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Obama and Iraq - ISIS


The ISIS caliphate

ISIS genocide of Christians and Yazidis

ISIS are rapists, sex perverts and pedophiles

Killing of captives

ISIS fighters around the world

ISIS is finally destroyed

Syrian civil war

The Islamist way of war

Islamic State (ISIS)

ISIS (or Islamic State, or ISIL) was Islamic jihad in its purest form. They were the Khmer Rouge of jihad. Everything they did was based on the Islamic texts, that they took seriously and literally (and that, thank goodness, most Muslims do not). The Prophet Muhammad would have recognised the Islamic State and joined them.

Islamic State are the purest illustration of the satanic evil of jihad and the evil of sharia, and the need to remove these two concepts from the earth.


One photo sums up the stain on the world that was the Islamic State.
From Yazidi account.

The ISIS caliphate

The appeasing American President Obama withdrew from Iraq in 2011, abandoning all military bases and influence.

The Sunni jihad soon recovered momentum, and violence started rising massively. In 2013, Sunni jihadists rebranded as the "Islamic State" and soon took huge chunks of territory. Their conquest of territory inspired jihadi attacks all over the world, as fighters flocked to join the winning side.

This was all so unnecessary. The US could have left permanent military bases in Iraq and crushed ISIS in the cradle. But Americans chose Obama, and Obama's way of doing things.


Satanic: ISIS slaughters prisoners of war, Iraq, June 2014.
Islamists have no ethics. No morality.
Western morality is far superior.

From Think Again Turn Away.

ISIS genocide of Christians and Yazidis

Desperate Yazidis rescued from the Islamic genocide on Mount Sinjar.
CNN video of Aug 2014.

Israeli military strength is the only thing stopping the jihad doing to the Jews what it did to the Yazidis.
David French, 7 Aug 2014, spells it out: "The only thing that separates the people of Israel from sharing the fate of the Christians in Mosul or the Yazidi on Mount Sinjar in Iraq is that Israelis are protected by F-16s, tanks, and trained troops. Iraqi Christians and Yazidi used to be. On a more basic level, however, Benjamin Netanyahu understands the evil he faces. President Obama? He refuses to understand. If he did, he wouldn't have given a defeated enemy a second chance at genocide."

ISIS are rapists, sex perverts and pedophiles

Yazidi women taken as slaves by the jihadis.
Sold and used for rape.
America abolished slavery in 1865. But Islam has not abolished slavery yet.


Killing of captives

ISIS beheads Western journalists and aid workers, and anyone it can get its hands on. It has no morality. No honour. Pure evil.

ISIS fighters around the world

ISIS gave great heart to the global jihad. Jihadists around the world believed their side was winning, that the caliphate was here at last. They flocked to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria, or mount ISIS terror attacks in their own countries. Islamic terror everywhere massively escalated.

ISIS is finally destroyed, 2017

After the barbaric rise of ISIS, America had to return to Iraq in 2014 to fix what should never have happened. Iraq should never have been abandoned.

A range of forces gradually destroyed ISIS in 2014 to 2017, including some evil actors (Syria, Iran, Russia).

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