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The Clonskeagh mosque - The Halawa case - The Irish left and the Halawas

  The left's support for the Muslim Brotherhood

Irish "feminists" support the Muslim Brotherhood

Pro gay marriage and free the MB

Halawa and Christianity

People who deny the evidence

Leftists who think Ibrahim is a "hero"

Islam is cool. Christianity is not cool.

The gold medal for comedy

Colm O'Gorman

Debate with Patrick Brogan

Egyptians that like my work

The Irish left supports the Halawas

For some reason, right-wing religion is very popular on the Irish left. So long as it isn't Christianity, of course. Actually, so long as it is Islam.

Something about Islam's confident, aggressive stance against the Western consensus appeals to the left. The Muslim Brotherhood linked Clonskeagh mosque has always been popular with the Irish left, and when in 2013 its members the Halawa Four got into trouble for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Irish left rushed to defend them.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist, anti-semitic organisation that hates Jews, gays, apostates, atheists and Christians. It is linked to terrorism (Hamas is the MB in Gaza). It has contempt for secular liberal values. Its mobs killed Egyptian police and burnt Christian churches. The Irish left doesn't care.

The left's deferential approach to Islam.
From here.

Irish gay celebrity Panti supports a Muslim Brotherhood prisoner, 1 Apr 2015.
The Muslim Brotherhood calls for death for gays.
Panti has it exactly backwards. If Ibrahim Halawa was called "Michael Murphy" and was not in the Muslim Brotherhood but rather in a white group that called for death for gays, not a soul in Ireland would want him freed except for his parents.


The left's support for the Muslim Brotherhood

For a certain western mindset, the aggressive and "authentic" Muslim Brotherhood is far more worthy of support than the passive and "uncool" Egyptian Christians who are having their churches burnt by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Left-wing TD Clare Daly is worried about the fate of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

A gay activist is worried about the fate of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Left-wing Irish guy supports the Muslim Brotherhood four, and worries about "Ikhwanophobia".
This fellow blocked me to prevent me reporting any more of his terrible tweets.

The Halawa case brings out almost every combination of crazy.
This guy shows in his avatar solidarity with Paris after the jihad attacks of Nov 2015.
And yet he also shows solidarity with a Muslim Brotherhood prisoner.
That makes no sense at all.

Some Irish bloke, Paul Berney, defends the MB, and says that complaining about the persecution of brown Christians is racist!
Having called me a racist, he then blocks me!

Because of my criticism of the MB Halawa family, "Lamhfada" calls me a "raging moron .. sad, bigoted .. dumb cunt" and blocks me.

Irish leftist Kevin Higgins ("Boglawyer") blocks me for politely disagreeing with his support for the Muslim Brotherhood prisoner. I never even raised my voice.

Yet another block.
Halawa is a lefty religion.
Sure, I am a stranger who hopped into a thread about Halawa.
But this guy, Rob O'Sullivan, is editor of the UCC student newspaper. How can he be so upset by debate?

Some aggressive fellow called Paul Roche calls me a "fascist" for opposing the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia.
He then calls me a "Nazi prick".
And it doesn't improve, so I block him.

Gary Gannon

Gary Gannon, councillor for the centre-left Social Democrats, has actually called for Ibrahim Halawa to be given the Freedom of Dublin.

Gary Gannon says it is "xenophobic" to oppose Islamists.
How does he feel about Muslims who oppose Islamists?
Does he even know what an Islamist is?

Gary Gannon, Sept 2017, calls for Ibrahim Halawa to be given the Freedom of Dublin.


Joanna Kiernan

One of the journalists campaigning for the Halawas is Joanna Kiernan of the Sunday Independent. She does not seem to be a radical lefty, but she is sure dedicated to the cause because merely sending her a link to this stuff made her block me!


I told Joanna Kiernan about the evidence but she declined to read it.
My messages to her are here and here. There are no other messages.
She did not reply.

Instead of reading my evidence, she responded by blocking me!


Irish "feminists" support the Muslim Brotherhood

I tried tweeting some Irish "feminists" who support the Muslim Brotherhood activists. It didn't end well.

Irish "feminists" Cork Feminista are worried about the fate of Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Responds to criticism by ... blocking!

