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The Irish left and Israel - Boycott of Israel

  People calling for boycott of Israel

Irish boycott of Israel

Irish Anti-Israel petitions

The Frances Black boycott

Irish Nazis are excited

Buy Israeli products (Ads for Israeli products)

In defence of Israel (More Israeli ads)

Boycotting Israel is a hopeless misdiagnosis of the problem (RTE article)

Boycott of Israel

A page about proposed or actual boycotts of Israel. Focusing on Ireland.

Nazi boycott of Jewish shops in Berlin, 1933.
The placards say: "Germans defend yourselves! Don't buy from Jews."
From here. And more images.
You would think that Europeans would avoid any boycott of Israel because of its echoes of the Nazi boycott of Jews. But sadly no.

Jew-hating Israel-hating freaks ransack Israeli products in a French supermarket, Mar 2009.
They did this right beside Drancy internment camp, where the French in the 1940s rounded up 65,000 French Jews (men, women, children and babies) for extermination.

Israeli supermarket attack, Mar 2002.
Palestinian suicide bomber targets civilians, killing an Israeli girl and a brave security guard (a father of five children, two of whom are deaf).
Image from Reuters.


People calling for a boycott of Israel

There are vast numbers of people calling for a boycott of Israel. I could not list them all.

All the anti-semites, Jew-haters, Holocaust-deniers and neo-Nazis. All the Islamists, jihadists and terrorists. All the communists, Stalinists, Trots and Marxists. All the haters of America. All the haters of the West. All the terrorism fans around the world. In Ireland, the Sinn Fein / IRA people.

And there are others that should know better, who line up with these awful people instead of on the side of the tolerant liberal democracy of Israel.


The state TV of anti-semitic and clerical-fascist Iran is delighted with the NUI Galway students who voted to boycott Israel in March 2014.


Irish boycott of Israel


Limerick boycott of the Jews in 1904.
From here.
You would think that Irish people would avoid any boycott of Israel because of its echoes of the Limerick boycott of Jews. But sadly no.

Irish thugs protest at an Israeli kiosk selling beauty products in Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Dublin, Jan 2009.
In Odense, Denmark, in Dec 2008, the mob at a similar kiosk selling hair-care products eventually shot the Israelis.

Irish terrorist-supporters attack Israeli goods in a supermarket in Belfast, Aug 2014.
Note the flag of the terrorist PFLP.
See other video.

Irish band Dervish cancels their tour of Israel, 30 Apr 2012, after foolishly listening to Irish Israel-haters.
They claim they don't want to be political. Too late for that. You've just made an ignorant political statement.
From their facebook. Shame on them.

Dervish played on an Irish trade mission to China in Jan 2005.
From Irish Times, 1 Feb 2005 (also here).

Irish Anti-Israel petitions

Shame on anybody who ever signed any of these petitions.


The Frances Black boycott

Frances Black in the Irish Senate, 15 May 2018, talks about the "despair" of the people of Gaza.
She never even mentions terrorism.
Israel is blockading Gaza for fun, apparently.


Irish Nazis are excited

Irish Nazis, anti-semites and Holocaust deniers got excited by the Frances Black boycott bill in 2018.

Yes of course anti-Israel people are not all Nazis. There are a range of bad reasons why people are anti-Israel. But if Nazis agree with you about the Jews, maybe you've got it wrong.


Holocaust denier "ruthanasia" supports Frances Black's bill, 4 July 2018.

Holocaust denier Dermot Mulqueen attacks opponents of the boycott, 5 July 2018.

An Irish Nazi (Hitler fan) is excited about the Frances Black boycott, 22 July 2018.
He is also a PFLP supporter.


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