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Politics - Left v. right violence


Right-wing terror attacks

Modern terrorism in the US

Hate crimes in the US

A leftist's survey of left v. right violence

Attacks assigned to the "right"

The Sikh temple shooting

Perfect example of double standards

The Tucson shooting, 2011

The Norway attacks, 2011

The Toulouse massacre, 2012

The Boston bombings, 2013

Christian terrorism

The killing of Shaima Alawadi

The left and "civility"

Left-wing v. right-wing violence

A page about "left-wing" terror and violence versus "right-wing" terror and violence - concentrating on the USA.

Political people love to blame their opponents for the acts of extremist and deranged people. Sometimes there is some justification for this. But often this is just playing politics.

On this page I criticise the media and the left for playing politics but I do not deny that terrorists and killers can be right-wing, or left-wing, or just mentally ill.

National Counterterrorism Center tracks terrorism worldwide.
Here is a view of their stats for 2001 to 2010 from their Worldwide Incidents Tracking System.
Notice how incredibly violent Islam is.

The "See Something, Say Something" video of 2011, from the Department of Homeland Security, urges Americans to report suspicious behaviour.
But in this video, almost every suspicious person is a regular-looking white American.
Yes, terror by white people (both left-wing and right-wing) does exist. But did political correctness - not public safety - dictate the making of this video?

Right-wing terror attacks

Of course, right-wing terror exists. Here is a list since 1990.

If you can suggest any more right-wing terror attacks, tell me here.

The worst ever act of domestic American left-wing or right-wing terrorism was right-wing terrorism:
The Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.
By the way, for a good analysis see Charles Krauthammer, April 28, 1995.

Modern terrorism in the US

Hate crimes in the US

Hate crimes in Canada, 2009 and 2010.
From here.

A leftist's survey of left v. right violence

Right & Left Violence: Timeline, by leftist Greg Correll, 10 Jan 2011, claims to compare left and right violence in the US since 1990.

It has many problems:

  1. It lists a load of personal hate crimes. It is unclear that any of these count as political violence. Even if we include them, it is inconsistent:
    1. It assigns all racist attacks by whites to the "right". But it does not assign all racist attacks by blacks to the "left". It just omits them.
    2. It assigns all attacks on gays to the "right". But it does not assign all attacks by Muslims on Jews to the "left". It just omits them.
    3. It does however include white attacks on Jews, which it assigns to the "right", despite the left's strong hatred of Israel and Zionism.
    4. It omits all Islamic "honour killings" in the US. Why? They are the result of an ideology that - if you had to choose - is on the "left".

  2. It lists inter-racial hate crimes, but it only lists white-on-black crimes, not black-on-white crimes.

  3. The list omits various eco-terror attacks. It does not mention the Unabomber or the Discovery Channel attack.
  4. It largely omits violence by blacks. Apart from the black-on-white crimes above, it also does not mention the 1991 Brooklyn anti-semitic riots, the 1992 LA riots or the 1995 Freddy's Fashion Mart killings.
  5. It omits all Islamic attacks in the US since 1990. It does not assign all this Islamic terrorism to the "left". It just omits it.
  6. It omits other left-wing attacks, such as the Pentagon shooter or the arson attack on Palin's church.
  7. It omits pretty much all minor acts of left-wing political violence. (Its sources are left-wingers like the Southern Poverty Law Center who are not interested in such incidents.)
  8. It assigns Andrew Joseph Stack to the "right".
  9. It assigns the Holocaust Museum shooter to the "right".
  10. It assigns Jared Lee Loughner to the "right".

Attacks assigned to the "right"

The left often jumps to assign various killers to the "right", and sometimes combines this with a call for a clampdown on right-wing speech. Sometimes these killers are really lunatics rather than right-wing. Sometimes they are even left-wing!

The Liberal Media's History of Falsely Blaming Conservatives for Massacres by Stephen Gutowski.

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists, as at June 2011, eloquently shows how all religions are not the same.
There is one animal rights terrorist. Everyone else is Muslim. There are no Christian or Jewish terrorists on the list at this time.
See larger.

The Sikh temple shooting, Aug 2012

Every year, every month, even every week, Islamic terror attacks shock the world. Anti-counterjihadists are desperate to find "right-wing" and "Christian" terror to counter-balance the news about Islam. This leads them into blaming "the right" for anything and everything.

A particularly absurd example was the Sikh temple shooting in Aug 2012. When Jew-hating skinheads attack Sikhs, the pro-Israel counterjihad, not skinhead subculture, is obviously to blame!

  1. A white terrorist kills 6 Sikhs at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, 5 Aug 2012.
  2. PI Bill Warner, who I did not realise was an idiot (he has done work on closing jihadist websites), blames Robert Spencer, 5 Aug 2012.
  3. The assumption seems to be that this was an anti-Muslim bigot who was too dumb to realise Sikhs aren't Muslims.
  4. Warner seems to assert that Spencer should never talk about stories involving Muslims and turbans, since confused retards like the Wisconsin shooter will then attack people with turbans.
  5. Therefore Spencer was wrong to cover the Kurt Westergaard turban cartoon story, despite the fact that it involved actual Islamic terror attacks and plots. Talking about this and showing the cartoon is wrong, according to Warner.
  6. Also Spencer was wrong to cover the many ironic turban bombs, such as the turban bomb that killed Burhanuddin Rabbani in 2011. Talking about these is wrong, according to Warner, because it will confuse people like the Wisconsin shooter.
  7. Warner's argument, weak as it was, is undermined by the fact that the shooter turned out to be a long-time white supremacist skinhead who hated all non-white races, and had no particular interest in Islam. The idea that a Jew-lover like Spencer would be an influence on him is unlikely.
  8. Bill Warner carries on regardless, and calls for Spencer's arrest, 6 Aug 2012.
  9. PI Bill Warner is not to be confused with Bill Warner of

The Sikh temple shooter.
Obviously an avid reader of the Jew-loving, pro-Israel Robert Spencer.
So obvious that we can go ahead and call for Spencer's arrest.

Why not blame skinhead culture?

It is obvious who to blame for the Sikh temple shooting, apart from the shooter. We should blame skinhead culture.

But that is too obvious. The left, for some reason, prefers to blame its normal political opponents - regular, peaceful, parliamentary democrats. Palin was blamed for Tucson. Sarkozy was blamed for Toulouse. And obviously Michelle Bachmann - or someone - is to blame for this shooting.

Juan Cole

The sinister Juan Cole is an expert at blaming people he doesn't like for things they have nothing to do with.


An almost perfect example of double standards

Dec 2014: Australian Muslim "terrorism expert" Anne Azza Aly declares that the Sydney Islamic jihad attack is not terrorism.

Feb 2015: Australian Muslim "terrorism expert" Anne Azza Aly (yes, the same person) declares that the Chapel Hill shooting of Muslims is terrorism. (The police say it is not.)

The Tucson shooting, 2011

The Norway attacks, 2011

The Toulouse massacre, 2012

The Boston bombings, 2013

The killing of Shaima Alawadi

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