image.
(He has also added a Ned Lamont ad and a Democratic Party logo.)

When Castro and his collaborators die, will communism finally end?
Will Cuba ever be free?
T-shirt from here.

Dumbass American President visits communist Cuba, Mar 2016, and tells them they are great.
From Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Obama arsing around with a dictator in Cuba while jihadis slaughter people in Western Europe, March 2016.

Che Guevara

"If the [nuclear] missiles had remained we would have used them against the very heart of the United States, including New York. We must never establish peaceful coexistence. We must walk the path of victory even if it costs millions of atomic victims!"
- Che Guevara, 1962, on the Cuban missile crisis. He wanted the Soviets to launch their nuclear missiles at U.S. cities.

"The trial had taken place at the height of the Cuban [missile] crisis and under the atmosphere of the threat of a third world war. Unquestionably my sympathies lay with Cuba. The rise of the first Socialist State in the western hemisphere, the revolutionary means whereby Fidel Castro had seized power, the rapid improvement in the living standards and conditions of the people within the first few years of a socialist society, Castro and his people's unequivocal opposition to colonialism and their full support for the liberation movements, had made a favourable and lasting impact throughout the world. The ability of a new and small state to defend its interests and its independence, to repulse repeated attempts by the mighty USA to destroy it, not only shows the popularity of Fidel Castro and his government, but demonstrates in no uncertain terms the superiority of socialism over capitalism."
- Communist tosser Nelson Mandela in the original manuscript of his book Long Walk to Freedom (1995).

"So long as there is a single rock in all the world's oceans without socialism, there will be boat people."
- Jean-Francois Revel sums up Cuba (and Vietnam, and North Korea, East Berlin, and all the other socialist hellholes).

This poster by the (ironically) left-wing press freedom group Reporters Sans Frontieres is banned in France.
This website, however, is in the United States. French law does not apply. And American law protects political satire.
The poster says: "Welcome to Cuba: The biggest prison in the world for journalists".
Search for more copies here and here and here and here.

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