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Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Gaza - Gaza wars

  Gaza war, 2008-09

The Hamas way of war

Gaza war, 2012

Gaza war, 2014

Gazans cannot speak

Gaza border riots, 2018 on

The Islamist way of war

Gazans should abandon the struggle
(Sunday Times article)

Gaza wars, 2005 to date

Israel left Gaza in 2005. That is years ago. All 9,000 Jews were forcibly ethnically cleansed in the name of "peace". Many were born there. Others lived there for decades. All expelled. Every settlement is destroyed.

If the Gazans wanted peace, prosperity and freedom, it has been there for the taking since 2005. All they had to do was build a state, and leave Israel alone. There would be no blockade, no wall, no checkpoints, no airstrikes. Gazans would now be rich and free. They could have a booming tourist industry on the Mediterranean.

But Gazans don't want to be rich and free. They want other things. They want land, honour, blood and vengeance. These things will not make them happy, but that is what they want and what they pursue. And so they keep attacking Israel, even though Israel is gone. And so they have fired thousands of rockets at Israel. And so Israel has to keep coming back to bomb the aggressors. And the western left, like the morons they are, encourage all this.

Over 3,300 rockets fired from Gaza in just one month (8 July to 7 Aug 2014).
Why? Why don't Gazans leave Israel alone?
From IDF.
See also 54 rockets fired from one school.

Gaza war, 2008-09

The Hamas way of war

Hamas admits using human shields (also here): "the Palestinian people has developed its [methods] of death and death-seeking. For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine."
More copies and video.

It is hard for Israel to fight against The Islamist way of war.
Palestinians fire at Israel from UNRWA primary school in Gaza.
Video from Oct 2007.
From IDF YouTube channel.

Hamas fire at Israel from a school during the Jan 2009 conflict.
From IDF YouTube channel.

Hamas jihadi in the Jan 2009 conflict calls for local children to come and help him escape from a building without being fired on from the air. He leaves using the children as human shields.
Again, Hamas themselves know how decent the Israelis are. Hamas know the Israelis are morally superior to Hamas themselves.
And again, the children's parents don't give a toss about their safety, but allow them wander round a war zone helping jihadis.

Hamas uses children as human shields.
And more.

Claims of Israeli crimes in 2008-09

"Hamas Terrorist Tactics in the Gaza Strip".
The IDF explains how Hamas fights.


Yearly breakdown of all projectile fire towards Israeli territory, 2002 to 2009.
Israel leaves Gaza: 2005. Jews cleansed from Gaza. Rocket fire does not stop.
Gaza war: Dec 2008 to Jan 2009.
See full size. From IDF.

Gaza war, 2012

The 2008-09 war calmed things down for a while. But it didn't last.

Hamas rocket fire in 2012 provoked Israel to respond again.

Hamas have no meaning to their existence other than killing Jews. They cannot, will not, ever build a decent state in Gaza. They are not interested in ever doing that. Not until the last Jew on earth is dead. (And not even then.)

Ahmed Jabari with his victim Gilad Shalit in Oct 2011.
Shalit was held hostage in Gaza for 5 years, from June 2006 to Oct 2011.
Israel killed Jabari in a targeted airstrike on 14 Nov 2012.
Photo by Reuters. From here.

Why western leftists find this kind of society attractive is beyond me.
Hamas portrays the kind of society Islamism builds by carrying out summary execution without trial of "spies" and dragging their bodies in the street, during the Gaza war, Nov 2012.
(Inevitably, stories emerge that they were not "spies" but rather rival Islamists.)

The depravity of the western left:
The Guardian, the most pro-jihad newspaper in the English-speaking world, publishes Hamas yet again, 18 Nov 2012.
They have published Hamas many times before.

Jihad Misharawi

The tragic death of the child of BBC stringer Jihad Misharawi in Gaza in the Nov 2012 conflict received global publicity. Israel was universally blamed for killing the child of a BBC journalist.

However, it later emerged that the child was in the company of his uncle, a Hamas terrorist. And the UN says the child was killed by Hamas rocket fire.

But few will hear this, compared to the millions who saw the original report. Yet again we see the bias of the western media in covering the conflict. Western journalists are sceptics about the claims of their own democratic governments - but credulous fools when it comes to the claims of third world thugs like Hamas.

Max Fisher in the Washington Post, 15 Nov 2012, entirely fails to get the story behind the photo.
This was a front page photo for the Washington Post.
Fisher reported at length on the death of the child. He included pictures of Misharawi's burnt home, and the death was blamed on Israel.
Jihad Misharawi's brother Ahmed Misharawi was also killed.

