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Islamic Vanguards

Liam Egan

Liam Egan is an Irish convert to the violent, oppressive, totalitarian form of Islam that makes up about 40 percent of Islam worldwide. The Islam of the Taliban, Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Islam behind all the jihad terrorism in the world. The Islam behind all the sharia oppression in the world.

Liam Egan openly desires the end of all Irish freedom. Human rights would not exist in his Ireland. Instead we would all have to follow the dictates of some alleged holy book that we do not believe in.

For many years, Liam Egan has been running Internet sites trying to promote his disgusting ideas in Ireland. He has some supporters, but it is unclear how many. It may be wrong to give him such publicity, but I think his sites are worth replying to, because they illustrate very clearly everything that is wrong with Islam. To read Egan is to understand why the Islamic world is so impoverished, unemployed, violent, war-torn, dictator-ridden, oppressive, sex-starved, uneducated and angry. It is not because of "The West" or Israel. It is because of their own beliefs. It is because many millions in the Islamic world think as Egan does.

Liam Egan at Public Meeting on the Hijab, Racism and Education, July 2008.
Speaking at this meeting is a member of the bonkers, pro-jihad, kuffar group the Socialist Workers Party.

MPAC Ireland

1st Exchange with MPAC Ireland

2nd Exchange with MPAC Ireland


Liam Egan's site MPAC vanished. But then a new site, "EireMuslim", appeared, in exactly the same style.

EireMuslim was a nasty anti-Israel, anti-gay, anti-Copt, pro-sharia, pro-Wahhabi, pro-Saudi site. Like MPAC, it was a tour of everything that is wrong with Islam.

The writer implied he was not Liam Egan. He wrote about him in the third person: "kudos to Liam Egan". He said he was born a Muslim. But he wrote exactly like Egan. Looks like him to me.

The scene "Burn the witch!" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
EireMuslim, 13 Dec 2011, says witches are real and must be killed!
He also says apostates must be killed!
"A practitioner of witchcraft may do something that makes him an apostate, so he commits kufr and should be executed for his apostasy. ... There should be no hesitation in executing the practitioner of witchcraft".

EireMuslim was being run from Saudi Arabia

Great news for Ireland!
The Islamist fanatic Liam Egan emigrates.
From Metro Eireann, 1-14 July 2012.
The only downside is he plans to keep rabbitting on about sharia in Ireland from abroad. But at least he's gone. That's the main thing. If only all Islamists would leave Ireland.

Islamists should leave the West. They are putting their souls in peril by staying here.
In the West, your children and grand-children will become apostates, atheists, blasphemers, drinkers and fornicators.
Liam Egan, Omar al-Haddouchi and I agree.
Best to leave this dark infidel place!
Photo in the English Garden, Munich. From Blick newspaper. From here.

Islamic Vanguards

Egan came back with a new site, using western infidel technology, to promote the primitive ideas of uneducated desert tribes of the 7th century.

Background image of the "Islamic Vanguards" site.
This is the black flag of Islamic jihad and terrorism.

Al-Shabaab terrorists ("Al Qaeda in East Africa") hold the same black flag of jihad, as they slaughter and oppress Somalis.
From here.

I like to think that I chose the new name!
This is how I described MPAC for years on my site.

EireMuslim openly supports killing gays, 10 Jan 2012.
On 20 Dec 2011, in response to a gay Malaysian man being threatened, he describes him as in "an Islamically unlawful and punishable relationship".

Liam Egan, 18 June 2012, says that atheist Christopher Hitchens is now burning in hell.
He sure is entertaining, this Egan guy. The stuff he comes up with!

Liam Egan, 7 Oct 2012, supports the desecration of the graves of British war dead.
He calls the men who died to stop Hitler "kuffar filth".

Liam Egan, Jan 2013, defends Mohammed taking a 9 year old girl as a wife.
"that was an acceptable practice at that time and in that place."

"May Allah cleanse this land [Ireland] of kufr and install the righteous Khalifa in our lifetime - ameen."
- Liam Egan of MPAC, Apr 2010.

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