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Palin was more qualified than Obama

Palin on foreign policy

"I can see Russia from my house"

Sarah Palin's church

The left's hatred of Palin

Joking about raping Palin and her daughters

Mocking Palin's disabled child

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin

The left and "civility"

Sarah Palin

I'm not really a Palin fan. Palin goes to a nutcase (though not anti-American) church. She has supported creationism in schools. She opposes stem cell research. She mocked fruit fly research, having no idea of its fundamental importance to biology.

But the worst thing is that, until nominated at the age of 44, she never said anything in her life about foreign policy. She has shown little interest in it, and seems to know little about it. Her heart is in the right place, though (she is instinctively pro-America), and no doubt she will learn. She's not infected with the bias of youthful anti-Americanism like Obama. She does not have a lot of nonsense to unlearn, as he does.

And certainly none of this justifies the unbelievable outpouring of hatred from the left for Palin in 2008 and since. Joking about raping her, joking about her disabled child - no woman in the history of American politics has had such disgusting attacks thrown at her, from people who claim to be liberals!

In 2008, I would have preferred if McCain had picked Joe Lieberman. But it's an imperfect world. I still wanted McCain-Palin to win. Shame they didn't.

A tiny sample of the flood of hatred for Palin on Twitter. From here.
I tend to agree with Johnathan Pearce. I'm not a big Palin fan, but "I usually find that the sort of people who say they hate or despise her are nobs of the first rank."

Sarah Palin runs for Vice-President in 2008

Sarah Palin, 5 Jan 2009, looks back on the absurd media bias of 2008.
From John Ziegler at

Palin was more qualified than Obama

In 2008, Palin was clearly more qualified than Obama.

How come Sarah Palin looks like Sarah Connor in Terminator ...

.. and Mike Dukakis looks like a little boy with a name tag?

Palin on foreign policy

"I can see Russia from my house"

If you think Sarah Palin said: "I can see Russia from my house" then you are an idiot. Palin never said any such thing.

What she actually said was: "you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska." This is, of course, true. If you laughed at this, you are pretty ignorant of geography.

Russia (left) and Alaska (right).
From here.

Russia (left) and Alaska (right).
Not only can you see Russia from Alaska.
In winter, you can walk to it.
From Google Maps.

Sarah Palin's nutcase church

Like Barack Obama, Sarah Palin goes to a nutcase church.

The difference is, her church isn't hard left and anti-American. Her church doesn't make you worry about her political worldview. It's just the kind of religious nonsense that so many people unfortunately believe. Obama's church does make you worry about his political worldview.

Thomas Muthee blessing Sarah Palin, 2005.
"In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus! Every form of witchcraft, it will be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Father, make her way now. In Jesus' name, Amen."
What a loony.

The left's hatred of Palin

Palin seems to trigger something dark within the left's psyche. Some kind of incredible hatred for mothers and wives and ordinary decent women.

Men punching women is OK now, if the woman is conservative.
You learn something new from the left every day.
From this cartoonist.

When I picture bitter Internet Palin-haters, somehow I always picture them like this guy.
Image found here.

Stephen Hanks ("Your mother's a whore!")

47 year old homosexual Palin-hater Stephen Hanks attacks Sarah Palin's 20 year old daughter Bristol Palin in public, Sept 2011.
"Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother's a whore! ... Her mother's a fucking whore. She's the devil. ... Your mother's the fucking devil ... If there is a hell, which I don't believe there is one, she will be there. ... You're a white trash from Wasila. ... Fuck you, you fucking bitch."
When Bristol asks this inarticulate idiot why her mother is evil and the devil, he is unable to explain why.
This hate-filled man is unrepentant.

Big Hollywood captures one of Stephen Hanks' tweets.
Shortly after the Bristol Palin incident, he deleted his Twitter feed.

Now that's funny!
People start adding reviews of Stephen Hanks' business to MerchantCircle.
He'll have to get a new name!

Joking about raping Palin and her daughters

For some reason, Sarah Palin drives the left completely insane. Nothing illustrates this left-wing madness better than a series of "jokes" about raping Sarah Palin and her daughters.

Sandra Bernhard joked about black men raping Sarah Palin in a show on 19 Sept 2008.
She warned Palin (not in video above) that if Palin came to New York she would be "gang-raped by my big black brothers".
And search.

David Letterman jokes about the rape of Palin's 14 year old daughter, June 2009.
And search and search.

In response to David Letterman, Bill Maher .. jokes about the rape of Palin's 14 year old daughter, 12 June 2009.
And search and search and search.
Victor Davis Hanson, June 14, 2009, has the best round-up of the whole sordid Letterman "Palin rape jokes" story.

Convicted rapist Mike Tyson fantasises about big black men having rough sex with Sarah Palin, Sept 2011.
On the radio show "Gridlock" on KWWN, ESPN's Las Vegas affiliate.
See transcript.

Martin Bashir, Nov 2013, jokes about shitting and pissing in Sarah Palin's mouth.
Palin said federal debt is like slavery. Obviously not literally, with kidnap and beatings, but such humdrum analogies are commonplace in both left and right discourse.
But there's something about Sarah Palin that seems to trigger the sexual pervert in left-wing men. So Bashir says debt is not like slavery (duh) and starts talking about disgusting punishments for slaves in the 18th century, including defecation in the mouth, and ends up joking that someone should shit in Palin's mouth.
How the hell did he get from Palin's speech to this?


What conservative women have to put up with:
Some leftist called Charlie Vogel, 19 Jan 2016, tells Bristol Palin that too many men have "cum inside her" for his liking.
There's something about the Palins that triggers the sex pervert in left-wing men.
Would this filthy creep say these words to any other 25 year old mother of two?

Mocking Palin's disabled child

You learn something new every day from the left. First we find that joking about raping women is now ok - if the woman is conservative, or if her mother is conservative. And now we find that mocking disabled children is also ok - if their mother is conservative.

41 year old comedian Doug Stanhope spews hatred against Sarah Palin's disabled child, Oct 2008.
See transcript: "Sarah Palin is this woman - she's the mother of five children, two of whom are retarded. One's got Down's Syndrome and the other one volunteered for Iraq. ... after that last fucking retard baby came out of her - did you see the the head on that thing? The fucking alien skull on that fucking retard baby had to tear her apart. Can you imagine the carnage, the violence of that thing coming out of her. ... I heard the only thing you broke up was that sorry cunt of yours when you fucking threw that spastic out of your tard launcher".

Family Guy jokes about Sarah Palin's Down syndrome toddler Trig, Feb 2010.
And search.
Trig's sister Bristol Palin responds with dignity.

22 year old "Wonkette" blogger Jack Stuef mocks Palin's little disabled child on his 3rd birthday, 18 Apr 2011.
See screenshot and extracts of the now deleted post.
See full story.
Image from here.
This childless "man" suggests that Todd Palin had sex with his 16 year old daughter: "Is Palin his true mother? Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.)"

Twitter death threats to Sarah Palin

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