However, it later emerged that Ahmed Misharawi was a Hamas terrorist, who was wrapped in the Hamas flag at his funeral.
His brother Jihad Misharawi, who, remember, was employed by the BBC in Gaza, said: "Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, who chose him [Ahmed] to be a martyr, from all the people. What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma [Islamic nation], a shame for the West, a shame for the Arabs, who are silent."

Gaza war, 2014

Since Hamas is still in power, the 2012 war solved nothing, and Hamas attacked Israel again in 2014.

Yet again, Israel tries to take out rocket teams. Hamas tries desperately to get its own civilians killed. Leftists run defence for Hamas. The media is full of drivel. (See The 20 Oddest Things People Actually Claim to Believe about the Hamas/Israel Conflict.)

Yet again, the war stops with Hamas still in power. Hamas will receive billions in aid for "reconstruction" (i.e. re-arming). There will be another war.

Hamas fighters jump in an ambulance to escape, probably aided by Gaza medical staff.
See also 3 Islamic Jihad terrorists killed driving an ambulance.

Hamas government site orders its people not to listen to Israeli warnings, July 2014.
Hamas wants its people dead.

The IDF tries not to kill civilians.
Hamas and Gazans know this. This is why they behave like this!

Breakdown of Gaza deaths strongly indicates that Israel is trying hard to target Hamas fighters.
Otherwise, why so many men? Why so many young men?
As John Connolly says: "Basically, if Israel was largely killing civilians in Gaza through indiscriminate bombing, one would expect the casualties to be a fair reflection of the Gazan population. Around 50% would be male, and 50% female. Around 40% would have to be under the age of 14. But this is not the case, in the current war or the last."

Elder of Ziyon compares Gaza casualties and demographics.
Incredibly, they do not match.
Can any anti-Israel person explain why they do not match?

Gazans cannot speak

Just as in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc before 1989, Gazans cannot tell Westerners what they really think about Hamas and its endless wars - or they will be shot. Only Gazans who agree with Hamas will appear on western TV screens.

What happens if you hold a demo against Hamas in Gaza:
Hamas executes 20 Palestinian anti-war protesters, report, 29 July 2014. And here and here.
Graphic from StandWithUs.

Real life in Gaza: Quotes from Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes, Mudar Zahran, September 19, 2014.
This is what many Gazans think - but cannot say or they will be shot by Hamas.


Gaza border riots, 2018 on

Here we go again. Instead of building a state, Hamas does this.

Hamas-organised jihadi mobs storm the border fence, trying to break it down so they can kill Jewish families in their homes beyond the fence. The IDF protects innocent life and uses deadly force to stop the jihadi mobs. Over 100 jihadi rioters are killed trying to storm Israel.


MEMRI compilation: Gaza “Return March” Clips – Calls For Jihad & Martyrdom, Chants Of Anti-Semitic Slogans And Incitement.
See Vimeo.

Hamas leader on the border protests: "We will tear out their hearts from their bodies!"

The armed jihadi "protesters" break through the fence, and are excited to be on their way to kill local Jewish families.
Apparently what is being shouted is: "Khaybar, Khaybar! Oh Jews, the army of Muhammad is returning." Rather than: "Remember Khaybar! Oh Jews, we're coming to slaughter you!" But the meaning is the same.
The Battle of Khaybar is about the defeat and slaughter of the Jews, and the rape of their women.

Blood-crazed mob attacking the Gaza fence, Jan 2019.
This mob is probably one mile away from Jewish families.

"The Terror of Return".
2018 video about UNRWA and terror indoctrination, by The Center for Near East Policy Research (banned from YouTube).
0:52 sums up the aim of the Gaza border riots: "to frighten the Jews so that they will run away. To kill Jews."

Jan 2019 update: "At least 80 percent of Palestinian fatalities in Gaza “Return Marches” are terrorists".

Hamas leader Fathi Hammad, 12 July 2019, says Hamas has built a new factory for suicide vests for Palestinians to storm the Gaza-Israel border and blow up Israeli families.
It is certainly baffling why Israel protects its border!
He also said that every Jew in the world must be killed: "Oh, you seven million Palestinians abroad, enough warming up! There are Jews everywhere! We must attack every Jew on planet Earth – we must slaughter and kill them, with Allah's help."


Unpublished letter


IDF media during the wars

During the various wars and clashes, you can directly read IDF and Israeli government media, videos and posts. You do not have to rely on the second-hand distortions of your local media.


"Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!"
- Popular chant in pro-Hamas demos. See many examples.

"Palestinians must resort to resistance no matter how costly it is, until Palestine is free and Israel is destroyed."
- Hamas leader Khaled Meshal explains the plan, 1 Oct 2011.

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