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These pages discuss the popular world religions. I believe in none of them.

Please read the atheism page introduction for background to this.

Adam Buxton provides an alternative "Star Wars" commentary for the inauguration of the Pope: "Now begins the 6th of the 28 stages of meta-generation for Jessel, the Trifelge Putenard, Ruler of Kosock and the Outerlands, destroyer of the Nonsphere ..."
If you don't believe in a religion, then pretty much all its solemn ceremonies look as mad as this.

If you follow a religion, this is roughly how mad your religion looks to atheists and sceptics (and also to many people from different religions).
From here.

List of gods

Religious people are happy to think other religions are false, including massive religions followed by millions.
But they think atheists are unreasonable to think their religion is false.
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Wall painting of Jupiter at Pompeii.
From here. Also here.
What do you mean, you don't believe in Jupiter??


One god further


"We are all atheists about most of the gods
that humanity has ever believed in."

Name of god Do you believe in the
existence of this god?
Isis YES [ ] NO [X]
Nut YES [ ] NO [X]
Ra YES [ ] NO [X]
Osiris YES [ ] NO [X]
Zeus YES [ ] NO [X]
Apollo YES [ ] NO [X]
Gaia YES [ ] NO [X]
Poseidon YES [ ] NO [X]
Cupid YES [ ] NO [X]
Janus YES [ ] NO [X]
Terra YES [ ] NO [X]
Bacchus YES [ ] NO [X]
Hercules YES [ ] NO [X]
Luna YES [ ] NO [X]
Nemesis YES [ ] NO [X]
Mercury YES [ ] NO [X]
Venus YES [ ] NO [X]
Mars YES [ ] NO [X]
Name of god Do you believe in the
existence of this god?
Jupiter YES [ ] NO [X]
Saturn YES [ ] NO [X]
Uranus YES [ ] NO [X]
Neptune YES [ ] NO [X]
Pluto YES [ ] NO [X]
Thor YES [ ] NO [X]
Odin YES [ ] NO [X]
Brahma YES [ ] NO [X]
Vishnu YES [ ] NO [X]
Shiva YES [ ] NO [X]
Ganesh YES [ ] NO [X]
Kali YES [ ] NO [X]
Krishna YES [ ] NO [X]
Baal YES [ ] NO [X]
Satan YES [ ] NO [X]
Yahweh YES [ ] NO [X]
Allah YES [ ] NO [X]
God YES [ ] NO [X]

"Some of us just go one god further."
- Richard Dawkins

See the above as an image.

God X is "really" God Y

A common logical error is to claim that God X is "really" the same being as God Y.

Here an "atheist" called "petermal67" attacks my atheist arguments page.
This guy claims that the Christian "God", a fictional being, is really the same fictional being as the Muslim "God". And this is a "fact", part of the world of "facts".
These fictional beings do not exist, and yet it is a "fact" that these multiple imaginary beings are the same imaginary being.
What an appalling logic fail.

These Christians make the same logical error as "petermal67".
3 of their 4 beings are fictional. How can we state as "fact" whether 2 of these beings are "really" the same being or not?



This sums up the strange subject of "theology".

Oh no! Deadly prayers!
Meme inspired by news item here.

Science and Religion (separate page)

Christianity (separate page)

Islam (separate page)

Judaism (separate page)

Other old religions







The Nation of Islam

Other new religions

The religions that have been invented recently tend to be just as mad as the religions that were invented long ago.

Whatever you believe, most people don't

So what are we to make of the vast number of contradictory religions?

None has been able to persuade the whole world of its truth (or even a majority of the world). We often focus on the large number of believers in a religion, and forget about the much larger number of people who don't believe it. 4 billion people don't believe in Christianity. 5 billion people don't believe in Islam.

Science is not like this. Science has prestige with everybody. Religion only has prestige with those who believe that religion. Tribal creation myths and polytheism have little prestige among Christians. Christians rarely realise that their myths look like that to atheists.

Doesn't the sheer number of elaborate and contradictory belief systems on this page tell you something? Even just within Christianity alone, what would Christ make of this mess? Surely it is obvious that all these religions are human inventions, floating along without any standards of evidence that might knit them together.

Worldwide percentage of Adherents by Religion.
Stats from here. See also here and here.
Pie chart generated with

"All religions are glimpses of the same untruth."
- Paraphrase of a Christopher Hitchens quote.

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