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Islam - Killings for Islam - Ramadan

  The "Ramadan Bombathon"

Obama praises Islam. Islam slaughters and bombs.


Ramadan is well known as the month of Islamic slaughter.

Jihad during Ramadan is meant to be more blessed. So every Ramadan, jihad slaughter escalates.

2012 poll showing how many Muslims fast during Ramadan.

"Ramadan - The Month of Jihad and Victories".
Al-Quds Brigades terrorist image noted here.

"Ramadan - The Month of Glory and Victory".
Taliban terrorist image noted here.


The "Ramadan Bombathon"

The "Ramadan Bombathon" at The Religion of Peace tracks the orgy of Islamic violence during Ramadan every year.


The above are the "Ramadan Bombathon" scores for Ramadan 2011.

The final score for Ramadan 2012.
These are the stats for one month only per year.

The final score for Ramadan 2013.
One month only. It goes on every month. Every year. Almost none of the victims are Western.

The final score for the Ramadan Bombathon 2014.

The final score for the Ramadan Bombathon 2015.

The final score for the Ramadan Bombathon 2016.

The final score for the Ramadan Bombathon 2017.
Imagine if one year there were no bombs.


Ramadan: Obama praises Islam. Islam slaughters and bombs.

Every Ramadan, President Barack Obama would praise Islam for various imaginary virtues.

How he thought that would help with the annual Ramadan slaughter I do not know.

Obama, Apr 2010, praises "The 99" Muslim superheroes comics.
He says the superheroes "embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam."
Does Obama really think Islam is tolerant (if so, he is ignorant) or does he think that calling it so will make it so (if so, he is naive).

Peter Townsend, author of Questioning Islam, sums up the world of well-meaning western platitudes.
From here.


I have long noted that Ramadan is a month of Islamic terror. Islamic terrorists now agree with me:

"Ramadan is coming, the month of attacks and jihad, the month of conquest so be prepared and be on alert, and make sure that everyone of you spends it (Ramadan) in the name of God on the attack."
- ISIS says Ramadan is the month of Islamic violence. Reported 9 June 2016.

"Ramadan - The Month of Jihad, Fighting and Victory over the Enemies"
- Hamas says Ramadan is the month of Islamic violence, 7 June 2016.

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