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  Phoenix lies about me, 2010

Phoenix attacks Charlie Hebdo, 2015

Phoenix attacks me, 2016

Phoenix magazine's hatred of Israel

Hamas massacre of Israelis, 2023

Phoenix magazine

Phoenix magazine is an odd sort of magazine, with:
  1. Amusing cartoons.
  2. Interesting "gossip" and "scandal" stories about Irish society.
  3. An editorial line of deranged hatred against Israel, hostility to America and Britain, and sympathy for Islamism and Sinn Fein.

To be taken seriously only if you agree with that kind of thing.


Phoenix lies about me, 2010

Phoenix magazine mentioned me in an article about Mary Fitzgerald in Sept 2010, and lied about me.

My section on Mary Fitzgerald on my site in 2009.
I never misspelled "Islamist" or "whitewash".
(Check the Internet Archive here and here if you don't believe me.)

Phoenix lies about me in 2010.

Phoenix attacks Charlie Hebdo, 2015

Phoenix magazine is always full of cartoons.
The French Charlie Hebdo magazine is always full of cartoons.
After Charlie Hebdo drew cartoons that were "offensive" to Islam, and their staff got slaughtered by Islamic gunmen in Jan 2015, Phoenix responded by ... attacking Charlie Hebdo.

I slag off the pious left-wing Phoenix magazine after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Left: The kind of hatred Phoenix magazine spews at the Jews of Israel.
Right: In contrast, here is the Phoenix cover after the worst attack on the press in European history. They say: "Je ne suis pas Charlie". They declared that the left-wing magazine attacked by gunmen was "extremely offensive and often racist and homophobic ... incitement to hatred".

Phoenix attacks me, 2016

Phoenix was angered by my 23 Oct 2016 Sunday Times article on Israel.
They mounted an incoherent attack on me in their issue of 4 Nov 2016.

It is hard to find any actual argument in their piece. Here is my reply:

  1. They are offended by me saying of the Palestinians: "it is their fault they are poor". But tellingly they left out the next bit: "look at what the intifada did to the GDP", which is the whole point. See: How the intifada destroyed Palestinian prosperity. The Palestinians could double or triple their GDP if they abandoned the "struggle" and pursued prosperity. But their lefty groupies (like Phoenix) would be horrified if they did that.

  2. Phoenix, incredibly, takes issue with me saying: "the Israelis deserve their wealth because they work hard to create it". They do not offer an argument. They just sneer at this idea. I genuinely have no idea what they are trying to say, but it comes across as sinister.

  3. Phoenix doesn't like my photo at an Iron Dome battery, where I say it is: "The front line of the liberal, secular West against the jihad." But again, no argument, just sneering. I think if they attempted to construct an argument it would be comical.

  4. They are bizarrely angry about my page: In defence of cultural imperialism.
    • But take a read of the page. It is all about the neo-con ideas of freedom for the entire world, ideas that both left and right ought to defend but have largely abandoned. (One reason I hate Trump.)
    • Phoenix seems offended by me hoping various traditional cultures die out. But traditional cultures are, along with communism, probably the major source of violence and oppression in the world today. Obviously we don't want languages, art, literature, music, cuisine and other cultural forms to die out. But the oppression inherent in various traditional cultures must die, and it is racist to want to keep it alive.

    • Phoenix are such hypocrites. Like everyone else in Ireland, they have abandoned the culture of their 19th-20th century devout Christian ancestors, who themselves abandoned the culture of their medieval Irish-speaking ancestors, who themselves abandoned the culture of their pre-Christian pagan ancestors. People invent and abandon cultures all the time. Why shouldn't foreigners do the same? Dump their cultures and get better ones.

  5. They attack my article on Halawa. No facts of mine are corrected. No argument. Just sneering.
  6. They are angry at me saying that: "The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist, anti-semitic, far-right Islamist organisation. It supports sharia law and the suicide bombing of Jews." But they do not explain what is wrong with that description. (That would involve knowing something about the Muslim Brotherhood.)

  7. They attack my article on Islam. But again, it is just sneering. This time, they merely sneer at the printed title (which I did not even write).
It is hard to find any argument in it. The Phoenix writer comes across as someone desperate to make a case against me, but unwilling to do the homework necessary to construct an argument. Sneer with his pals. Because if he argued, his ignorance would be exposed.

The woman on the left has abandoned the culture of her ancestors, such as the woman on the right.
I suggest that the woman on the left abandons her current culture and gets a new one.
And Phoenix has a problem with that!

The Eucharistic Congress, Dublin, 1932.
Phoenix and all Irish leftists have entirely abandoned this culture.
And yet they are angry at calls for modern conservative Muslims to abandon their culture.

Phoenix is so narrow-minded that it sees everyone on the right as the same.
Phoenix completely ignored the most obvious thing about me in 2016 - that I am NeverTrump. It was part of my very self-definition in 2016. But Phoenix doesn't care. They describe me as "hard right", while completely ignoring that Trumpists hate me as a liberal, globalist "cuck". Phoenix are simply cowards for not noting the main thing about me this year.

How the intifada destroyed Palestinian prosperity.
If the Palestinians follow my ideas, they will get rich.
If they follow Phoenix magazine's ideas, they will stay poor.

Gaza is poor because of Gazans (or at least, Gazan leaders).
Israel is not stopping Gaza becoming rich and free. Gazan leaders are.
"Mahmoud al-Zahar said that if Gaza wanted to be like Singapore it would have done so already".
Read and learn, fools at Phoenix.


Phoenix magazine's hatred of Israel

Phoenix magazine has been spewing deranged hatred at Israel for years.

Phoenix are so anti-Israel that in May 2010 they had an entire 16 page supplement attacking Israel.
The supplement carried (without criticism) a highlighted quote from a representative of the Hamas terrorist organisation and a highlighted quote from a representative of the Fatah terrorist organisation.

An Irish student activist says on 10 May 2018 that Israel "at some point should probably cease to exist".
He was quoted in this article: The true face of BDS, Teresa Trainor, 27 Feb 2019.

Phoenix magazine, issue of 8-21 March 2019, decides to defend the quote that Israel should "cease to exist".
They attribute it to the wrong student activist.
But they clearly defend it, and regard it as only "allegedly incriminating".

Hamas massacre of Israelis, 2023

In response to the barbaric Hamas massacre of Israelis in Oct 2023, when terrorists killed Jewish men, women and children in the streets and in their homes, Phoenix produced the following article.

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