"Agnostic pluralist" "KilledSirius" joins in, and sends her support for the ultra-right-wing religious Muslim Brotherhood.
Her home page is an odd combination of the jihadist Palestinian flag and the feminist Jackie Brown movie.
In contrast to the above people, however, she is willing to debate:

Infographic from Henry Jackson Society report "Marginalising Egyptian Women", Dec 2013.
Strangely, they don't agree with the Irish "feminists" that the Muslim Brotherhood are the good guys.

Sarah Clarkin describes herself in her profile as a "militant feminist".
And yet she doesn't like me attacking the MB.
She points out they were elected, as if that makes it alright.

I make the simplest and most obvious points about majority rule being used as a tool to oppress minorities.
I get accused of "mansplaining".

Pro gay marriage and free the MB guy

Ireland had a referendum on gay marriage in 2015, which provided the extraordinary spectacle of people declaring their support for gay marriage and also their support for a Muslim Brotherhood prisoner.

"Yes to Gay Marriage" avatars and "Free the MB guy"! It makes no sense at all. And you know it's only because he has the "right" skin colour and religion for virtue-signalling.

The Muslim Brotherhood supports death for gays. And yet a huge number of the people supporting the Muslim Brotherhood guy have "Yes to Gay Marriage" avatars. I sometimes wonder if leftists ever think about things at all.


Tiernan Brady, policy director with the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network.

"Yes to Gay Marriage" avatar and free the MB.
From here.

"Yes to Gay Marriage" avatar and free the MB.
From here.

"Yes to Gay Marriage" avatar and free the MB.
From here.

"Yes to Gay Marriage" avatar and free the MB.
From here.

Fionn Davenport: Pro-gay-marriage avatar. Runs to defence of MB prisoner.

"LGBT Rights" and free the MB.
From here.

From here.
I told her the MB calls for death for gays. She responded by blocking me.
And yet the MB still calls for death for gays.

Opposition to the MB is racist!
From here.

Gay leftist "LeftistLunatic" defends the Islamist, June 2015, cos he is brown.
Later, "LeftistLunatic" carried out a vicious attack on me.

Daithi O'Laoghaire ("Cunionsandphey") is a big virtue-signaller. Pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion.
But he changes his standards when it comes to right-wing Islamists. They can say anything they like.
He blocks me for criticising the Halawas. (He later unblocked me.)

Someone called Niamh Byrne has "Yes to Gay Marriage" avatar and free the MB.


Katherine Zappone

Gay politician Katherine Zappone is a supporter of MB activist Ibrahim Halawa.


Katherine Zappone leaves flowers at Hussein Halawa's house, Jan 2017.
Hussein Halawa says gays should be executed.
You honestly cannot make this stuff up.
From here.


Ruairí McKiernan

When presented with evidence about what the Halawas stand for, leftists do not refute it but just get uncomfortable.

The activist Ruairí McKiernan has a pro-gay-marriage avatar.
He asks in Apr 2015 how can we look the other way when a MB bloke is in jail.

I tell him how, but he is not interested.


Eoin O Broin


Sinn Fein politician Eoin O Broin has a gay marriage avatar and yet tweets for Halawa.
He writes an outrageous article in the Sunday Business Post, 14 June 2015, that portrays Halawa as an innocent on holiday. He fails to mention that Halawa spoke on stage to 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


Donal O'Keeffe

Journalist Donal O'Keeffe says we don't support Halawa because we are racist. Apparently, Irish people don't like Ibrahim Halawa because he is brown.

Of course, O'Keeffe has it backwards. Halawa only has support because he is brown. If he was white Irish, and got into trouble supporting an anti-semitic Aryan Brotherhood type organisation abroad, no one in Ireland would care. The reason some Irish support Halawa is exactly because he is brown, and they want to display their multicultural credentials.

It's like a form of insanity: Donal O'Keeffe is so pro-gay marriage that he makes it his avatar ... and then campaigns for a Muslim Brotherhood prisoner!
The Muslim Brotherhood calls for death for gays.

Donal O'Keeffe expands this idea into a ludicrous article about Halawa, 30 Apr 2015.
He implies that racism is the only possible reason why people do not like an Islamic extremist.
He claims that the rally of pro-sharia Muslim Brotherhood extremists was "a pro-democracy protest".

