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Cinema and the war - Upcoming movies


Upcoming movies supportive of the war

Upcoming movies against the war

Other upcoming movies

Upcoming movies

After 9/11, while George W. Bush was US President, almost no movies were made portraying America and its soldiers in a good light. Almost no movies were made portraying the great dramatic story of the age - the War on Islamism. The Iraq War started in 2003, but not a single pro-Iraq War movie was made before Bush left office in Jan 2009. There was an endless stream of crap anti-war movies.

One of the few benefits of Obama's election in 2008 was that finally Hollywood made some pro-war movies.

Upcoming movies supportive of the war (and some other related movies)

12 Strong (2018).
About the first US forces into Afghanistan after 9/11.

A Hijacking (2012).
Movie about Somali jihad pirates.

Upcoming movies against the war (and some other related movies)

Camp X-Ray (2014).
About Guantanamo POW camp. Sympathetic to the jihadi prisoners.
More simple-minded Hollywood propaganda for the jihad, from people who don't understand it.

Leftie comedy gold: Truth (2015), a movie about the 2004 Rathergate affair that claims the documents weren't fake!
The poor media were vilified by the right-wing blogs, or something. These people don't live on my planet. They live on Planet Moonbat!
The movie stars leftist nutcase Robert Redford as Dan Rather.
Read about Dan Rather's source Bill Burkett and his "dog ate my homework" stories about the origin of the documents.

Other upcoming movies

It is unclear what these movies will be like.

  1. The Infidel (2010), written by David Baddiel.

  2. Tere Bin Laden, Indian comedy film about a fake Bin Laden video.

  3. Motorcade, to be directed by Len Wiseman. Terrorists attack the president's motorcade. With Obama now in office, will the Americans be the good guys? Will the terrorists be Islamic?

  4. Nagasaki Deadline, to be directed by Spike Lee, who made a major movie glorifying the Muslim racist fanatic Malcolm X. This is about a race to thwart two terrorist attacks on American soil. Will the terrorists be Islamic?

  5. Hereafter (2010) has a scene featuring (or similar to) the London 7/7 bombings.

  6. Red Dawn (2012). The US is faced with communist invasion from North Korea.
    • The left-wing Irish Times hates it. Which would normally be a good sign, except they make a good point: That the bad guys were meant to be China, but it was changed to avoid offending the Chinese market. Which hardly makes this a proud moment in right-wing movie history!
    • More worringly, they also say of the hero: "Hemsworth, a former marine, draws a moral equivalence between the Wolverines and insurgents in Iraq." Another review says he is inspired by both jihadis and the Vietcong! What kind of right-wing movie is this?

  7. Entebbe (2018). I would normally rush to see a film about the awesome Israeli raid on Entebbe in 1976. But this film sounds like poison.

American Assassin (2017).
Shows a jihad attack on a beach in Spain. Like the jihad attack on the beach in Tunisia in 2015.
It is clearly a jihad attack. The hero is later shown getting revenge on the jihadis.
Later in the film, there are more bad guys - a faction of the Iranian regime (other Iranian regime people are shown as good guys) and a rogue American terrorist killing for incoherent personal reasons. So a bit of a mixed bag - bad guy wise.


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