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Islam in Ireland - Violent Islamic extremism in Ireland


Liwaa al-Umma

Khalid Kelly

Pro-jihad conferences and demos

The Innocence of Muslims protests

Dundalk attack, Jan 2018

"Roundabout dog" terror plot

Islamic terror attacks on Irish people

Violent Islamic extremism in Ireland

Some Irish Muslims have rhetorically supported jihad abroad (especially jihad against Israel).
Some Irish Muslims have fought and died for jihad abroad.

There has not yet been any Islamic terror attack in Ireland.
But going by the experience of other European countries, it is only a matter of time.

Pakistani Muslim stabs other Muslim in dispute over prayers, Dublin, June 2015.
Not exactly the first Islamic terror attack in Ireland.
But a glimpse of the future attacks that will someday happen.

The Facebook group "Islam, fastest growing religion in ireland" promotes the Al Qaeda terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki, Oct 2012.
"May Allah Accept his martyrdom".
"Ameen ya rab" means "Amen, oh Lord".
The group is apparently now inactive.



Liwaa al-Umma

Khalid Kelly

Irish terrorist scum Khalid Kelly died fighting for ISIS in 2016.

Khalid Kelly pictured with Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo.
From here.

Some poor guy finds himself on an airplane with Khalid Kelly.
From HolyWars.

Khalid Kelly, 23 Sept 2012, calls for the killing of the maker of the film Innocence of Muslims.

Khalid Kelly, 31 Aug 2014, celebrates the 9/11 attacks.
He praises "the magnificent 19".

Khalid Kelly, 8 Sept 2014, celebrates the 9/11 attacks.

Khalid Kelly dies


Irish terrorist Khalid Kelly claims he was beaten up by the Gardai, 2010.
From jihadi site
All lies, I am sure. I wouldn't trust a terrorist's word on any issue.
But it is good to see that the Gardai keep a watch on people like him.


Pro-jihad conferences and demos

Islamic extremists in Ireland are allied with the pro-jihad Irish left, such as the Irish "Anti-War" Movement.

They have hosted pro-jihad conferences and pro-jihad demos in Ireland.

Conference promoting Hamas and other violent Islamists, held in Dublin, Apr 2009.
See Irish Times report.

Hamas flag at an anti-Israel march in Dublin in 2010.
Pro-jihad Irish leftists working with Islamic extremists.

Hezbollah flag at an anti-Israel march in Dublin in 2010.

Hezbollah flag at an anti-Israel march in Dublin in 2009.

The Innocence of Muslims protests

The extremism on display in the Innocence of Muslims protests in Ireland in 2012 was very sinister. This is a clear warning of the future that awaits us.

Irish Muslim cleric Moulana Ghulam Ahmed Rabbani of the Irish Sufi Foundation in a protest at Google headquarters, Dublin, Sept 2012. Click through for video.
A protest against Islamic terror videos on YouTube? No, of course not. A protest against the film Innocence of Muslims.
This nutcase declares that the maker of the film "terrorised the world" by criticising Muhammad. He says the film maker "should be arrested". He never condemns the Islamic violence in response to the film. He issues the sinister declaration that: "We will struggle till the last drop of our blood."

The black flag of jihad is raised in Dublin, Sept 2012, in a protest over the film Innocence of Muslims.
From RTE. See screenshot.

Another video of the extremist protest.

Dundalk attack, Jan 2018

Random person killed by maniac on street in Dundalk, Jan 2018. This may be Ireland's first Islamic terror attack.

On the one hand:

  1. The killer is Arab, said to be an asylum seeker, just arrived in Ireland. From country unknown.
  2. His name is said to be "Mohamed". That is, he is Muslim.
  3. It looks like a classic jihad attack. The attack was against entirely random people on the street. He did not know anyone in Ireland since he had only just arrived.
  4. It's not just me who thought it looks like jihad. The Irish Times said: "Dundalk attack has ‘the hallmarks’ of terror".
  5. The Daily Mail reported he was shouting "Allahu Akbar". Also at But later The Irish Times said there is no evidence he did.
  6. The Sun reported that "extreme religious material" was found in his possession. But later they changed this to "religious artefacts".
  7. The Gardai also at first said terrorism was a line of enquiry. But later they said there was no proof of this.
On the other hand:
  1. When he appeared in court, he shouted: "I'm no Muslim!" and: "I'm no gay!" Claiming to be a non-Muslim would be highly unusual for a jihadist. This more indicates mental illness. Though note his English is very poor. All articles say he needs an Arabic interpreter. So his shouts may have been wrongly constructed or wrongly understood.
Conclusion: As at June 2019, the case is finally going to trial. We still do not know if this was Ireland's first Islamic terror attack or not.

Person called "sregdab" ("badgers" backward) suggests the Dundalk attacker might have been angered by criticism of Muslim Brotherhood prisoner Ibrahim Halawa. So the attack is Ireland's fault! Or even my fault personally.
No this is not a parody account. The same person was previously spinning hard for the Halawas and the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't know if he/she is an Islamist or a leftist.

The root cause is ... capitalism!
Apparently Glenn Fitzpatrick is not a parody either.
(He blocks me now.)


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