I debated O'Keeffe on this thread.
All I got from him was hot air and bluster, and then he blocked me. Pathetic stuff.
Everyone who dislikes the Muslim Brotherhood is a racist, apparently.

Speaking of racism, the Muslim Brotherhood is of course a vile racist organisation.
Here, top Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan says the Jews kidnap people to use their blood for making bread.

O'Keeffe re-emerges, June 2015, peddling the same brain-dead "racist" accusations.
He then blocks me again.

Later, in Dec 2015, he unblocks me, and we even have a debate.
But when he runs out of arguments, it ends in the same stupid place.

In the end, I block him.
He starts bothering my employer, complaining that I am bigoted against Islamists and in favour of Muslim liberals!
His complaint is incoherent, but bothering my employer crosses a line. Blocked.

O'Keeffe is such a sleazy hypocrite.
Here he is in Jan 2015 publishing a Mo cartoon himself.


Irish Times journalist Roisin Ingle is another person who thinks this argument makes sense.
None of the people retweeting this know anything about the Halawas, or want to know.
They just like signalling that they are more tolerant of brown people than most Irish are.

An actual Egyptian Copt appears on the thread and talks about how the MB victimised his community.
The virtue-signalling leftists don't give a shit.
He is "the wrong sort of brown".


Islam is the new Catholic church

Islam is the new Catholic church in Ireland - the religion that may not be criticised.
Irish leftist, 3 Mar 2017, attacks the Catholic church.

The same person, 18 Dec 2015, tries to get me sacked for attacking Islamism.
Incredible double standards.



I found an anonymous person called "Gaythoven" (who presumably is gay or pro-gay) who was calling everyone who does not support Halawa "racist". I thought I would engage with him (I know ...) and point out that the MB are actual racists. It did not go well.

His original "racist" Halawa argument.

I responded pointing out the MB are racists.

It did not go well. First he called me a racist, and then a "racist piece of shit".

And finally this.
Well that's not very nice.

Ibrahim Halawa's father says gays should be executed.
This does not bother "Gaythoven". But he gets furious with me.


An endless flood of libel and abuse

Criticising Ibrahim Halawa, the Clonskeagh mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood has led to me receiving an endless flood of libel and abuse, some of which you see on this page. It is not pleasant, but exposing radical Islamism in Ireland is more important. The endless abuse says nothing about me but everything about the abusers.

Good grief. This one fits into no known category.
Should I laugh or cry?
From, 18 Sept 2017, 11:07 pm. Or here.


Halawa and Christianity

While some strange Christians support Halawa, his organisation (the MB) burns Christian churches, and he himself promoted a video that says all Christians will burn in hell.

Ibrahim Halawa on Facebook (as "ebraheem.halawa", 2 June 2013) promotes a deranged video that says all Christians are going to burn in hell "because of your worship of this (the cross)".
The video is: "Christian Becomes Muslim through Incredible Dream" or: "Dream of an ex-christian who returned to Islaam".
It is from

Today FM, Dec 2015, tries a Christian angle.
They are sad that Halawa is spending "Christmas" in jail.
I point out that his organisation burns Christian churches.

MOHAMMEDANISM in vol.10 of The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913).
As an atheist, the above makes more sense to me than the pro-Islamist nonsense you get from many modern Christians.
It must be said that the church understood Islam better in the past.

"Olive Bridget"

"Olive Bridget" is one of the most dedicated Irish Halawa enthusiasts. See twitter.

"Olive Bridget" is an enthusiastic campaigner for Halawa with a pro-gay-marriage avatar.
You couldn't make this stuff up.

"Olive Bridget" claims that the above Facebook page, where Ibrahim Halawa said Christians will burn in hell, is "fake".
See here and here.
This would be important information if it is true. But it is not true.


Fr. Seamus Fleming

I had thought that Fr. Seamus Fleming, the Catholic priest who supports the Halawas, was just an innocent who did not understand the Halawas, sharia or the Muslim Brotherhood. But it turns out to be more disturbing. He knows what they are, and he likes them.

Catholic priest Fr. Seamus Fleming defends the Halawas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and sharia law.
Letter to Irish Times, 12 May 2014 (also here).
"Like all inquisitive teenagers he and his sisters walked over to see what the riot was about."
Umm, maybe it was about those demos you were speaking at.

Fr. Fleming seems to like sharia because he doesn't like the gays or other decadent behaviour.
His greeting to Muslims in Gambia in Nov 2010 says: "I have been working with Muslims for the past fifty years. During all that time I have not encountered homosexuality, lesbianism, male or female prostitution or paedophilia. Muslim girls are modest, feminine and ladylike. There is no exploitation of Muslim women or sexualisation of young girls. ... I have not met an unhappy Muslim woman." He defends Iran. He hates Israel.

People who deny the evidence

Various people attempt to deny the evidence on my site. When asked for detail though, they always go quiet.


Sinn Fein TD Eoin Ó Broin made a claim on The Last Word, 21 Sept 2017, that a video people say is of Ibrahim Halawa is actually of an Englishman burning his passport.
I asked him repeatedly to provide a link to this alleged video. No reply.

The radical left TD Paul Murphy claims on Facebook, 10 Jan 2017, that a video supposed to be of Halawa is actually of "a British national".
I asked him repeatedly to provide a link to this alleged video. No reply.

Here a spewer of abuse and libel called Michael O'Connor claims my translations of the speeches are "inaccurate".
No evidence for this is provided.
I challenged him to provide evidence for his claim. He responded with hot air, bluster and abuse.
But no translation emerged.

Someone called "Grainne Abdulaziz" claims my evidence is Photoshopped.
What a nasty little lie. She spread the same lie on The Journal. See screenshot.
I replied with a working hyperlink to the Halawa page she claimed did not even exist.

Someone called "Tariq Ibn Ziyad" on The Journal tries the same desperate "Photoshop" argument, May 2017.
(I wonder if "Tariq Ibn Ziyad" is the same person as "Grainne Abdulaziz".)
This guy cannot even provide an example of what is Photoshopped. He just says "Things can be Photoshopped" and thinks that is an argument.
I asked him for an example of a Photoshop, or a fact wrong, on my Halawa pages. I will be waiting until the end of time before I get one.

A Halawa supporter on Facebook says: "Everything stated in that blog are false!"
When I ask for concrete examples, I get hot air claims that the MB protests were not actually MB protests.
He then comes out with this comical excuse: "the misinformation in your page are too enormous that I don't even know where to start."


Leftists who think Ibrahim is a "hero"

Incredibly, some confused Irish leftists think the Muslim Brotherhood guy is some kind of "hero" who stands for "freedom".

But if Ibrahim believes in "freedom", why did he support the Muslim Brotherhood, which believes in sharia?


Sad and comical: UCC student magazine Motley Magazine, 2 Sept 2015, describes a Muslim Brotherhood radical as "a hero of free speech and justice".

Musician Enda Reilly thinks Ibrahim is a "hero" who stood up for "freedom" and "democracy".
He wrote a song for him: "Freedom Believer".
I told him the facts about Halawa but I don't think he is interested.

I think Ibrahim Halawa fills a kind of religious need for the modern Irish SJW.
From here.

Islam is cool. Christianity is not cool.


Muslim Brotherhood protest in Dublin, 17 Aug 2013.
Joined by the left-wing Irish "Anti-War" Movement.
Left-wing Irish TD Richard Boyd Barrett spoke at this Muslim Brotherhood protest.
The IAWM has marched with Hamas, Hezbollah, the RIRA, and now the MB.

Egyptian Christians return to pray inside their ruined church that was burnt by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Look at those crosses! Worn un-ironically!
I don't see the western left supporting these people do you?
That would be totally uncool.

Christian Egypt in 600 AD (just before Islam was invented).
Christianity is the old religion of Egypt.
Islam is the new imperialist import.
So how come, to the western left, Egyptian Christians are uncool and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is cool?
From here.

The gold medal for comedy

This whole affair has been a rich source of comedy. Here are my candidates for the gold medal for Halawa comedy.

"Ibrahim Halawa, ordinary Irish schoolboy"
Hilarious title on Irish Times article promoting the Halawas, 8 Aug 2015.
Because most Irish schoolboys speak on stage to 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters when they are on holiday.

Irish leftists are so wacko they are now telling Irish Muslims not to criticise the Muslim Brotherhood.
Thread from 23 Sept 2017.

Return to The Halawa case.

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